Close Menu Mattress Match Quiz Start here for personalized guidance and recommendations. Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Reviews. Updated September 17, 2020. Explore Serta’s 2020 product catalog. iComfort - Starting at $759. I weigh 160 pounds. Before you buy a firm mattress, it helps to know how mattresses are rated on a scale of firmness. I purchased this mattress a year ago and I can say … Serta is America’s top-selling mattress brand, made famous in part for their talking sheep commercials you’ve probably seen. Wow, what a disappointment. With … Shop Serta mattresses. Shop Now. Let’s just say, they seem to be getting some seriously comfortable sleep. Serta Customer Ratings & Reviews Write a Review. If you decide to go with this model, you will pay $2,199 for a queen. With a firmer feel than other beds in the collection, the Sandburg features two layers of Serta Support Foam for ultimate pressure point relief and … TyK1605493756 . This bed is very comfortable and is a combination of plush and firm. A Perfect Sleeper® Coralview Firm reviewer wrote: “It is losing support in the middle, while the sides remain firm. The mattress itself is firm so you will not sink, but the surface is plush enough that it conforms to your body while you sleep. Serta offers popular well-known brands including Perfect Sleeper, iComfort, and their Hotel Collection. Experience the exceptional comfort of added layers of support foam with the Sandburg. I can't imagine the hassle to pack it up to return it, so after a week of suffering, we bought a 4-inch memory foam topper, which has helped tremendously. iComfort NEW; Serta Luxe NEW; iComfort Hybrid NEW; NEW. It's not just firm, it's like sleeping on a stone slab. Mattresses. I feel like I am climbing out of a hammock getting out of it.” 120-Day in-home trial. Sure wish I'd listened to the reviews that said this mattress was HARD. Mattresses with ‘Medium’ to ‘Medium Firm’ settings are ideal for back and stomach sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 lbs. In this review we are evaluating the Serta Perfect Sleeper series of mattresses. The CF4000 Hybrid is a 14-inch-thick mattress and comes in two firmness levels: soft and firm. Sort By. Heavier individuals will probably find the ‘Firm’ models most comfortable. Refine Results. Write a Review . A comfortable mattress is essential to a good nights sleep. A highly visible full line of plush mattresses, available in memory foam and innerspring, the Serta Perfect Sleeper line offers consumers diverse models with specialized features and benefits that are truly affordable and innovative and conforming, when compared to other mattress brands with comparable features. Model. Serta Mattress FAQ Get your best night's sleep with one of our Serta Mattresses brought to you by Big Lots! Serta Customer Ratings & Reviews See what others are saying about their Serta mattresses. Serta beds are the best mattresses to buy. . November 16, 2020 . Mattresses. With a wide variety of comfort options, Serta beds are sure to provide a great night\'s sleep. What to know about firmness ratings. says: "I've had my Sandburg for a month,and it seems I'm already creating a depression where I sleep. Save up to $400 on iComfort during our Black Friday Sale! Collection. Experience the exceptional comfort of added layers of support foam with the Sandburg, the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation. Serta Mattress Reviews. Shop. In-Depth Mattress Reviews Experts break down the fit, feel, and features of each product.