Good eating to be had by all! brings back memories…. Hi Chris, keep up the good work. Always enjoy your great Caribbean recipes..Keeps us in touch with all the great foods back home. Wendy Weaver Would LOVE to win that Italian Cookbook!!!! Will let you know how it turned out. I love currant rolls and now I have a recipe. My hubs is Bajan and when he visits Brooklyn, he purchases a pastry he calls “coconut slices” or coconut rolls. Adding an Italian recipe cookbook, would be awesome!! Awesome Caribbean Recepies, many of which i had no idea of making now thanks to you i can cook………. Keep on doing what you are doing Chris, making our tummies happy!!!! I am impressed. What more can I say than what has been already said ,other than continue to keep up the good work of making so many people happy. You are an inspiration !!! This dough can be a bit sticky. It’s now time to add the lovely stuffing and roll into shape. Thanks. [email protected], Hey chris I must try this seeing am a lover of current roll. Would love to win this cook book!! I am using the 1/2 differently from the 2 tbsps? 15 minutes before mixing rolls, soak raisins in rum or hot water. I'm all about food infused with some of my Caribbean ingredients. Required fields are marked *. 8cups flour 2 1/2 tbsp instant yeast 1tbsp salt 4tbsp granulated sugar 1/2cup + 2tbsp vegetable shortening 1 cup warm whole milk 1 cup warm water 4 tbsp melted butter, Mix together flour, yeast, salt, sugar, shortening (both sets), milk and water, Leave the mixture in a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap. lol , this looks so delicious, i've been sharing your website with friends and they too love the recipes. time to make my kitchen smell like Italy! Do you add it all to the mixture or is the 2Tbsp used when rolling into a ball. I will definitely be making these again! first to comment…#1 fan learned to cook through your videos and recipes thank you to win a reciepe book yaay!! Dairy butter can be replaced with vegan butter if you are vegan or are trying to avoid dairy products. You make cooking seem so simple, idiot-proof, in fact (lucky for me, Ha-Ha-Ha!). I only have active dry yeast. When we need to check Trinidadian recipes, yours is one of our favorite sites to check out as your recipes are perfect. Oye! 3 tablespoons sugar. Before I drool on my keyboard, lets get to the recipe…, 3 cups all purpose flour No Dry active yeast, and these are things I find in my home daily. I must try this cause I love current roll. has interesting recipes which are always tasty, but in addition there is a possibility of trying some special Italian recipes by winning the Italian recipe book. Bet my friend from Trinidad will be surprised to see these. Living in Long Island, New York (Suffolk County) there are no Caribbean Restaurants. I pray that God will continue to bless you to continue to make so many the encouragement to cook. I get new ideas for dinner, so far tasty. The one I was taught is too time consuming where you have to keep putting in back in the fridge and rolling it over again. Thanks for being here! Cut the chilled butter and shortening (place in the freezer for about 25 minutes if you want), then sift the flour into a food processor, add the salt  and cubed butter and vegetable shortening. Thank you so much for your time and videos. love your recipies and would really love to win your book, Hiya Chris thanks for another great recipe will be having ago cheers , yes i will be making this lovely currant role, nothing better after eating a cracking curry :))), Can’t wait to try these. I will definitely try this as my little angel loves currants/raisins and I usually have to buy these for her. And by the way i made your tamarind bbque sauce and it came out so good that i will always be making my own sauces from now.. Hey Chris. But I am running out of ideas, Caribbean pot helps, but oh would my family love Italian. Very simple – in a large bowl, place the cinnamon, currants and brown sugar and give everything a good mix. Good appetite! Love you Chris keep it up, I am a Trini and I love currants roll. I can see why you almost drooled on your keyboard before beginning. I will be trying this in the next few days. Thank you for posting this lovely recipe. I appreciate the emails every week. Will definitely try it in her memory. Absolutely love all your recipes! I KNOW I could make this and present something edible for once in my life! Edited. Your recipes are great and easy to follow. I like the one with butter better than I do the one with oil. Combine 1 cup water (part of the liquid can be from soaking the raisins), butter, sugar and salt in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. This recipe is so simple I’m definitely going to try this one out. )and your children will be pacing and finding every excuse in the book to see what’s going on in the kitchen. Cut the main dough ball into 2 pieces, then roll out the first one on a flour dusted surface. I like to cook and current rolls is one of my favourite. I can't wait to see the express on his face. Love your recipes. I especially like the videos…seeing the process from beginning helps my confidence a lol!!! U can teach an old dog new tricks, I am fascinated with all of your recipes. Great job with all those fantastic recipes Chris. If you like Raisin Bread, you will love these Raisin Buns. You can opt to score the buns just before adding it to the oven. Was fantastic if I must say so myself. 2-1/4 teaspoon bread machine yeast. So happy to get this recipe. !……Excellent and encouraging for new cooks! you make cooking so easy with your step by step info. Its Chris... enter your name & email address below and I'll send you SIZZLE. Thank you lots. Its very nice to have a Caribbean guide cookbook with actual recipes you can find in your local supermarkets! Let’s start off by making the dough for the pastry, since we’ve got to give it time to chill in the fridge for at least 1/2 an hour (2hrs is best). I’ve got a wicked cookbook “Italian Kitchen – Traditional and contemporary recipes for perfect Italian cuisine” to give away to one lucky reader and I’m hoping it’s you. and freshness of this easy to prepare dessert. All you have to do is leave me a comment in the comment section below and your name will be automatically entered.. Thanks! I really LOVE The seasoned breakfast potato wedges and the cinnamon brown sugar plantains I prepare at least one of them every month for my friends at work, I really love the curry stew chicken it reminds me so much of my mothers, I love Your recipes they not only taste good but i am constantly reminded of childhood days in Tobago and my mother's cooking. 19 yrs old and cant cook really need to win book , i was not able to cook until i followed your step by step recipes so i would really love to win the cook book.