The Rough Country 3.25 in. Just make sure your shackles are the factory size otherwise your driveshaft will not have the proper angle. Other then that, it was pretty easy to install and looks great. There will be a huge difference after installing this kit. Rough country products are easy to install. This creates more space for fitting bigger tires. What to Do? You should note that these instructions are general in nature and we would not recommend relying only on written instructions to users who are not professionals. Many people are lifting their vehicles in order to give them a pleasing look than the one they came with. They are also easy to install while maintaining the factory ride quality. As usual, rough country products have sturdy construction. The trucks are designed to drive on rough roads and by lifting their chassis; you increase their ground clearance hence they can drive on more rocky hillsides without the driver worrying the undercarriage will be damaged. It fits fords of the year 2009 to 2010. Don’t expect RC to cope with more serious adventures out there in the dirt, however. By lifting your jeep, the height and look of your jeep will be improved. Other accessories like springs will increase your vehicle stability and buoyancy. This means that your ride will be bumper free. Tighten the same to the frame and tight and the differential to the drop brackets. It comes with 1.75” spacer w/N3 shocks, shock relocation brackets, coil springs spacers, brake line relocation brackets, track bar relocation brackets and extended sway bar links hardware. However, the kit cannot fit dually models. More so, a lift kit might also enhance the design aesthetics of your vehicle. Which are the factors to consider before buying the best suspension lift kit? The coil springs will also add bounce and help in elevating the vehicle. Moreover, a rough country had the installer in mind when designing this kit. Easy to install and assemble, Easy to customize and adjust to suit different types of outdoor vehicles, Adjustable torsion keys that are durable Raise the height of your Ford in order to protect it. A suspension lift kit will help you meet the challenges of rough places. Love the lift kit. You will get countless brands that will promise to provide great kits. They are dynamic in that you can install them suitable in various types of vehicles with ease. The manufacturer promises you will get the same factory ride on your vehicle. Most of the suspension lifts of the rough country come with accessories such as front quad shocks, shock boots, steering stabilizer and many more. Rough Country 3.25″ Dual Lift Kit Compatible w/ 2007-2018, Your car is one step from becoming one of the best performers on the road. High Ground Clearance Crossmember w/ Premium N3 Shock Absorbers the best in performance for on and off-road use. Premuim N3 shock absorbers Rough country is a renowned brand that produces some of the best quality products with sturdy constructions. Have you ever thought why elevating the height of your truck is necessary? The core goal is to raise the body of a truck in order to create space for larger tires. Rough Country 620N2 4″ Lift Kit compatible w/ 1987-1995, Offers protection, performance, and style, The entire set includes N3 shock absorbers, Double tapered leaf springs distribute loads evenly, Transfer case drop maintains driveshaft angles to avoid vibration, 3. 2 people found this helpful Check Engine Light Flashing When Accelerating: What is the Reason? As we mentioned before, the Rough country lift kit is one of the most affordable products that you can buy without having to worry a lot about performance or safety. The Rough Country – 620N2- 4-inch Suspension Lift System, 11 5. THEGARAGELY.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It will not only improve performance but will add safety and comfort. Further, install the knuckles on the lower. It is not hard coming up with a decision if your primary priority is finding one that is easy to install. Now remove the rear cross member bolts and remove the brace. Usually, such lift kits are combined with other components, including. Flowmaster 40 vs. 50 – What’s the Difference? Going any cheaper may possibly compromise your safety and may soon start causing problems. If you live on rough terrain or you would be using your truck for towing your equipment, it is important to make it stronger and tough. 1 Top Rated Rough Country Lift Kit Comparison 2019, 2 Top 5 Best Rough Country Lift Kit Reviews 2019 [Update List], 3 1. Furthermore, many products come with the instructions manual to guide you. By incorporating these accessories, you are guaranteed to have an outstanding off-road control and bumper free ride. 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