Serta Motion Essentials - Starting at $799. If you wish to buy a mattress and... My serta pillow top mattress and box springs is only 2 years old and sags. No more sore hips, shoulders and backs!! Username and password will be sent to you via email. A great price as well. It is very comfortable as you fall into place. Interestingly enough, the company is the lovechild of 13 different mattress manufacturers who managed to get together and put a license for the Serta name. NO (3). I am a 13 year old guy. I looked at other retailers (and other brands) and found that Big Lots had the best deal for this mattress and during a weekend sale, I snatched it up! The important thing is that you get a reliable brand and you have scouted the market and read reviews as to the best one. We need our Sam's account refunded IMMEDIATELY PLEASE!!!.. My first all foam mattress and in one night my back pain has been greatly reduced! It was nice at first. strives to provide consumers with the right information to make informed purchasing decisions. We got this at Big Lots with my wife because I was getting a pretty bad back pain and this bed has been so good to me! Was this helpful? YES (11) Was this helpful? I didn't ask for any money (which I'm still paying through a finance company for the mattress). My 6 month old slept peacefully. I... ...night's sleep or not! When your Mattress-in-a-Box arrives, simply place the mattress on your bed, remove the packaging, and allow time for the bed to decompress and expand to its comfortable shape. Receive special promotions, sales and the latest discounts on Serta products. YES (3) We sleep so much better, both have noticed we wake so much less than we used to and wake up feeling better than we have in a while. This mattress is slightly softer than the other types of mattress which may not be a good choice if you are already suffering from back pain. The woman who helped me along the way was very nice and I don't fault... Our mattess has failed and regardless of whether or not it had a depression of 3/4 inches, it no longer had any firmness and having your customer service rep tell us to just flip the mattess around so my wife can sleep on the side that no longer had any firmness is NOT the answer we expected. After crying to them an complaining, they sent someone out to check the... ...Value of the CF 3000 is $1799. It is also much easier to pick up in a can or truck as it comes in a box on wheels which was a huge plus for me. So, She recommends Serta's brand mattress for pregnant women. Was this helpful? I'm sure he's been dodging me! I bought a set of king mattress serta. My mattress was delivered 5 weeks after ordering it. Serta Latex Mattress Serta has been making the record as always but they pale in comparison to Sealy. ...It was approved but they said I would have to pay a delivery fee of $140. Zach Smith  |   We actually can't wait to climb into bed every night, so much so that we like to head there early and watch our evening television in bed instead of the livingroom! I didn’t wake up once during the night! I am currently sleeping on a Serta mattress, which is a big improvement to the futon I was sleeping on. Serta Stay Mattress . Anybody here who has slept on both, do you think a Sealy is a better brand mattress than a Serta? Also, heavier couples may have a hard time sleeping on this as it tends to sleep on both sides of the bed. I quickly purchased and when I got home I opened the box right up. I sleep in *** If we turn it then my husband... Bought 2 Sealy Atwater queen size Mattresses from Costco Canada.One Mattress developed *** on one side. I like the Serta ok, but I sometimes wake up with backpains. Latex is a semi-firm and semi-bouncy mattress that has been benchmarked as the right mattress for people suffering from back aches and pains and pressure sores. This has been my first mattress in a box that I purchased. This was an exchange with Serta for previous regular mattress purchase that was too firm. Compare Serta and Sealy pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Was this helpful? Sealy is one of the most well-known mattress companies around. NO (0), It’s firm and it helps with a bad back, I slept like a rock. I wasn’t sure what to expect but figured anything would be better than my old mattress. Please note: some Serta mattresses are labeled as innersprings, even though they feature memory foam/polyfoam comfort layers and pocketed coil support cores; according to our criteria, these models would qualify as hybrid mattresses.. Let’s just say, they seem to be getting some seriously comfortable sleep. Sealy's Latex Vs Serta's Latex - Which One is Better? Slowly returns to flat position. … Latex mattress is the "in" mattress today. After 5 weeks and not hearing from Serta, I checked my online account and discovered that my order had been canceled. With its numerous health benefits, I don't see the need to use any other type of mattress. Submitted On November 09, 2009. Was this helpful? Looking for more Serta Products? |   YES (2) YES (3) Let us take a closer look at the latex mattresses offered by Sealy and Serta: Sealy Latex Mattress Sealy is undoubtedly the biggest brand of mattress today and one that has been in this business for over a century. Rights Reserved. Includes knit cover and 10-Year Limited Warranty. I had been on the search for a new mattress for about 6 months. We liked that it was cool to the touch, I'm a hot sleeper. Bed works but will not stay where placed. I reached The Receptionist 2 times, and assured me that I would get a call back. Was this helpful? Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? See what others are saying about their Serta mattresses. I know this is a terrible thing that it was not covered I just read this right now. I had my heart set on a memory foam style mattress. After disappointingly sleeping on a "fancy air mattress" for years, one that you set your comfort level to and get a certain "number" for sleep comfort, I was on the look out for better! I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for the bed to be manufactured, at which time someone from their "white glove" delivery service would contact me. Basic PLUS Author Sealy vs. Perfect balance between firm and soft. At Sealy, we want to help you live your best life, which is why we made the delivery and setup of this mattress hassle-free. Great Comment! For a back support, you might want to get a latex posturepedic other than this as this will not provide you with adequate back support. YES (1) Cutting-edge foam and an exclusive support system for a cool, comfy sleep. So far this product was very reasonable pricing and great comfort. I love that it doesn’t bounce like a normal bed so I don’t wake my partner if I get up in the middle of the night. NO (1). Article Source: I asked to speak to someone in charge and was told there's no one to talk to me... ...We NEVER received it, XPO Logistics was the service used. Sealy vs. Simmons Comparison Reviews 2020. Big Lots, Model Serta offers hybrid and innerspring mattresses that are currently available in two different mattress series. Value of the CF 3000 is... You will be automatically registered on our site. We have had this bed for a few weeks now and are both really happy with this mattress!! Had to put the rear seats down in my hatchback, but didn't need a truck to get it home. The only problem which was quickly resolved was the mattress material is slick and the mattress pad would move and bunch up, I purchased a pad that had water resistant backing (more of a rubber backing) and now the pad and sheets stay in place. As two of the oldest mattress companies in the USA, Simmons and Sealy both have sealed a “big brand” reputation in the market. Was this helpful? We purchased the king size for an adjustable frame we had just purchased. Since I've slept on this mattress, I've not awoken hot in the middle of the night one time. YES (4) YES (8) Shop Now. YES (3) Mattress springs apart quickly and easily. Mattress is great and also very easy to transport home with the box being on wheels, I love this mattress due to the fact that my last mattress was hard, Last night was the first night with my new mattress and I slept great. My husband had been sleeping on an air type bed for years which he said helped his back issues and swore he would not buy anything else. I’ve been sleeping on it for a few days now and I have had the best sleep. The Essentials Collection features mattresses with a polyfoam comfort layer and a support core designed with open/bonnell or pocketed coils. I love how comfy this bed is, I haven’t had a new mattress in 10 years and this one is great! A classic foundation to provide extra height and support for your mattress.