To increase the security of your communications with us, you can in your discretion contact us by telephone or in person. We also reserve the right to withdraw our services if you fail to cooperate, or follow our advice on a material matter, or if any fact or circumstance arises or is discovered that would, in our view, render our continuing representation improper, inadvisable, or unethical. [Consultant Name] and [Company Name] may also be referred to as “Party” or together as the “Parties”. This document sets out the basis on which Millar Kreklewetz LLP ("Millar Kreklewetz" or "We/Us") will agree to provide services to our clients, and if you decide to retain Millar Kreklewetz as your legal counsel, our agreement in respect of the legal services we provide to you will be as set out below ("our Agreement"). The agreement will detail compensation, hours, contingencies … Regulations:  We can generally supply regulations and other official documents as they are officially released in draft or final form. We also reserve the right to terminate our Agreement if, among other things, you fail to honour the terms of our Agreement, including non-payment of our invoices. This service would be offered on an "as required" basis (note, this service excludes any translation costs). Statements of Account will be issued to you periodically throughout the term of our engagement, and are payable upon receipt. Our Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether written or oral. If you would like a physical copy of these we will provide that to you at no cost, but upon written request. Further, the law protects communications between lawyers and clients to help ensure that we may discuss matters with you frankly and freely, and provide our advice and assistance based on a complete understanding of the underlying facts. If you have particular requirements in this regard, or as to the timeliness of our services, you will raise these with us at the outset of our Agreement, so that the appropriate resources can be directed to your particular needs. Our published rates for services, which may be a guidepost in this process, currently range from US $300 per hour for our most junior tax and trade associates, to US $1,200 for our most senior partners, but may change from time to time, and without express notice to you. A retainer to gain access to sought-after services: the client pays a retainer simply for the privilege of being a client of the contractor service provider or expert. Millar Kreklewetz recognizes the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of personal information. It is financially more attractive than a full time tax person, yet provides the same level of service to the university. During the course of our engagement, you can expect that we will keep you informed about developments on your file on a timely basis. Annual services such as tax returns and financial statements require 12 consecutive payments prior to commencement of any works. If you have particular requirements in this regard, you will raise these with us at the outset of our Agreement. Accordingly, we will not disclose your confidential information unless we are required to do so by law or lawyers’ professional rules of conduct. Unless we otherwise specifically agree in writing, you agree that any liability we owe to you with respect to the performance of our legal services under our Agreement, whether owed to you in contract or tort, shall be limited to Cdn $5,000,000, or the upper limit of our available errors and omissions insurance, whichever amount is less. In the event you feel the need to bring suit against us, you agree to bring such suit in the Ontario Courts. You are essentially paying a type of carrying a cost for services that may remain on the shelf indefinitely. As client of Millar Kreklewetz, you can expect that our legal services will be performed on a professional and competent basis, and in a timely manner. Outlined below is a service agreement between OneFirm Tax Advisors (tax preparer), and you (client, customer, tax payer). We will attempt to base the amount of the Initial Retainer Amount on our best estimate of the time and effort that will be initially required to deal with the preliminary aspects of any particular matter. monthly billing, use of specified invoice forms, etc.) Pro-rata charges may apply for agreements entered into mid financial year* This agreement may be modified or amended as necessary after negotiations initiated by either party. Rates may subsequently change without notice to you, but we agree to be bound by all other terms and conditions as set out in our on-line Retainer Agreement as of 5:00 pm ET on the date of the retainer confirmation letter. Toronto Office 24 Duncan Street, Third Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2B8 Canada Phone: (416) 864-6200| Fax: (416) 864-6201. Non-residents of Canada shall be liable for fees calculated in US dollars. Where we choose not to require an Initial Monetary Retainer in advance for our services to you, the provision of any information or documentation to us by you or by your employees or agents, shall constitute your acceptance of our Agreement, and subject to our professional obligations to screen for conflicts of interest, and attend to the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Client Identification requirements (and, if applicable, Client Verification requirements), we will consider ourselves engaged to act for you as your lawyers. Annual Tax Retainer Agreement (ATRA) ATRA is a round-the-year help & support plan for tax matters available to you at a deeply discounted rate at the time of filing your taxes.