Alternatively, you can engage the services of professional decorators if the style is not your strongest virtue. This course cost £10 inc VAT (was £119) with FREE PDF certificate upon course completion. Wedding planning career has become one of the most promising careers in the past years. "Hi Linda! Karen Hopkins, How to Plan a Wedding – Budget Saving Secrets: Avoid stress at your wedding. Learn everything you need to know to start a new career as a Wedding and Event Planner. Aside from planning wedding ceremonies for couples, there are other opportunities you can fit in with your certificate. If you are not sure, you should take this course. Identify the management functions of an event manager. If you plan festivals, fairs, art exhibition or any kind of private event, the course is for you. Unit 5 – Planning of Goods and Services Required If you are searching for a course that will turn you into an expert in less than 30 days, you are in the right place. Whether you are planning your own wedding or you want to become a wedding coordinator, these courses will help you. Unit 9 – Planning in event management I tell you, with a certificate in this course and training, you will enjoy lifelong career opportunities in the global wedding planning sector. To take an online Wedding planning course, you don’t necessarily need any education requirement. Register now and learn how to plan exceptional weddings! An online event planning course can be a great way for you to start to understand what event planning entails and learn the basics. Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planner Career – Level 3, #6. These aspects include hospitality, catering, floristics, design, wedding etiquette, budgeting and contracting and much more. It is approved by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), the world’s largest professional wedding planning organization. To take online wedding planning course, you don’t necessarily need any education requirement. Thank you so much for everything. Examine an awareness of human relations relating to management functions. This wedding planning online course basically will enlighten you on the essential facets of customer service that you will follow to enable you provide the best services. Unit 2 – Church Weddings, Civil Ceremonies and Civil Partnerships This online Wedding planning course is for both people who are new in the wedding planning industry and experts. Do you want to be a professional wedding planner? We’ve tried to make it easy as possible for you to enrol onto one of our courses. This Course is provided by Brentwood Open Learning College. Describe the ways in which good communication can be carried out with clients. You can consider wedding planning as a job. In the course, you will learn how to avoid overspendings. Rain is one of the bad circumstances that can destroy an atmosphere at your wedding. The most common problem is attracting the audience. Marketing For Events: How To Create Sell Out Events, Event Planning, Marketing & Management Course, The Ultimate Guide to Successful Event Planning, The International Association for Continuing Education, Making Your Event Stand Out From The Crowd Class, online classes and training that I have covered, 17 Bookkeeper Interview Questions + Answers, Top 7 Best Free Online Gimp Courses & Classes, 17 Copywriter Interview Questions + Answers, Top 10 Best Online SEO Courses & Certifications, Top 7 Best Free Online Color Grading Courses. Aleasha Macklin, Event Planning : Planning for Leisure and Corporate: How do you plan corporate events? First, you will learn how to make a decision to run your own charity event.