2) Dative Verbs . I know that how a lesson goes more cheerful and educational. This is very important to me when learning not just a language but really learning anything! Loris is a great teacher! Experiential learning in the sense that learner is provided with an opportunity to develop new experiences. In my opinion teaching mustn't be boring and serious. Being a multilingual couple ourselves and with my professional experience in managing Thomas Cook's online reputation, I learned to fluently speak several languages. - We will find the best way you to learn Turkish language. I am also very fluent in Kyrgyz Turkish and Kazak Turkish. During my university years, my stories were published in Turkish literary magazines. I served in the area of law and accounting during my profession and  had been in different countries and international organizations on business purposes. Most of the lessons with Aysegül are structured in an immersive way and it is ideal. Find an online teacher, Private lessons, group classes, tutoring and language courses (A1, A2, B2, B2, C1, C2). Request a free trial lesson with a teacher of your choice! All plural forms end in a consonant -ler / -lar. Learning another language is not easy, but it is possible. Turkish Grammar calls it Suffix of Ownership [genitive] Formation of the Possessor: Words ending in a consonant add -in, -ın, -un, -ün. First, it is the direct object of the verb (i.e. The noun's ending are changed to '-i', '-ı', '-u' or '-ü' according to the last vowel of the noun. I am currently editor-in-chief in the company. My education system is on a systematical way and easy to understand. 2.The first and most important function of Turkish accusative case is to make the nouns definite. In my class, I am going to suggest a grammar book and I will use movies, stories, picture books and songs as a learning materials. I will try my best to take your Turkish level forward whatever your level is . His behavior and teaching style are flexible , balanced and appropriate. I m passionate at sport and spiritual subjects. He is patient, knowledgeable and has a great structure to teach the Turkish language. :) “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” First of all we as a teacher must improve ourselves about everything such as cultural knowledge, technology, best seller book, new novel etc. These suffixes show motion towards, motion from, static location of that object. - clarify complex grammar questions through examples from everyday conversations-make the language learning process less theoretical and more practical. Ibrahim is quite professional and provides a quality textbook in addition to his own teaching materials designed to facilitate teaching Turkish to English-speakers. One of the most important responsibilities of us is to help students to understand that they have the enough power and capacity to learn a language if they are decided enough. The dative case suffix is (y)E. ... (Ben) eve geliyorum. A teacher has to display great skill and ability to organize the teaching process in a correct way in order to build a good learning environment and to foster an enthusiasm for and appreciation of the subject being studied. In Turkish, the direct object gets a suffix when it is definite. cases we would probably use "the" in English).. When you made a lot of progress we will read and discuss on Turkish literary. Hello everybody. I had been in Luxembourg for 5 months at European Court of Auditors, in Cambridge, UK for 3 months and the US for 2 years as well as some other business trips for shorter terms. In the past, I worked as a lecturer in the School of  Foreign Languages of Turkish Education at Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas University for 3 years. It equates to objective definite article "the" in English.. she's a great teacher I recommend her for sure, Esra is an excellent teacher. I like to do lesson in creative way; therefore, I believe you will enjoy learning Turkish in my class. Second, it's a specific object (i.e. I have graduated from Hacettepe University the department of English Language Teaching. Social learning in the sense that interaction between learner and I is prevailing and that the learner receives support from me. It is acted upon by the subject. One was a really cool program which helps you learn vocabulary. In Turkish, the definite direct object receives the accusative case suffix, which is (y)İ. The noun that is affected by the action of a verb is changed to the accusative case. He successfully combines such qualities as being sensitive to his students as well as being able to motivate them and hear their requires. I'm 25 years old and a native speaker of Turkish language.I live in Istanbul. My favourites from Turkish literary are Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar and İhsan Oktay Anar. I strongly believe that we should make our students acquire the language from all aspects including reading, listening, writing and speaking. Hello Turkish Learners! If you are thinking about learning Turkish I highly recommend Loris as your teacher. After my first lesson, she sent me a ton of materials at no extra charge and without me asking for it. I growed up in Istanbul. Loris put me at ease from the very beginning and made learning easier than I expected! I have been living in Turkey for almost 2 years and I thought I could "get by" without learning Turkish, ever since I started my lessons with Loris, it has opened up a whole new world here in Turkey! Because I know that: everybody has not same reasons for learning Turkish. If you use the accusative suffix after a noun, there needs to be a direct interaction between the noun and the action verb unlike a general statement. His teaching approach can be characterised as "blended learning" with traditional "classroom" technologies integrated with computer mediated learning activities. I believe that I'm making language learning enjoyable and easy. Also in Belgium, teaching several students Turkish, from different age groups, levels and expectations. it was really a great lesson with Darya, shes very organized and prepared and her speaking is obvious Also using examples from the real life, help students to internalize the examples. We should use examples from the real life and they can broaden students’ knowledge. This is her approach and I love it, even if I look like a clueless potato when she asks me questions. Proper nouns receive an apostrophe before a case suffix. Accusative case in Turkish. All in all, as a teacher we have lots of things to do. Buzdolabını açtı. Also I have experience in teaching Turkish. I born in İstanbul and I still live here. I am a native Turkish speaker. It's about 'Turkish Novels'. I have 4 years experience in teaching Turkish to foreigners. After my graduation I specialized in children's book illustration and literature. Sosyal öğrenme benimle öğrenci arasındaki etkileşimin egemenliği ve öğrencinin benden destek almasını içerir. Hello, welcome to the first lesson of Intermediate Level. I have been teaching Turkish to foreigners for ten years actively. For this you need the suffix -i which is following the GREAT VOWEL HARMONY . My students usually say they feel relax in my lessons. Multiple choice exercise on the capital letters in Turkish. Hi, My name is Ayşegül. Learn Turkish Lesson 14: The dative case suffix. Turkish literature is my profession. Most Azeris with televisions, however, are exposed to Turkish television programming, and, therefore, tend to be better able to understand Turkish… Esra's English is excellent which is very beneficial for an almost beginner in Turkish. If a sentence has both a subject and a direct object the subject is the actor and the direct object is acted upon. Thank you Loris! Hi! This is the proper way to use the indefinite article in Turkish. I am a professional Turkish Teacher and a translator with a master degree.I have visited so many countries to research cultures and Turkish Dialects. It is a kind of exchanging the culture. Aysegül is one of the hardest working and helpful people I have encountered. All age groups and all levels are welcome. In the last sentence however, the soup is definite. (I'll find a way to compensate her, though, just wait!) Aysegül is tremendously understanding and always encouraging. As a patient and concise teacher, I: - develop and implement individual lesson plans for structured and conversational sessions. just send me a message to coordinate the lesson time. Since I am not in Turkey, talking with her regularly is the next best thing. You will learn great amounts of Turkish in no time at all. We add the accusative suffix -i to a word when it satisfies two conditions. Now I am a teaching assistant in a university in Turkey. Click here. We add the accusative suffix -i to a word when it satisfies two conditions. I have written a master thesis, two books and now I've been writing my PhD thesis. 8 years experience in total, 3 different schools in Turkey until I moved to Belgium 2 years ago. For example in the sentence He is reading a book, He is the subject, because He is doing the reading, Furthermore, through our experiences, I have learned and developed the art of teaching. I will call you tomorrow. The thing I like about her immersive approach is this is what foreigners will encounter when in Turkey. • It is important for me to have a live communication with students in my course.