But he/she could easily have told you where you were in relation to what's considered standard, and advised you based on your preferences. The more commonly quoted heights are 5.7-6.0 on the A string side and 7.0-8.0 on the C string side. The luthier also replaced the sound-post because it wasn’t really fitted properly. In conclusion, I’m confused as hell. Also, it was kind of impossible to play because he also recambered my bow and replaced the hair, and I didn’t have rosin so I could barely get a sound out of the instrument. To check the lower string, you place the ruler against the outside of the string, again half a centimeter in from the end. Chinese cellos can be exact, or a little over/under. I know that the fingerboard is supposed to be shaped like that, was just pointing out that the shape makes the C-string dramatically higher than one would expect. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. Cello Sizing Guide – Arm Length & Height. I’m wondering if the raising of the sound-post rendered the bridge too tall for the cello. I fell like if there were a problem with the neck it would turn into a really big problem really quickly. Measurement 2 (neck to palm) This indicates the largest size the player could use. Simply select your preferred date during checkout in the 'Back to School Delivery Date' calendar, We'll take your first payment as normal to confirm your order, Your second payment will then be amended to be one month after delivery, Your hire agreement will only start on the day of delivery, Simply select your preferred date here using the calendar. Where I am now, we have had a lot of unseasonably humid weather. 913059. Playing the top note on the famous Elgar run-up-the-fingerboard takes a shit tone of pressure to sound. Measurement 1 (neck to wrist) This indicates the most appropriate and comfortable size for the player. I measured the heights of my strings at the end of the fingerboard. You think it’s a good idea to go back to him to shave it down, or should I find someone else who is a dedicated cello luthier? Here is an article on the topic of bridges. This table shows the different age groups and which cello they would need. Where I am now, we have had a lot of unseasonably humid weather. Wiley extracted the screw, drove a wooden dowel through the neck, and fixed the fingerboard with a circle of ebony (the repairer before him had done an awful job and had used some kind of putty or something to fill in the fingerboard. Good luck! Hi there, didn’t originally see this post and wish I had. My fingerboard is also cut so that the curve slopes down dramatically to a different angle in the C string section, so the upper registers (i know that the upper registers of low C aren’t really used) are almost physically impossible to push down. He’s very intelligent and thorough, and walks me through all the repairs he’s done on my instrument. Cello full size: String 1 fingerboard clearance, gut 5.5 mm String 1 fingerboard clearance, steel 4.0 mm String 4 fingerboard clearance, gut 8.0 mm String 4 fingerboard clearance, steel 6.5 mm The newer steel strings (Helicore) have a wider vibrating amplitude. I was in a really weird mood that day and was feeling very anxious and self-conscious playing in front of him. I wasn’t, so he went back and raised it, so that actually the strings were further from the fingerboard than when I started. We have made getting organised easy! He’s also a go-to bow guy. Where on the fingerboard do you find this too high? Neither the bridge nor neck change. The C is 1.4 cm, G is 1.7 cm, D is 1.4 cm, A is 1.1 cm. There can, of course, also be seasonal issues -- which is why many people have 'summer' and 'winter' bridges. It is also fairly accurate and can be used on its own. 1/2: 3/4: 7/8: 1/1 : Body length: 655: 690: 720: 750 : Body width : upper ca. It was truly awful but I was young and I didn’t know better. ) I guess the biggest problem for me is that I can’t tell if I’d just gotten used to dangerously low action, and now don’t have the finger strength to play well at the new height, or whether there is something wrong and it’s not me. With that, the body will shrink and the bridge/ strings will go down. Several years ago he did an amazing repair on the neck of my cello. You can purchase your hire flute. With the bridge restored to perfect perpendicularity, the distance between the fingerboard and the strings have increased significantly. It may be something that would benefit one of my cellos. Fortunately money isn’t as much of an issue these days :-). I think another factor to consider is the height of your bridge. It’s this weird situation where I can’t tell if I just got very used to the low action I had when my bridge was slightly warped, and now my fingers are too weak and are lacking sufficient calluses to be comfortable playing. One teacher told me that the fingerboard needs to be slightly "scooped" from neck to bridge. So I guess my question is this: Is this normal? Hexcagon. Unlike violins and violas, the actual sizes of cellos can be different depending on their country of manufacture, or simply the cello luthier. As for the neck, I think I would notice if it was warped, primarily because the neck has broken twice at the bend near the body. Musical Instrument Hire CoUnit 9 Hall FarmMain StreetHolwellMelton MowbrayLE14 4SZ, 0116 464 6995info@musicalinstrumenthire.com, Company No. Perhaps not enough difference to be concerned about? Thanks! 11 1. He’s fine other work for me that I’ve been happy with, so I’m a bit surprised it’s still not quite right. (As a matter of historical interest, the asymmetrical angle of the fingerboard on the C-string side was an innovation introduced by Bernhard Romberg, to make it possible to play with greater strength and volume in the lowest register.). The values you quote for string height seem a bit low to me. If this is the case, I’m very surprised that he wouldn’t have thought of that and mentioned it. But in my new cello, it's starting to get uncomfortable and kind of painful. All of the payments made, up to a maximum of six months, will contribute towards the purchase price listed below. He’s a violin maker who also builds cellos, and has a shop in an office building near Columbus circle. One of the mistakes I think I made was not to really check out the repair and play a bit before I took the cello home. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Internet Cello Society Forums on CelloBello. So I conclude that mine is abnormally high for me. I’m just a bit confused because I can’t tell if I’d gotten used to excessively low action, and this is right, or it is in fact too high. The first time it was fixed many many years ago the person who did it simply drove a screw through the finger board and filled it with putty. Luckily the luthier was able to flatten the bridge quite well, and I spared myself the agony of shelling out for a new custom bridge. 11 1. What is the type of bridge? If you have a cello that doesn’t match the sizing given, then you work to the closest, and you shouldn’t find any cellos exactly in the middle!