There was 4 of them out back. Females spend about 50 minutes of every hour on the nest during incubation. We did tulips, robins, and more. had to look in my bird book to make I have 3 holy trees in my yard and I have like lots and lots of robins flying back and forth from trees. I love the Robin’s song. It lasted about 10 minutes and then they left. I’ve seen flocks of these two species hang out in the winter before. These tips can help prevent an emergency, while your phone may be able to help you during an emergency. Owls, wild turkey, peregrine falcons, hawks, and woodpeckers flourish in this diverse habitat. Any ideas?? Even in freezing temperatures, robins can stay warm enough to make staying through the winter worthwhile. While you may think of spring as the prime time to bird watch, the fall season provides great opportunities, too. The National Audubon Society shares some tips on how to begin birding: The National Audubon Society recommends safety tips for better birding: Pennsylvania is home -- and provides a temporary home -- to many bird species. Seattle – 10-20 robins flying from tree to tree in our snowy yard. We are in Maryland. Some robins don’t migrate. I’m happy!! I live in a rural area of Pulaski County Va. The outside temp is -7c/ or 19f. From the beginning with the female building the nest so quickly. Except this year. This year it is covered with about 3″ of slush and new snow/sleet accumulation, so it was not bare ground this year. A wide variety of hawks can also be seen at Pennsylvania’s ridges throughout October. Question: do they use a nest in winter or stay in the thick parts of white pine and white cedar? When you see a robin in December does it mean snow is comeung. The robins here in east tn Are trying to mate.there were a male and a female jumping from branch to branch. I haven’t seen any before today. Only the females have a brood patch, an area of warm featherless skin that’s used to transfer body heat to the eggs. Perhaps a good omen for the coming year? Always thought they flew South for the winter. I live upper South Carolina but beaver see them this time of year . They do not fight but wait for their turn to drink water. How far do robins usually fly each day when they migrate north? I have lived in Indiana all of my life & have always had multiple bird feeders but have never witnessed something like this! Brenda Haines. I’ve got a flock of robins outside my window in Minneapolis where it is 10 below zero! Then in the evening they fly to the woods in the west and nest close enough that I can hear them. Hi Dr. Schechter, That is a cool observation! I saw my first two robins today . In Pennsylvania, the mountains rise to moderate elevations, with a high point of 3,213 feet at Mt. However, some stick around — and move around — in northern locations. 9:30 a.m. Schools and businesses even government offices shut down in anticipation of what could come. For some additional information on migration timing for hawk watch sites across the state, see HawkCount. Robins switch their diet to fruit in winter, but there is not enough fruit in the north to feed all the robins that live in the north all summer. So happy to learn that Journey North is still around. I am in awe! “In most places you can see robins in the wintertime. Journey North data suggests the phenomenon is widespread across much of North America – though there are still areas where people usually don’t report robins until the weather warms. I think they were all males. I could not believe my eyes. The temperatures were well below freezing. We use to have a lot of holly bushes and they would eat all the berries. He’s gone now but it was a pleasent surprise. Stay healthy and warm. We do get a lot of questions from people surprised by seeing American Robins in winter.