Match the picture with the text and read the sentence aloud. 9 characters; Flexible cast. A set of 25 individual puppets arranged over 10 pages. Page 1     A simple domino game to play in pairs. Listen and Play - Traditional stories. …all together, they pulled, and pulled and pulled and pulled, but the enormous turnip still would not budge! If you have Smart Notebook installed on your computer, when you download and click on the Image Gallery file below and choose 'Open', Smart Notebook will open and an Enormous Turnip folder will be created in the 'My Content' folder in your Gallery. enormous turnip still would not budge! The enormous turnip story book 1. The boy ran to the turnip patch to help The text is highlighted as it's read and simple navigation controls allow the user to pause the soundtrack and hide the text at any point in the story. Itñññs Easy with Kiz Phonics It was designed for 6 students I had in class at a time, but this can be altered to suit your class. Log in or subscribe to download all the masks. He pulled and pulled, but couldn't pull it out. The turnip has grown during the night and now it is enormous. The Enormous Turnip. PDF (3.39 MB) This original unit is designed by Two Peas Learning (Hollis Hemmings). Click to preview or log in to download. One day, the farmer decided to pull out the enormous turnip. The Great Big Enormous Turnip, also known as The Enormous Turnip is a classic folktale that tells the story of an old man and a turnip. Here are some we made earlier...Click the image below to see all photos with captions - you don't need to be a subscriber! The story is also available in Bulgarian, French, German and Spanish. It was designed for 6 students I had in class at a time, but this can be altered to suit your class. The Enormous Turnip. Finish off by fastening a strip of strong card or a lolly stick to the back. Together they pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and suddenly… out popped the enormous turnip! Visit this page now! ESL Printables, The repetitive nature of the story makes it a great one for joining in with, acting out - maybe even having a bit of a jig along to the music! These easy-to-read retellings, enhanced by exciting, richly colourful illustrations, faithfully capture all the magic of the original stories. The Enormous Turnip Role-play Narrator: The old man has got some turnips in his garden. Page 2     Early Learning through stories, music, movement and songs with Liz Kitchen. Welcome to So, the old man and the woman shouted to a little boy who was playing in the field. We offer carefully designed phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find on our site. Teaching Kids who Canñññt Read? They also created their own version of the story, you can see it in my PPT uploads section. Page 6     Print out, laminate or stick onto card, then cut around the thick black lines. Page 8     The old farmer cleared his garden one day and sowed some turnip seeds. A Russian folktale for children with study guide adapted by Janea Dahl. An alternative to reading directly from a book is to use picture cards and adapt the language according to the children’s language abilities Storytelling using theatre props and costumes add… Together they pulled, and pulled, but still the turnip would not budge! Old man: What an enormous turnip! After a turnip in his garden has grown too large to pull out himself, a sequence of others come to help. The folder will be saved in your Gallery unless you choose to delete it. Practise reading sentences from the story with this game of 20 domino cards. you want to download you have to send your own contributions. Page 9     Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. He watered them and cared for them and soon the seeds began to grow. Page 10. I wrote this playscript based on The Enormous Turnip fairy tale for my class performance in the school assembly. PROPS A giant turnip, a watering can, a cooking pot, a table and 5 chairs THE SCRIPT Music: In the hall of the mountain king by Edvard Grieg (When the actors are ready, music off and stage lights on) SCENE I: A BARE VEGETABLE PATCH BACKDROP: A dug-up vegetable patch with no plants.