Ladakh is also home to fascinating wildlife despite its sparse vegetation and extreme climate, most notable being the breathtakingly beautiful snow leopard. Here you’ll find unique travel destinations around the world! In 1996, the trulli of Alberobello became a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its where three great mountain ranges meet. (Photo: Machu Picchu image by evillager from ). This is a great summer vacation spot in the US. AND the Rainbow Mountains aren’t the only attraction in Zhangye! The Die Rakotzbrück bridge is another strange places and comes under the weird places in the world. Most other cities in Greenland only have 4,500 people or less. Looking for a unique vacation destination? This starts with even getting to the ancient city as you have to walk through a 1km long canyon to get there! Or, you can rent a tuk-tuk for the day if the heat and humidity of SE Asia are overbearing. Greenlandic is the official language in Greenland, though many also speak Danish and English, particularly those in the tourism industry. Temperatures are mild and crowd thin. The trouble will be worth it; traveling to this majestic, unspoiled country will be rewarded. It felt like the pilot all but tipped the helicopter off the side of the butte and let it fall to earth and swing around the butte we had just left. The buildings were first carved into the pink mountain face more than 2,000 years ago when Petra was an important stop on trade routes linking the Orient with Europe. But hey, it is not just me the one who thinks Galicia is a place that should be topping this list of ecotourism destinations for 2017. These unique landforms that are the tallest dunes in the country, rise up to over 700 feet in height. The tomb is open for visitations today with the original mummy of King Tut still inside. Beyond Kerala. It is home to some of the prettiest cities in Germany, the mighty Bavarian Alps, Germany’s largest mountain Zugspitze, and a lot of history and good food. Gyeongju is the oldest cities in Korea dating back to 700 AD as it used to be the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom. The highlight that put Pakistan firmly on my bucket list is the famous Karakorum Highway, the highest international road that runs from Islamabad in Pakistan all the way up to Kashgar in China through high mountain passes and lush valleys. Nature can do bizarre things, and there are some seriously strange places that feel out of this world. In the past few years, the town has hosted film and photography exhibitions that pay homage to the town and its miners. And these 17 places, in no particular order, are where that magic is going to happen. Given that I’m so keen to visit the Azores, what’s stopped me visiting up until now? For me, it is the ultimate adventure. Didn’t it? As for Tasmania, I have the feeling that if heaven on earth exists, that will be in Tasmania. As you walk through the cobblestone streets of Old Cairo, you’ll discover that there is so much more to the area than the Sphinx and the Pyramids. From snow-covered hills that offer views of surrounding mountains to bays filled with glaciers that you explore from zodiac or kayak, and stony beaches where penguins call home, to small settlements where people live, Antarctica has something for everyone. You have already subscribed for Newsletter/Alerts. There are not many places that you can go on the world and actually feel like you are stepping onto another planet. The Mutianyu section is one of the best-preserved sections of the Great Wall and is magnificently fortified with elaborate watchtowers. Karlovy Vary: Known for its thermal springs, it is basically a spa town and very famous resort. Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina China’s Rainbow Mountains are located in Zhangye up near Inner Mongolia. I recently had the pleasure of ticking visiting rainbow mountains off my bucket list! Super modern but also very unique, Japan if full of art, Asian style gardens, beaches, and of course delicious sushi! Now it is a peaceful city filled with stunning UNESCO sites. In the summer, you can experience the midnight sun, and in the winter you can experience the magical Northern Lights. As travel bloggers, we have seen many places but at the same time, it seems like our bucket list isn’t getting any shorter either. There are always those typical travel destinations that everyone knows about like France, Italy, Mexico, etc, but there are so many awesome locations that are very underrated! The area is part of an exclusion zone, so all visitors are required to follow strict rules. Johannesburg: Home to Nelson Mandela and the famous Apartheid. In Las Pozas, there is a surreal landscape of structures created by a wealthy English aristocrat. You can see the volcano behind the ruins and it is a moving sight. A soft layer of grass and heather bushes reaches vertigo inducing-edge and birds nest in the many nooks and crannies of the rock face, their screams audible for afar, carried by the strong winds of this area. Landscape lovers, hikers, historians, and foodies should definitely put the North Coast 500 on their bucket list! But I don’t want to just go for four days or a week. The thermal pools are more than a great way to relax or spend the day swimming. New Orleans: "The lively city known for its street music, festive vibe and a melting pot of French, African and American cultures is well worth the trip. History buffs like me are fascinated by the land which has remained from the Neolithic age, the land has witnessed thousands of years of human civilization. Portree, Skye’s largest settlement, has gained popularity over social media for its pastel pink and blue houses that sit over the sea. The easiest and biggest airport to fly into is the Kangerlussuaq Airport. It’s a city known for its history, both recent but most particularly it’s ancient. While I’ve been to most of Portugal, from the coastal and towns in the Algarve to the rural and much colder towns and cities in the north of Portugal, I’ve never made it to The Azores. Lichtenstein Castle in Baden, Württemberg Germany, How to Have a Safe Family Vacation During COVID-19, Absolute Budget-Friendly Tourist Destinations to Help you Travel Economically, What to Look for in a Long-lasting Camping Tent, 5 Signs Your Roof Is Getting too Worn Out Over Time. The Northern Lights: Visit Greenland from September to April to experience one of the most magical sights our world has to offer. No longer are those who desire to see this natural phenomenon in person limited to just South America, there is now an Asia option which may be cheaper and closer to home for them! So repeat with us: I solemnly swear to create memories that last a lifetime. This epic Mediterranean-style stretch of California coast has been called the “American Riviera,” and it’s one of America’s most stunning destinations. So if like me, Chiatura features on your bucket list, you’d do well to visit soon. Once you arrive at the trailhead, you have the option to hike, helicopter in or ride mules to carry you and/or your equipment. You can spend your days here hiking inland, exploring the small cities and archaeological sites or out on the water swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing or surfing one of the most iconic waves in the world, Teahupo’o. There is so much to see and do in Tuscany, you won’t be able to cover it all in one visit. Everyone who visits ends up falling in love with it, and it’s not surprising really. Even whales will put on a show as you quietly wait for them to surface. The landscape of Ladakh is the unique combination of deserts in the Nubra valley, perennial water bodies like the Pangong lake, evergreen trees, and snow-covered mountains – all within an area of less than 87000 square km. Aarhus: This is a city containing lots of museums and Viking styled architecture. What happened to the native population? From Justin and Tracy at A Couple For The Road. You can see a moai eyeball and even the undeciphered scroll of the Rapa Nui language.