A short (hands free!) Knee pain can be debilitating. Fight it with regular yoga practice that increases strength in supporting muscles. Work on … Yoga Poses to Avoid if You Have Bad Knees (and alternatives to replace them with) Fire Log →Easy Pose, seated on a bolster, block, or cushion Garland (Yogi Squat) → place 1-2 blocks underneath your seat so that your weight is on the block, so there is no strain on your knee This is a great little ditty when you are feeling stuck and need to start somewhere and get moving! We will connect you to your breath and body and relieve tension or stress. Adriene Mishler's dulcet Texan tones have gotten an army of newbies into the world of yoga. ... (yoga for a bad back, ... 6 Great Cardio Exercises For People With Bad Knees. Yoga For When You Are Sore. I have been doing yoga on and off for decades, but your videos have helped me commit to a fulfilling daily practice. sequence of stretches for when you are tight or sore. Yoga Postures to Help Bad Knees | Livestrong.com I completed the yoga camp, and am re-visiting 30 days of yoga, and your playlist: this is the first time in my long yoga history that I have really connected to ME, letting go of assumptions about how asanas should look, and how I should be able to do them flawlessly. I gave up on my knees, two incredibly complex structures that support my everyday habits, totally dismissed, categorized and contained to – “I have bad knees, can’t, won’t, don’t you dare make me do that.” That’s why I designed this yoga sequence as a way to educate on how to safely soothe knee pain and strengthen our knees with yoga.