I live in the South Side of Glasgow with my husband and the HoggDogg, Stanley. Here is the transcript for this podcast courtesy of Helene Gassman for preparing this on behalf of the Australian Sewing Guild. Why do they choose those identities? A couple of other podcasts I like are History Extra from the BBC, and Shedunnit (topic is golden age mystery writers and books with a nice amount of 20th century society/culture included). That's enough of my editorial comments for the day - the weather has turned chilly here (meaning temps in the 60's ℉. The Australian Sewing Guild (ASG) is the all about sharing and furthering the art of sewing. Burda 110 from April 2018. This is your chance to show off and brag.’. I hope jeans aren’t over! And some voices are so “practiced” they are fake, annoying, or both. Not only that, but you will be helping us make the show! Monday 19 October 2020: Louise Sparrow, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild updates us on 2 industry partner developments – Sure-Fit Designs presentation on 24 October and Trish Hargraves new online video to develop your own trouser block pattern. With most of the country currently sheltering in place, we need to find inspiration to keep our creative juices flowing. Closet Core Cielo and Pietra Mini Capsule Wardrobe: Two Patterns, Many Looks. They’ve developed a page with projects and learning modules for the sewing community on their Australian Sewing Guild website. What I'm sewing now:  I am completely hooked on the Patrones app - it's like a mobile game for me in that in a spare minute I scroll through the issues I've purchased (basically all issues released since I downloaded the app). Monday 18 May 2020: The Australian Sewing Guild has started using Zoom to run interactive workshops for their members. It’s free to enter. ( Log Out /  In Episode 28 of Sewing With Threads, the founder and chief designer of…, During this time of social isolation, creative people are keeping busy making useful and beautiful things. Not to mention the requirement in some societies to cover women's bodies. Expert sewing machine technician Bernie Tobisch discusses troubleshooting and maintaining your sewing machine in this video podcast of Sewing With Threads. They talk about their passion for sewing a handmade wardrobe and their daily lives as creative entrepreneurs. Not that I really want to know. Gertie has developed a Youtube tutorial that runs for just under 2 hours, to help new sewists along. Get access to a bonus episode EVERY MONTH when you donate $5 or more monthly. Her patterns can be adapted to different body types. If you need pleating ideas for this challenge and other makes, go to my Pinterest board. Series 3 Episode 5: Zoe talked about patterns that excite her and has a special message for sewists who were thinking about taking part in #memademay2020. Becky is tall—6…, Garment pattern designer Liesl Gibson says she thinks about the fit whenever she creates a new pattern. But don’t fret if you weren’t able to get into these workshops. Keep on keeping on! The kindness of everyone I’ve met through it has been amazing, and I’ve been given the opportunity to run sewing and knitting workshops all over Scotland and to write professionally for national publications. If you donate $10 or more monthly, you also get access to exclusive discount codes for Blackbird Fabrics and Helen’s Closet! In this bonus episode of the Sewing with Threads podcast,…, The new reality fashion show Making the Cut is creating a buzz these days. I keep meaning to make another pair of Birkin flares. I find that some voices are irritating and others nice. Hope that makes sense! Sewing Inspiration on YouTube | Bonus Podcast 4. Kenneth D King is running a couture strap seam couture technique workshop via Zoom on Saturday 14 November 2020. Go to the ASG events page and book in today. Much of what we do involves looking down and hunching over and this is often what stiffens up the upper back and neck. Registrations open on 15 May and close on 1 July 2020! Monday 27 July 2020: Louise Sparrow updates about 1. Sartorial Screenings adds extra ruffles! From Jen Hogg, “I can’t remember being taught to sew. A few years ago making a pair to spec was all the rage. Anita is an ASG Industry Partner and offers discounts to members. I know, I am a minority with these issues. As Sarah says, inclusivity isn’t just about size. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Lots of new garments are being made with no occasion to wear them as there are fewer opportunities to get dressed up. But if you’ve listened to Kenneth’s podcast ‘All Grown Up Now’, you’ll know how significant making Barbie clothes have been in his life and how making Barbie clothes help the panic attacks away. Linda is an Aussie that has adapted from running face to face workshops to providing videos for anyone to access. Sounds like fun. October 2020 will be ‘show and tell’ month. In my time I’ve been a litigation solicitor, shop owner, graphic designer, card maker and charity advisor, and now a sewing and knitting person.”, I love to sew anything and for Minerva makers, Prym consumer while producing Sew Organised Style podcast. Make sure you go to the audience recorded podcast of the keynote speaker, Rebecca Ritchie, Wardrobe Head at Opera Australia. If you want fabric to be pleated for you, it’s wonderful to be able to find a business that can pleat fabric for you. Here is the transcript of this podcast, courtesy of Helene Gassman for the Australian Sewing Guild. Thursday 26 November 2020: There are so many great people in Sewover50 and Jen Hogg is one of this supportive online sewing group. The other thing that always comes to mind when women's clothing has a lot of fabric is that it's actually restrictive - or maybe even unsafe. ugh. You were asking about posture at your sewing machine or cutting table. View all posts by velosews, […] ASG Daily Series podcasts with Louise Sparrow, Chair of Australian Sewing Guild and ASG’s volunteers and industry partners. Like you have done with the widewale cord, I look for more practical or interesting fabrics for my jeans-lite than what is being pushed at me.Those side comments are why I stick with McVogueRick, Burda Style, Simplicity, etc. Here is the podcast transcript for 18 May 2020. Thanks for this so much – I was rooting for Jen and love her work. About Podcast Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. Each time I find more things I want to try. I think that the pattern companies do a disservice to new sewers especially by never mentioning this. Do you need some sewing motivation? }); Sew Daily is your one-stop for all things sewing: traditional expert instruction, sewing techniques, fresh and modern patterns, up and coming sewing stars, projects and trends. and then the wrap up, music, etc. Monday 2 November 2020: Kenneth was gracious enough to record an updated podcast now that we’re living in this new normal with Covid. We also share our tips and experience in sewing for young ones. Follow Beth SunnyGal Studio's board Pattern Recommendations on Pinterest. We share your revelatory stories on what has altered your sewing game, and ours too! Just search ‘LOVE TO SEW’ in any podcast app! The new one with blue coat on cover has captured my attention. Thursday 26 November 2020: There are so many great people in Sewover50 and Jen Hogg is one of this supportive online sewing group.