Their straight up green, dragonwell green, and white teas come in a close second. If you want to go further, they have a special of green tea and freshly cut taro pieces. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Bubble tea, a tasty import from Taiwan, is being stirred up all over NYC. These are whole flowers that you steep,and without all the preservatives you get  from the blocks of chrysanthemum you can buy cheaper in the Chinese grocers but which will make you wonder if you will wake up hooked to a dialysis machine. Tea Set for One. New York, NY 10013 Winter is one of best seasons for high quality Oolong tea. 5817 8th Ave. It's very light and you won't want to share this with anyone. She stared at the label, went "harrumpff", said it wasn't  her type of tea, and stowed it away. Brooklyn, NY.11220 Tel: 718/853-0660 Fax 718/461-9308 Also serving Pearl, Tapioca, Bubble tea. 83-28 Broadway With 22 stores throughout NYC, this global brand from Taiwan switches up the teas stateside by introducing drinks that suit American palettes. It was made with matcha powder instead of what I thought was going to be green tea leaves - I feel like they should specify. The first time I got ten ren was in Flushing (where I work) I was really surprised that they used a sort of home made syrups. to see if the staff cracks a smile ;)i think i like this place because the branding focuses on the herby goodness of tea. Founded in 1953, Ten Ren now operates 100 retail stores globally to provide the finest teas to tea-lovers worldwide. The teas, additions to the teas, and desserts were explained patiently and in understandable English! Admittedly if you cannot read Chinese, the repetitive generic green tea and oolong labels might all look the same. Heads up! As you walk in the vibes are pretty nice, it's quiet and there are a lot of seating areas available both in the front and the back of the store. Thanks for subscribing! great bubble tea!! Ten Tea SM offers fine products from Ten Ren and Ten Fu as well as other fine tea companies with more to come in the future. (Free tea bags selected by us during processing) Jasmine Tea. but those creations are sure tasty! Back there, you can smell out a few varieties of green, Oolong, Jasmin, etc. Ten Ren Tea Time New York Go for it!The chocolate brownie was rich, thick, chewy and properly chocolately. Happen to me on some occasions when I brought some of my friends here who did not speak chinese.Overall, the place is good for bubble tea. The herbal teas here are interesting, and not bad, but I usually pass on them. Ten Ren Tea Glazed and Ceramic Tea Sets. One friend chose 100 percent sweetness for his black milk tea ($5.05 large), the other 50 for her lychee slush ($5.05 small) and I chose 25 percent for my passion fruit slush ($5.05 small), although no added sugars would have been better, as the slush was still a bit too sweet for me. I feel like I've stepped into Taiwan; I love Ten Ren!I'm more of a simple guy; no fancy fruit flavor smoothies in my bubble tea.It's called bubble "Tea" so obviously, their specialty is their tea selections. We’re working hard to be accurate – but these are unusual times, so please always check before heading out. i'm not a tapioca person so I always decline.I did try it and I will say it is deff different in a good way , from every other bubble tea places. Here are the best shops in NYC for boba, including San Francisco transplant Boba Guys and Taiwanese chain Ten Ren Tea. Founded in 1953, Ten Ren now operates 100 retail stores globally to provide the finest teas to tea-lovers worldwide. The stuff here is pretty outstanding--but then again, I've had some amazing teas from other sources too. My favorite is Jasmine and their green tea. Yum. $3.50. All Rights Reserved. you can ask for customizations and they oblige without any hesitation.