Make sure adjust all of your uPVC door’s hinges, otherwise, it still won’t close and lock properly. $( "#submit-search" ).blur(); This undoubtedly makes security one of the most important considerations when looking for a new door. Trying to remove the key yourself could end in more damage. Most locksmiths will carry a large range of gearboxes with them at all times, due the large ranges available. Alternatively, you can wait for the temperature to cool down slightly and the door will go back to its normal state. A uPVC gearbox replacement on a French door could take longer than a normal uPVC front door, especially if the door is stuck in the closed position. In summary, the most common reason why a uPVC door handle will not lift up or down is because of a faulty upvc gearbox or a door alignment issue. If an alignment issue then typically the Locksmith will charge for an hours labour + any callout fee – for locksmith costs see our locksmith price list here. Open the door and press the latch with your finger. If your uPVC door handle won’t lift up to lock or go down, we will tell you why the handle is not working, the approx price to fix a broken upvc door handle and also if you will need a new handle or not. You may feel that you have to … If you still have a hard time closing it, adjust the height again. uPVC door handle not lifting up or down can be a gearbox problem. The handle doesn't seem to lift up fully when the door is closed although it was fine yesterday. For average locksmith labour prices see our locksmith prices here. Basically, what you have to do is, like for the flag hinges, locate height adjuster and turn it until the door is in the right position. We understand that this isn’t the best-case scenario, especially regarding the security of your home. Fantastic Services is here to help you. You will find the part located on the bottom section of the hinge, hidden under a removable plastic cap. If the latch doesn't spring out, the springing mechanism may have failed and would need to be replaced. Mechanism failure – It may also be a full door lock mechanism failure, there may be some floppiness, crunchiness and a bit of give in the handle when the mechanism is breaking down. A locksmith won’t typically know the cost of parts until on-site or if provided with a picture that they may be able to offer an indication of price. The price of replacement upvc locking mechanisms can vary massively from £60 to over £200, with an hourly labour charge on top of this price. – Regulations & trading as a locksmith. On rare occasions it may be due to another hook/deadbolt roller/mushroom on the multipoint lock being damaged, in this situation the locksmith would replace the complete multipoint lock. Should your uPVC door not lock when closed shut, this is due to alignment and in most cases is easy to fix either by adjusting the lock strike/keep or roller points or by adjusting the door hinges. My uPVC door will not close...swollen from heat? Cold and freezing weather will cause a uPVC door to not lock or close properly, this is due to contraction of the uPVC, the shrinking can only be 1mm o r 2mm but is enough to stop your door from locking. A full upvc multipoint locking mechanism may be needed if the handle won’t lift or down. If the weather is fluctuating a lot the frame of your door can contract and expand. Not doing anything to your door lock will ensure no further issues are created, It also allows the locksmith to see what’s caused the issue in the first place and then best advise. uPVC door won’t lock? Search terms must only contain letters, numbers and spaces. is this usual for these doors. uPVC doors are susceptible to expansion and contraction, as is wood and metal. What is Most Secure Lock To Prevent Lock Snapping. In translation – if your door has dropped, you’ll have to reinstall the whole thing to fix it, and that can be only done by a professional. If you're having trouble locking your door, you may need to have a look at part of the door that's referred to as the 'snib'. If your problem is key is stuck in lock click here. You'll also need to check the drainage holes for blockages, and remove any that you come across. They require more attention in terms of maintenance and certain issues may arise over time, including the door not being able to lock properly. uPVC door lock broken and can't open to fix. There could be many reasons why your uPVC door won’t lock, below are the most common reasons: Due to the UK’s weather forever changing and not being stable, from extreme heat in the summer to extreme cold in the winters and anything in between, this can cause problems with uPVC doors. Help! UPVC is used for many home improvement products as it is tough, maintenance free and has a long lifespan. The cost of a replacement multipoint lock is likely to be anything from £60 to over £200 dependent on make of lock you have. Are Tradesmen Allowed to Visit Your Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown? $("#local-search-location").val($("#local-search-location-req").val()); So will work on uPVC daily basis and typically will have great knowledge and understanding of how they work. Help! During particularly cold or particularly hot months, your uPVC door may have contracted or expanded slightly, causing it to not close properly. A door that is slightly out of alignment, will cause both an issue locking and unlocking. We'll be happy to send out an engineer to help resolve the problem. Do you have problem with your uPVC door lock? According to, at 40ºC your UPVC can expand by up to 2.4cm, which is likely to affect normal use. Hot weather can cause your uPVC door to not lock due to the uPVC expanding in warm weather, which causes the door to become stiff, so it will become difficult to shut or open. As soon as it gets cold again the problem will return. A faulty euro cylinder or a broken lock mechanism fall exactly into that category. All MLA Approved Companies are Vetted, Inspected & Qualified. Similar to the flag hinge, t-hinges also have different kinds of adjusters – a height and lateral one. The time it takes to fix a uPVC door that won’t lock can take from 15 minutes up to 1 hour depending on what the issue is.