The $50.00 rush charge is in addition to the cost of the full setup. They feel “OK” but I have never taken one out of the box that can not be improved. Friction tuners (banjo or ukulele) $45+ restring or setup Requires reaming Add $20 Requires doweling of old set-screw holes Add $20 Requires drilling of new set-screw holes Add $20 Requires new guide pin hole (Sperzel or Schaller style) Add $30 April 2017 Page 9 endstream Any shipping related requests (hold/delay/address change) should also be directed to our shipping department ( This kind of attention is considered a luxury item from the manufacturing perspective. When I strum the T1K Martin Ukuleles, I am always amazed at the warm, rich, full, and resonant tone. One is that these are wooden handmade instruments. This is the distance between the strings and the 12th fret. It simply falls outside the scope of the amount of time that can be dedicated to an instrument without it becoming un-realistically priced. Kala. What the heck is an ukulele set-up, and why does it matter? The cost of this permit is $93.00 USD. 5 0 obj On a Pono ukulele their is a truss rod to adjust, but on most ukes you are only dealing with an adjustment from the two points that the strings rests on. Well believe it or not, a Makala/Makai/Leolani /(every other import) are not “feeling GOOD” right out of the box. No matter how cheap you got your ukulele, it was handmade. Kala. endobj And that is our goal. ���� JFIF ` ` �� ZExif MM * J Q Q �Q � �� ���� C Also looking at my plans for the Baritone shows the bridge much higher than on a Tenor so guessing these are not exact measurements if string height is the same on all sizes of ukes. Yup, we take the time to fully quality control and dial in every single uke, no matter what the price. A personal favorite of Mika and Kalei! stream Every uke company we carry is doing good work and putting out a lot of value even before we set them up. It really has a wonderful open and light tone. Looks, feel, and tone, this one's got it all! Their is some talent and devotion in those factories, but in the end, their is no way for the instrument to sell whole sale for $40 and it get as much attention and quality control as an instrument that sells for $140 and the same for that one to the one that sells for $400. Scroll through these pages and find the right one for you. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It means you will love the feel and sound of your uke, because it is properly adjusted and completely quality controlled. Call first (808)622-8000. It means that you won't have to take your newly purchased uke in to a tech and pay $30-$50 for it to be set up after you buy it! endobj time in transit once the instrument departs)There is a special instructions box where you can add notes or preferences that our setup or shipping department needs to be aware of.Before being shipped, your instrument This is usually a requirement by Ukulele manufacturers in order to keep the instrument covered under warranty. I’m assuming that setup on a baritone is the same as a tenor on the 12th fret and at the 1st fret. ACCESSORY AND CASE ORDERS: While non-instrument orders for cases and accessories do not require the same processing time needed for instruments, they do require time for processing and packing. Often people are not sure what this means, or they don’t understand why they would pay more for this. The biggest factor in our setup is the string action. endobj The T1K tenor-sized model features top, back and sides crafted of solid Hawaiian koa, a wood native to Hawaii and a favorite of island players. The T1K tenor-sized model features top, back and sides crafted of solid Hawaiian koa, a wood native to Hawaii and a favorite of island players. We have tried to zero in on the best value models they offer in each price range. I live in San Francisco (set up = FREE). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. air in your house, the air will become extremely dry. Then he’s like a quarterback at the Superbowl. installation so you can play through an amplifier.Get a free shipping quote by adding this to your cart. This also results in a better playing, better sounding, and better feeling instrument that really inspires the player!