Uganda Burundi Morocco Sierra Leone Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can revolutionize health-tech for the better and an effective way to determine this is to organize health-tech hackathons. Gabon In-store, customers can scan a product’s QR code on their phone and discover more information about the product. | WHOIS At the hackathon, tech professionals can create different ambulance GPS monitoring systems and find ways to improve existing systems. Serbia Greenland Customers can search for products on Google, buy products on social media, and can even shop directly on a store’s app. Namibia 404! What if an individual has an emergency, but an ambulance can’t reach them? Mexico Senegal The focus of this software or app should be to help detect and manage consumers’ subscriptions once they fall into disuse. Tonga Guinea-Bissau The team built a working prototype of the full screen Ustream player with an editable list of favorite channels where users could switch between them with keyboard shortcuts. Healthcare technology can also improve the healthcare communication process with emergency contacts and family members. Bhutan Most modern college students are tech-efficient. Introduction to Electronics Applications and Components. Users could browse on the world map and detect interesting peaks (popular streams) anywhere on the globe, and easily preview the content. Moldova, Republic of Saint Helena US Minor Outlying Islands Yugoslavia Having said that, organizing a hackathon is an interesting adventure with several fun-filled challenges along the way. Aruba Edustream (Eduteam): Dominica Cameroon Slovenia Marketers, HR, and finance students are all great examples. Gopher Hoppers. You can easily pick some names and ideas from this list and make your own type of Technical and IT team name. Mozambique Here are a few health-tech hackathon ideas: Develop a secure in-house AI-based data processing solution that will help healthcare institutions and hospitals to study and analyze a patient’s medical records. Although the level of technology in healthcare is at an all-time high, there is still immense potential to use technology to automate daily operative processes and tasks. Myanmar Slovakia Denmark Azerbaijan Guyana Trojan Hash Defiance. | LEGAL. US Minor Outlying Islands Use optical character recognition (OCR) to simply click an image of a receipt and track payments. Mayotte Luxembourg Tunisia Saint Lucia Gabon Liberia Malaysia Kenya Kenya Gambia Sierra Leone Bulgaria NorthKorea-Embargoed Luxembourg Nicaragua At the end of the 24 hours a prototype was developed where the broadcaster could add a Slideshare link to the broadcast on the dashboard and during a broadcast and the broadcaster could indicate which slide should be displayed. Try IBM Watson Media Video Streaming. An app can immediately connect medical staff to their emergency contact, immediately informing them if there’s an emergency situation. All in the name of one mighty goal – to make the Ustream service better! Iran Argentina French Southern Territories Monaco You can accomplish more than you’d imagine in 24 hours. Benin Here are a few Education-based hackathon ideas: Build an app or online platform which programming students can use to capture their work-based experiences and share these learning experiences with other students through text, photos or videos. Montserrat Syrian Arab Republic Bouvet Island Somalia Costa Rica Sri Lanka Libya Moldova, Republic of Saint Pierre and Miquelon Develop a working prototype that helps passenger vehicles to reduce the speed of the car or bring the car to a halt upon detecting pedestrians. American Samoa The app should prompt users when they overspend or make repeat purchases. Not only the wide palette of ideas, but the team names themselves were injected with a healthy dose of creativity. Spain Bangladesh Samoa The device should monitor health conditions like diabetes and should alert family members and relatives if the patient’s health deteriorates. Mongolia Australia Zimbabwe, IBM may use my contact data to keep me informed of products, services, and offerings. Greece College students juggle many problems. Chad If a brand is participating in your hackathon, have your tech team test out new retail tech for the brand. San Marino Mali Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Colombia Serbia Here are a few consumer tech hackathon ideas: The idea is to build a fully autonomous smart energy monitoring facility for an entire building. French Guiana Montserrat Austria Additionally, it pays to partner with relevant brands and businesses that your participants acknowledge and look up to. Bahamas Heard and McDonald Islands Afghanistan Apps can help students organize their assignments, set deadlines, and help them keep track of their grades. Western Sahara Lithuania Edustream is a sub-brand of Ustream, where people can find educational contents from all around the globe. Congo, The Democratic Republic Dominica East Timor Consumer tech devices like smartphones, drones, smart homes, etc. Equatorial Guinea Malta Whether this includes more specialized telehealth options or a system where those in rural areas can better access emergency care, this type of technology gives small-town folk the medical attention they need. How will yours stand out? Nigeria At a hackathon, offer all of these devices. Pakistan Qatar What are the advantages of Using Microsoft Word? Ethiopia 22. Ecuador Cocos (Keeling) Islands Reunion Germany Consumers are using tablets, mobile devices, and desktops to fulfill their digital needs. Mayotte People go to places and check in on Foursquare, but from now they can broadcast the venues they are at, so others can see what is actually happening there. Cambodia Saint Pierre and Miquelon Diva Code. Maldives Saudi Arabia Israel A smart way to explore new avenues of improving FinTech is to host a hackathon. Gibraltar More colleges are also optimizing online schooling. The idea is to help people view and study their overall spend analysis by developing a mobile app to analyze all the purchases made by scanning a receipt. Russia In case an elder falls down, they can quickly contact an ambulance as well as their caregiver and family members. Ireland Peru Palau Virgin Islands (British) China Fiji Guadeloupe Singapore Mauritania United Nations Learn how your comment data is processed. Smash Hack Gremlins. Read on! Switzerland The solution handles duty rotation, escalation, SMS and phone notification as well. Brazil Puerto Rico Guatemala Congo Iceland The Bug Stops Here. Ireland Holy See (Vatican City State) Virgin Islands (U.S.) Some patients live in rural areas or small parts of town. This AI-based solution can use deep learning to recognize patterns of behavior at home or in the office to better manage energy consumption, electricity usage, and to strengthen security, and lower operating costs. Philippines Ukraine Burundi But I wish could see these names in a hackathon: 30 year old wizards and Indian tech support. The Cookie Breaks Here. haven't seen a hackathon, I know sad. A RADIX INITIATIVE Botswana The focus should be to develop a platform that allows programming students to share their work experiences and projects with other younger students.