After 5 day of ntorq bought At morning its idle sound frequency change up down .Up down up down continuous for 2 min some time 1.5 min But when i bought this makes only 1 time up and down 1 frequency .But now it does same thing in afternoon and evening while start.And on tvs service centre no one rectifying my problem. It's not upto the mark as per price & performance. The next morning, while going to the service center, Scootystopped on the road (that can be the cause of accidents because a truck coming from the backside.We survived that day) After which I all them and they took Scooty to the service center. When your speed 50 above then sounds has totally changed. Read TVS Ntorq 125 reviews from genuine buyers and know the pros and cons of Ntorq 125. 3. Awesome scooter with great mileage..Something new in hand.. Love to ride..Waited too long for this kind of 2 wheels ride..Bluetooth feature is just wow. Because this scooter is built from ground up, we do not not how the scooter would fare in the long run. Just Waste Of My Money. But now within one month i see a lot issue about body fittings. It never feels unsettled and is quite planted on the road.The engine is buttery smooth and never feels strained but has a good raspy exhaust note which creates a lot of drama that i just love it! My ride is for 200 KMS for my home town, went around 4 times to my hometown town, I never stopped my bike until I reached home, I usually fill shell power petrol when I ride long distances, I'll suggest it to everyone otherwise bike will be heated up with normal petrol.I bought my bike in EMI without knowing which financier to choose, simply went through the Showroom peoples choice & didn't knew who is financing my bike until my bike got delivered to me ,though it is not a bad choice, I believe we must be knowing that minimum information to compare if we had any better choices in financing our bike.TVS Service is really good, costed me around 1100 rupees for first 4 free services with oil change 2 times, this is best compared to other Brands.Bike not punctured even daily commute is for 10 KMS a day with up and down to office usually takes 10 minutes to reach.Accessories I have bought guards for 2000 rupees, which I regret,I think there's no need of them, it really spoils the bike look. Never go for it. I am getting a relevant answer on Internet which is best? Even the fan is red in colour!Suspension is spot on. The front disc provides a good bite but the rear drum doesn't do the job well. The only advice I would give you for this bike is, when you go out for service go only to the authorized service centers cause the bike is complex and maybe new to some mechanics so maybe they can need it up. After some time, there was a mild sound in Scooty. Now the maintenance and service center efficiency varies from place to place. Q. It has got all you need. TVS NTORQ 125 User Reviews Add a Review. Comfort 4.3 /5 + 2 more Maintenance Cost 3.8 /5. The pillion experience is better than any other scooter in the market. Whose information I had given to the service center during the first service. Q. I am really confused between Activa 125 BS6 and TVS NTORQ race edition. I've been using the first gen ntorq 125 (2018 model), Having a very satisfied ownership experience, Power is just the best, Its instant and in controllable manner.Easy for new young riders.It is the best touring scooter in its segment, It just glides on the highways, Thanks to its weight scooter feels well planted on high speeds (80-90) cross winds does not move the scooter a bit !.Since i've used it more on highways i have returned economy of fab 47-50 kmpl, In city you can expect till 40 kmpl.The only down side of this scooter is it needs to be serviced at least thrice a year, That is 1500-2000 per service (depending on work ), I will recommend tvs annual service policy it will save some money.If we didn't service it timely, The scooter tend to have squeaky panels and loose body parts.Otherwise it is the best scooter over all !. Which was very promising by tvs. Pros:Build quality Engine refinement, Exhaust sound, Suspension Features Cons:This scooter has virtually no cons but if i had to buy it pick one it would be its reliability.