In other words, he means that we all have knowledge of these Forms from even before we are born, and as we are going through the process of learning, we recollect and get to know that knowledge again. Plato vs. Aristotle Socrates developed many theories in regards with the political issues. Plato and Aristotle lived in the fourth century, BCE. Aristotle believed there were three souls. Though having political ambitions as a young man, Plato eventually became a student and disciple of Socrates , the most admired and patronized Greek philosopher at the time. Unlike Christians, Socrates believed good deeds led to immediate improvement of one’s soul and immediate reward as well. Aristotle explains his theories of the soul in the dialogue: Aristotle on the soul. Meno starts with the question ‘What is Virtue?’ but Meno always answers the question by giving examples... ...Plato vs. Aristotle But I also can’t like the former person because for me that would be deficient. Plato’s Comments and Aristotle’s Corresponding Critique For Plato, the world is like a cave, and we are all locked down because we don’t know better, never pushing the idea of going to find out what better way. They were both great thinkers in regard to philosophy and both had wonderful views. Socrates developed many theories in regards with the political issues. You can get your custom paper from He ties True Friendship and Justice together, saying famously, “Friendliness is considered to be justice in the fullest scene.”. If we don’t use our mind, it rots, same with the body. He wrote on many subjects, including physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethics, biology and zoology. Aristotle believed that when we get out of our mind and follow our feelings, our sensations, the wants, is when we come out of ourselves and experience the world. This somehow reiterates to me that if man doesn’t leave himself and his shell, man doesn’t know anything because he hasn’t been anywhere and hasn’t tried anything new, making experience, the basis and the most important thing to life, rather than thinking (what Plato believed.) This idea of the Forms being the greatest... ...Plato, the father of philosophy, was a rationalist. Socrates draws a clear distinction between body and soul. This is the reason that the last friendship is called the Good Friendship and the best of them all. ( Log Out /  In addition, the main point of this theory is that the interactions we have with things in this world do not provide us with knowledge, but simply leads us to the knowledge of the Forms, which is the only real and genuine knowledge that we can obtain. So to him learning was only a matter of remembering. Many Greeks, like Plato were influenced by Socrates’ ideas. He questions why Socrates is imprisoned and Socrates responds by explaining that he was led to certain actions in a dream.He goes on to discuss suicide with Cebes and the discussion leads to a definition of the soul. Death occurs when the soul ceases to animate the body. Whereas, if I did go outside and saw for myself, then I would be much more comfortable and composed going out because I have already experienced it before. He was the first systematic metaphysician and epistemologist. Aristotle defined the soul as a physical and spiritual part of the body. Socrates says “We should’t care all that much about what the populace will say of us, but about what the expert on matters justice and injustice will say, the individual authority, or Truth.” With this phrase he is saying that we should never pay attention to the opinion of the many but always find the one who knows because that is the only person whose opinion is valuable. The purpose of his thought process was to cleanse his society of the woes he felt plagued it and construct a new one. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.