It is the fifteen main entry in the Final Fantasy series. Slaughter foes that come in the player’s way and dominate the world. Your choices are heavier and faster than a bullet. The problem is, I have a game available through game pass that I'm not sure if I own digitally. You'll be especially thankful for the "Previously on..." introduction in... more, Reviewed on: 05 March 2014   Platforms: Xbox 360, Offers a proper bad guy for you to hate, but also asks how far you’ll go to escape. Your character can run, jump, and fight against creatures using his sword. In order to complete the game objectives, you’ll have to go through the hordes of highly trained and fast acting enemy ninjas, kill them by the use of your great sword wielding and platforming skills and by using other sharp edged weapons like shurikan, knives etc. The prince is back in this remake of the original Prince of Persia. In order to complete the game objectives you must perform well on the stage while speedily wielding your weapons and satisfy your audience. Publisher JanduSoft and developer Grimorio of Games have delayed Sword of the Necromancer from its previously planned December release window to January 28, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch… It is a marvelous installment in the series of Sacred and offers improved graphics, and brilliant mechanics. The Strider Assign you the task to assassinate the Evil Grand maestro Meio who is taking refuge in his den in the city of Kazakh. You can communicate with the NPCs and make a team of different players. Very feminine anime look if remember correctly. Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham City is an action adventure that builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum. We had a bit of a discussion here in the office just a few days ago: what... more, Reviewed on: 05 July 2010   Platforms: Xbox 360, Toy Story 3 is one of a rare breed of kids games that can genuinely be enjoyed by everyone, much like the movie it's based on. They're not quite ready yet. Do try it out. The game has Single-player mode and centers on the fictional story of the protagonist named as Ryu Hayabusa, a master who set out on an epic quest to recover the stolen sword and take revenge for the murder of his clan. Monkey Island 2 is one of the greatest games of all time: if there were a... more, Reviewed on: 22 July 2010   Platforms: Xbox 360, The Signal is well worth a play, just don't go expecting any plot revelations or answers to the game's more fundamental questions. I think it was royalty against royalty. Strider lets you use the Cypher a plasma weapon as your main weapon that can kill multiple enemies with only one good blow. Buy Xbox content on The player can explore the environment from a third-person and can compete against enemies using multiple tools, and melee combat. Ninety-Nine Nights. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations offers a detailed environment, well-written story, brilliant mechanics, stunning visuals and superb controls. Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War is a Single-player and Real-time Tactics video game created by Omega Force and published by Koei. The game takes place in the fantasy world and can assume the role of the protagonist who must explore the world to fight against enemies. The game features six main player character that you can play with by switching momentarily, but in order to play with the other characters, you’ll have to rescue them from the enemies. The game offers a marvelous combination of Action-Adventure and Hack and Slash elements and tells the story of a new character named as Nero. The game takes place in the fictional real world events and revolves around the efforts between Assassins, who fight for peace and the Templars who wants to control the peace. The series offers various types of game modes including Deathmatch, team Deathmatch, Team objectives, Duel Mode, Capture the Flag, Last team Standing, and King of the Hill, etc. It lets the player take on the role of the series protagonist named Desmond Miles, who relives the memories of his elders to search the path to averting the apocalypse with the assist of a machine called the Animus. Dragon Age: Origins is an exciting and engaging game to play with enhanced visuals. Zone of the Enders provides with a wonderful storyline along with great visuals, sophisticated weaponry, amazing battle techniques and an immersive game-play. According to the story, the antagonist named as Garm, who uses the Runestones to releases the evil power upon the land. Cult games, in the truest sense of the term, are comparatively rare animals... more, Reviewed on: 19 November 2010   Platforms: Xbox 360, Its voice might be weaker than Schafer's work but Stacking is one of few games with its own visual identity. Choose your fate. The basic objectives of the game are to explore a huge game world, embark on epic quests, and interact with NPCs, fighting against the huge and powerful enemy bosses along with their companions and monsters. The player can assume the role of the hero who must fight against the ruler of Ashen Empire and fend off him by getting the powerful artifact called the Heart of Ancaria. Mondo takes jobs of killing various Criminals from Bryan and acts according to the storyline of the game. Ninja Gaiden is a Hack and Slash and Action-Adventure video game developed by Team Ninja for Xbox. He has to gather gold to equip weapons and gems to increase the character’s abilities at the start of each mission. Privacy Statement. Find the best Xbox 360 Adventure games on GameSpot, including Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain! If you had an account with the old site, don't worry - it will be transferred over. May contain mature content. Try it out. The game features two types of NPCs such as the character who have specific roles to play in the story and the soldiers who make up the rank of the enemies. There are four character classes available such as Wizard, Valkyrie, Warrior, and Archer and your ultimate task is to choose your character and start navigating the environment to find the Runestones to recover your world and take down the antagonist who is a demon named Skorne.