Others may say that the movie is amazing, but that the glowing accolades (which will come -- trust me) are too far reaching and that the characters aren't that well developed as in say, "Schindler's List" to allow this movie to rank up there with that highly acclaimed film. A ton of blood sprays onto a wall and is seen for the rest of the movie. What is the importance of this battle from a military perspective? Minor {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons A sniper is shot in the eye by another sniper and we see the bloody bullet hole in his eye. The battle sequences throughout the film are intense both sensually and emotionally. Select a subject to preview related courses: To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. This scene is very sad because he asks a soldier to give something to his father but dies before he can say anything else. Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Pearl Harbor Lesson Plan for Elementary School, Pearl Harbor: 24 Hours After Movie Discussion Questions, FDR's Pearl Harbor Speech: Purpose, Quotes & Analysis, Navajo Code Talkers: Definition, History & Facts, Tuskegee Airmen: History, Facts & Accomplishments, United States Holocaust Museum Lesson Plan, United States Holocaust Museum: History, Exhibits & Facts, U.S. Military Mobilization Efforts During WWII, U.S. We see this for several minutes, along with the dead and bloody Germans. Star director Steven Spielberg, who sought the input of war historians and survivors to make Saving Private Ryan as authentic as possible, tries to show the viewer, after decades of restrained and bloodless Hollywood-backlot war movies, propaganda flag-wavers, and fluffy WWII film musicals, that war is a terrible thing. Caparzo is killed by a nazi sniper. Do they seem true to life? We see this for several minutes, along with the dead and bloody Germans. That being the case, it's only one of a few minor complaints that can be raised against this picture. Obviously, the German soldiers are portrayed as having extreme cases of both, as is expected in a war movie, and the intent of nearly all of the soldiers is obviously to kill the enemy. We also see a knife slowly pushed into another man's chest, killing him. One of Miller's team is shot and we see him lying on the ground with several bullet holes in his torso. A horrifically gored soldier is shown graphically disemboweled, with his guts gruesomely splattered from his stomach. Heads get blown off, bodies explode, and people get stabbed. Lots of blood is shown on his uniform and he slowly succumbs to his death. CAST AS ROLE MODELS: A soldier is shot in the throat. Even though characters are religious -- one prays fervently before killing with his sniper skills -- everyone swears a lot, too. ga('require', 'displayfeatures'); Blood/Gore Filmmaker and actor Edward Burns ("The Brothers McMullen," "She's The One") is also surprisingly decent (since his track record consists of only appearing in his own romantic comedies), as is Anthony Perkins look-alike Jeremy Davies ("The Locusts," "Going All The Way"), although his character is often maddeningly irritating (on purpose, and as written). Men charge out on horses and are shot. You can test out of the One shows mercy to a German and comes to grievously regret it. Though the platoon is of mixed backgrounds (Jewish, Christian, Italian-American, Appalachian), all are white, which accurately reflects the racially segregated U.S. forces at the time. Alison was enlisted into a brutal war at the age of just 19 under the fake name Andrew Peterson, forced to pin up her hair under her helmet every day, and go through the demanding physical training that, was meant to be impossible for a woman, let alone a small teenage girl, to complete. The hospital scene (described below) is the most vivid/disturbing scene, and it's all audio from a character behind a curtain. We see, though not as the focus of the scene, soldiers getting limbs amputated. Action & adventure. Other than some brief and rather mild stories relating to some prewar sexually related material, as well as everything else related to the war, the remaining categories have little or no objectionable content in them. story, "Empire of the Sun" (one of the director's most underrated films), and of course, "Schindler's List" -- and is arguably the best. The following lists much of the graphic material that occurs in the film, but certainly not all of it (because there's too much to note). Needless to say, this isn't for the feint-hearted, but is an excellent teaching tool to those who've never experienced such horrors (myself included), and should be required viewing for teens who think they're immortal and that violence is what they see on TV and in most unrealistically portrayed movies. A nazi is shot through a wall by a machine gun. Early in his career, he's entertained us with "fun," but not what could be considered "serious" films that ranged from menacing sharks and friendly aliens to adventurous archeologists. OUR WORD TO PARENTS: Although the main plot is fictionalized, it is based on several families that lost numerous sons during the war and the subsequent efforts to prevent that from ever happening again.