According to both Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung, this building, like other structures, may be an emblem for your body. A statue is a likeness carved or sculptured out of earthen material. The ladder symbolizes the means to move from one level to another. Closed windows that cannot be opened reveal that right now we feel stifled, limited and without the ability to move forward. If you are a young woman who sees several women with gray hair, it announces the presence of rivals in interests and love. In whatever condition one sees the statue in his dream, it will reflect on any of the above. She emits a sense of wholeness. The powerful need that exists within us all for approval and love can often be recognized in the mythical gods. This dream can also highlight your quest and struggles with achieving personal perfection. If we see a person who grows, then it predicts help or aggression, depending on their attitude towards us. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary, White denotes purity, clanty, and innocence. A statue is a likeness carved or sculptured out of earthen material. God speaks dream is a warning that everything will go wrong, even affecting their health, because their behavior is not correct…. If the statue comes to life in the dream it means that you will recover a friendship that was broken. It is a quite commonly held belief that we only dream in black and white, but many people are able to identify tones of color in their dreams. Symbols: Bow and arrow, bear, hound, moon, stag Athena/Minerva: Goddess of wisdom, discernment, competition, success and leadership. Covering up a mistake or blemish, as is accomplished with white-out and whitewash. Purity and wholeness are represented by white, as this is the unification of all the colors of light that are visible to the human eye. If the statue is built from wood in the dream, it means that one seeks religious arguments or disputes. It is the sense of mystery, of a shared secret, which is such an intangible force within the woman’s psyche. The Element Encyclopedia, The meaning of dreams of pagan gods depends on the association with that god.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center, The following are primary dream symbols in relation to the seven primary Greek and Roman Goddesses and the gifts they offer you if you are fortunate enough to be visited by them in the dreamtime: Aphrodite/Venus: Goddess of love, sensuality, beauty, sexuality and freedom. If the hands turn madly or we dream we constantly look at the clock reveals our anxiety about the pace of life we lead. It may refer to the need to pray or the desire to be close to God.... Ariadne's Book of Dream. Both as a sanctuary for human beings and as a place where the divine resides, a temple reflects the beauty of heaven. If a rich person sees himself plucking out his facial hair in a dream, it means that he may lose his wealth. Also see “Statue of Liberty” below.... My Dream Interpretation. Seeing a statue in a dream also could reflect one’s strength and determination. emotional coldness, or arrogance. One of the luckiest symbols, meaning completeness, zest for life, getting ahead, and always finding your way to the center of things. Her submissive behaviour and passivity must change to an ability to take responsibility for who she is. Idol: values you have erected, false or otherwise. If we see an amputated leg, it means that it is very difficult for us to ”walk as God commands”…. When we are not able to see the light and only perceive darkness, then it indicates our lack of responsiveness and our stubbornness. Symbols: Peacock, throne of gold and ivory, cuckoo, temple, two gold rings, wind Hesia/Vesta: Goddess of the hearth and home. Jehovah in the guise of a vengeful God alerts you to the negative side of power.