This column, called “the iron pillar of Delhi”, is made with something called Wootz steel. A noticeable part in the front of the statue of Saladin is the sword that he is holding with his right hand, pointing it up towards the sky. see also: video of Salahuddin Al Ayyubi Sword. Damascus used to be the trade center of West Asia. Even the most unique aspect of this piece, the forked tongue blade, has been expertly reproduced by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts. And since it was the sword of a sultan, it was probably also highly ornamental. A colleague was telling me that the famous sword of the greater conqueror Saladin the Great could cut silk as well as iron as if both were made of the same material. Let us appreciate a part of the history of iron, through following the footsteps of this sacred weapon. Mar 14, 2020 - This Sword based on screen shots from Kingdom Of Heaven movie with some references, Hope you Like it. The city walls were repaired and their extensions laid out, while the construction of the Cairo Citadelwas commenced. Forged in Fire Season 8 Episode 3: The Legendary Sword of Saladin Summary: Four smiths are in for a twist when they are tasked with forging signature blades from either a large suspension cable or thin piano wire. Take a moment to look at the column in the photo above. He had heard of its reputation from southern India where it was being produced at the time, and eventually succeeded in obtaining this legendary weapon, after various attempts and paying a huge sum of money – only to lead him to his death. He assigned his adjutant Bagyr as a keeper of the sword, and it just so happened Mutawakkil’s subordinate was planning a revolt against his leader. So in combat, the light weight of the sword can be advantage to the wielder. Oct 20, 2000. The opinions expressed in this POSCO Report piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of POSCO. In ancient world, there’s a myth about indestructible armor and weapon or sword that can split a stone in one slide. No comments. Admin and Chief editor of The iron ore contains a number of elements Carbon percentages. The Mausoleum of Saladin holds the resting place and grave of the medieval Muslim Ayyubid Sultan Saladin.It is adjacent to the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria. There are some urban legends of the lithe and powerful blade that exist from its heyday. Noté /5. This Sword of the Great Saladin has a hand forged blade of high carbon steel, while the pommel and crossguard are plated in a rich 24K gold. It is the sword owned and used by Salahuddin Al Ayyubi. Carbon nanotubes: Saladin's secret weapon. At around 300 B.C., the spread of the Wootz steel blade began when merchants started to produce swords directly by hiring artisans. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Limited edition sword with 24K gold plated pommel and crossguard. The key to the sword was the use of wootz. The sword is forged with steel “DaMarcus” secret technique that is coated with CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes), which makes it is very sharp and light weight. In the high street of Damascus, the capital of Syria, there stands a statue of a warrior on horseback. By Bea Perks 2006-11-15T15:44:00+00:00. It may seem like an ordinary sword, but this blade, also known as the Damascus blade, contains an interesting history in relation to iron. Dashing through the city on his horse with his soldiers with his eyes staring at front-line, a grim face, and heroic vigor, the name of this general is Saladin, ruler of the medieval Islamic world. Required fields are marked *, - Society and Lifestyle Blog News,,, In ancient world, there’s a myth about indestructible armor and weapon or sword that can split a stone in one slide. All Rights Reserved. After two intense rounds that come down to the wire, two return home to recreate the legendary Sword of Saladin, one of the sharpest blades in the world. We on this modern age are still not able to produce high-tech sword (NANO technology) of the Islamic civilization in the period of the 11th-12th century. I just wanted to ask everybody that happens to own it if they . That is when the storied blade got its name as the “Damascus blade” – born and raised by India, but rising to fame only after it reached Damascus, Syria. Handle editorial resources and articles approved process. It was not until the Crusades that the fame of the Damascus blade spread to Europe from Asia; it was Saladin’s army’s use of the Damascus blade that pierced crusaders’ thick armor and severed their swords in one swing. Written by Changhoon Kang, author of ‘Era of Steel’. 30 Apr 2016: Gary writes in: ‘About Saladin’s brother (in your Saladin and Richard swords piece): Saladin’s brother marrying a Christian is the background for Lessing’s Nathan the Wise, which takes place in Jerusalem in 1192. Its sharpness is able to penetrate armor crusader, cut two opposing swords, shields and stone splitting without damage or blunt to the sword … The action/adventure series has everything our young audience is looking for; from heroes, villains, henchmen, sword fights, bold rescues, battling armies to comedy, enduring friendship, love, and much more. This is an unique oriental sword of the great commander of Muslim armies in the Holy land. Hit-Series Game of Thrones Inspires Fans to Hit the Anvil, This Material is “Steeling” the Show at the 2018 Winter Olympics, POSCO Develops Magnesium Sheets for Samsung’s Ultra-light Notebook 9 Series. Copyrights(C) 2020 POSCO.