Good luck. And it turned out to be the last game in the series. If not a few characters that are very good and not a waste of time would do. Whatever. A friend of mine got a PS3 a few days ago and we are all getting together to play Tekken 6. That’s it. Namco has generally a good grasp of balance, more so in recent years. Hi there. Now Lars’ turn around is that if he get a launch and a wall is around he can do a hell of a lot of damage. Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Trophies and Achievements, Tekken Tag Tournament Character Galleries, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Galleries,, Many of the Japanese ranks in this game, make references to. B- = Yoshimitsu, Raven, Kuma, Panda Would you mind explaining why this is? Then again, tiers aren't terribly important outside of high level play. High-risk, high reward characters that require thorough understanding of their command inputs typically would be perceived as bad by a group of low/mediocre-skill players, but at higher brackets those are normally the ones that scare people. In any other game c-tier is middle tier, it was very intentional to list the tiers like that. Putting Bob infront of Kazuya in any tier list is utter luncy. Hi there. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Note: Japanese rank names in brackets, most are not literal translations. AA = Bruce, Baek, King (says NIN), Jack, Eddy, Feng, Nina Bob is not a level below Nina, King, or Steve. It’s really hard for him to get a launch. At i16 he gets u/f+1+2 1+2 which does good damage but compared to a launch it’s garbage. This strategy guide section includes all strategy for previous iterations of the Tekken 6 series. Lars is not top either. Tekken 6 has an training option you can dive into to learn some juggles. I wouldn't really stress about tiers in this game too much, its pretty well balanced, nothing could be worse than a 6-4 matchup outside of the bottom 2. d4 on hit leaves jabs uninterruptible. By the way Kazuya is better than Bob. However without walls his damage is very mediocre and since it’s really hard to get those launchers and risky too. If you can turtle well and avoid getting caught in stupid shit and look for holes in someones game with king you can destroy them. He doesn’t work that way. Better damage period, better punishment, better tracking, better throws, better lows(that’s saying something cause King’s lows SUCK), way more +frame moves, better safe launchers, and better CH moves. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Also outside of f+1+2, ff+1+2, his mids do crap for damage. I agree with this… it seems right. I googled this but I couldn't find a list that people would agree on. Everybody is decent. AAA = Bryan, Paul, Julia, Lars, Lili Making up your own tier list because youre not a good enough player to understand why the characters are placed where they are still doesnt justify making the list to begin with. Also check: Tekken 7 tier list Shares. Look at the moves, look at the frames. b3 wall splats, hits grounded. He can punish at any 10f with 112. I must be missing something if Paul is only a step behind Law and Bob. As the guy above me said the only thing I am wondering about is Paul being higher than Bruce. Are assume that characters are stronger/weaker/different in other games like Tekkne 6 BR, TTT2, Tekken 7 and so on. Really sad to see her so low on the tier lists. S: Steve, Bob A: Julia, Law, Lars, Jack, Bryan, Nina, Bruce B: Drag, Eddy/Christie, Lee, Devil Jin, Alisa, Baek, Armor King, Lei, Xiaoyu, King, Leo C: Lili, (old) Heihachi, Feng, Wang, Paul, Kazuya, Roger Jr., Ganryu, Hwoarang D: Marduk, Jin, Asuka, Anna, Raven, Miguel, Kuma/Panda E: Yoshimitsu, Zafina, Bob, Lars, Bruce, Paul and Feng are all good beginner characters. He’s waaaaay to versatile to even be considered to be on Kaz’s/Hei’s level. I’ve brought this discussion up with everyone. Zafina as F saddens me! C+: Raven, Asuka, Zafina. cd1 is safe. Remember, that’s not my list, that list was stated by Holeman and Nin, but echo’d by other players like Rain, etc. Its not really worth stressing the whole “I think ___ should be higher than _____” crap. Why people put King and Paul so high? Most of them having combos that carry you alllllll the way to the edge of the ring. I’d cover Lars too, but I need to get back to work. Just from crushing a low. ---- Bottom line is: don’t play Bob entirely like a Mishima. Note: Japanese rank names in brackets, most are not literal translations. You can’t name a single thing Bob can do that Kazuya can’t do better. I don’t think so. I played my third session of Tekken a few days ago so to say that I have no idea what I'm doing is very accurate. Thank you all for the information. d/f+4, EWGF, of coarse. No amount of reasoning will convince me Yoshi and Zafina are trash tier across all skill levels. Kazuya also has more safe launchers. Bob lacks too many tools. WD game? Tekken 7 is the seventh game in the Tekken game series. Just play whatever character you think is cool or whose playstyle suits you. uf3 /uf1+2>1+2 crushes a lot of lows and sweeps, save for very low ones like Law’s or Lili’s db4. When you can’t launc till 20s on the feet you can not be top tier. I guess they need more time using her to say how good she is compared to everyone else PSN: KNITEMARE-X | Playing: Modern Warfare 2; Tekken 6 T6 Mains: Raven, Armor King, Lars How about their lows. I have no idea. Only thing stopping Bob from being top tier again is his nerfed df2. EVERYONE is competitive. He has good (really good) wall carry, and has a good wall game (df1, d3+4 or b22, d3+43). A: Law, Bruce, Lili, Baek, Nina, Julia, Bryan, Alisa, King, Steve Bob and Steve are not Top 3. All Bob gets from -12 to -16 is f+24. His damage is just so good when he finally gets a hit that you can’t dismiss it but man does he have tons of problems. Save for df1>2, the others wall splat. You can play ttt2 like a normal tekken game? B-: Ling, Wang, Bears, Capos, Miguel, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu Lars’ lows are ALL launch punishable. Everything he does is about HC’s, setups, crushes, and frame advantages. 0. In the mix with characters who are lacking way less? They are not. d1 leaves opp in FC on block or normal, knd’s on ch, and can be cc’ed repeatedly to keep them on the ground. low skill - medium skill players, etc. Kazuya is better than Bob. Tekken 6 tier list? We are playing Tekken 6. The bottom tier is only relative to the roster, not the actual engine, but the game is still fairly balanced with Zafina being the worst. d434 floats rollers and wall splats. Has fastest standing launcher is i12 hit and punishable. geez, i knew Ling took a hit, but i didnt think she was THAT lower tier. Table of Contents. The max damage he gets all the way to -22 standing is like 112 which is 30 damage. C+ = Mokujin, Zafina. Also Kazuya is better at Bob at his own greatest strenght. WD Oki (WD into uf3 or hellsweep or CH throw). 0. A+ = Steve Fox, Marshall Law, Bob You people don’t know the first thing about what makes a character top tier. Lars, Bob, Miguel, Feng, Leo, Law, Paul, Bruce, Dragunov, and AK are comparatively easy to understand, I suggest you pick up one of these characters.