Can a vegan person get a good meal at this restaurant? Ricevi risposte dal personale della struttura Silk Road Bistro e dai visitatori precedenti. La persona che ha preso la nostra ordinazione è stato molto cortese ed efficiente. My wife’s wonton soup was too spicy for her, so I finished it. Our main dishes were somewhat disappointing as well. The Crab Rangoon was not flavorful, Chicken fingers seemed to be made of ground-up chicken with black pepper and had a very odd flavor. Il mio compagno di biz ordinato la melanzana speciale con un rotolo di primavera. I am unable to account for the high rating on TripAdvisor without suspicion or unfounded assumptions about the clientele that frequents this Marlboro restaurant, but there is no way that Silk Road Bistro comes anywhere close to being worthy of grand accolades from Cherry Wonderdog. The entire night, it was apparent that the restaurant was understaffed, as the waiters were frantically running back and forth carrying food and orders, cleaning, and answering phone calls to take orders. There were two waiters, and they both appeared to be young boys of high school age. Didn’t even give us a customer copy receipt. Beef and mushrooms was in a delicious, yet light, sauce with fresh mushrooms. My wife’s wonton soup was too spicy for her, so I finished it. It deserves one, maybe two stars max. Vorrei poter nuovamente di sicuro! Siamo stati qui per la cena sulla base delle raccomandazioni personali e il desiderio di trovare un buon posto per mangiare - e a tenere fuori Cinese....Abbiamo fatto una settimana piovosa a 6 : 30:00 e il ristorante era quasi vuoto che ci ha dato motivo di preoccupazione. They don’t serve iced tea... strange. If you want wine or beer, BYOB.More. (Thank you) Suddenly we heard a loud outburst in the kitchen, and the entire staff remained behind closed doors as we and three other parties all stood around staring awkwardly at each other, wondering if Gordon Ramsey had just appeared to scold the staff in a featured episode of Kitchen Nightmares. My son’s egg drop soup was acceptable, but he immediately detected MSG (later confirmed). The atmosphere is welcoming, the decor simple but tasteful, the service is helpful, careful and unobtrusive. In the interim, I will not go back there.More, Silk Road Bistro looked so good on TripAdvisor that I drove my family nearly half an hour here for our annual Christmas pilgrimage in an effort to widen our suburban web of culinary delights. Il cibo è servito a vapore caldo e rapidamente. Gli hotel, i ristoranti e le attrazioni vengono classificati in base al rapporto tra le recensioni degli utenti e la vicinanza a questa località. I hope that they return to their previous quality. The dry-cooked chicken was actually breaded and deep fried, lukewarm, and worthy of being sent back. The tangerine chicken was best thing we had & it was decent. Entrambi erano fantastici pasti. The "stir-fried" chicken was actually deep fried, so we sent that back. Had to specifically ask for everything to accompany our doggie bag. Take out order came out hot and the prices were very reasonable. I don’t know why their quality has slipped. When he finally led us to a table corresponding to our reservation, he acknowledged that he would still have to come back with our “mats”. Consiglio vivamente questo hotel. This place was an utter disaster, a complete basket case for us for our Tuesday dinner, and a strong contender for most discombobulated, disorganized, dysfunctional and chaotic Americanized Chinese restaurant this side of the Rocky Mountains. When we arrived around 6:30 PM, there were people standing at the entrance who had been waiting for multiple hours for their food, and remained for quite a while after we arrived. Abbiamo portato amici perché siamo stati così colpito. Il cibo era delizioso, e ancora calde. minutes for a waiter to enter the dining room and show us to a table. Il cibo è fresco e preparato con cura. All in all, our meal was stressful, unpleasant, unhealthy, and anything but what I would want for my family. Abbiamo portato amici perché siamo stati così colpito. Typically, we get 2 -3 meals from Chinese food from other restaurants. We were disgusted and began moving to another table, but the young waiter returned frantically and began sweeping away the crud. Ci torneremo sicuramente! I am considering throwing out the remainder. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Si può dire quando il cibo è preparato con cura, non solo schiaffeggiato insieme. Questo è il luogo in cui egli qualità niente è finito. Non lo fa schifo fritto tradizionale di cibo che si ottiene da questi altri ristoranti cinesi. We also weren't able to order the tofu with snow peas dish that we wanted, because they ran out of snow peas. Dining room nothing special. The table we were shown to had not yet been cleaned and prepared, and there was still a child's high chair at the table with a mess of spaghetti on the floor underneath it. Meanwhile, there was pumped up Christmas piano muzak that was so obnoxious, we had it running out of our nostrils. E' un piccolo posto con un parcheggio in strada. Questa è la prima volta che mi sarebbe mai tasso un ristorante Cinese come eccellente. Il mio compagno di biz ordinato la melanzana speciale con un rotolo di primavera. Restaurant credits may be refunded but not guaranteed. The other chicken dish we ordered was fine. Overall, this restaurant is a total mess. He was fully engulfed in bussing an outrageously dirty table well after the last diners had left. Unfortunately, everything else except the Egg Rolls were just bland. Halfway through, he left the broom and pan to answer the phone, and I stepped in to complete the task, then carried the high chair to a different spot across the room. Our main dishes were somewhat disappointing as well. Can’t wait to go back!More. And the back and forth between the kitchen by the two young waiters, almost always empty-handed, allowed me to peak into the kitchen on a regular basis where it was pretty obvious that those within were running crazily on all cylinders. Ci ha detto circa la laurea di recente college della figlia e abbiamo detto il nostro lavoro. The chicken was also fresh and didn't have that rubbery texture you sometimes encounter at Chinese restaurants. Onestamente, sono rimasto deluso dal momento che ho sentito alcune persone rave su questo posto. Questo è incredibilmente deliziosa cucina cinese. The spicy pork with bamboo shoots was fine, but parts of the pork were raw. Altro. Here I was thinking that this was going to be a delicate, authentic Chinese restaurant, but instead, it was the kind of eaterie you might find in a tiny town where diners have trouble pinpointing China on a map.