It supports up to four presenters, as well as offering easy connection to phone, USB and Bluetooth™ sources. This means you’ll always know which channel you’re adjusting while in the settings. But I don’t think anyone would have guessed this would be the follow-up! Product In-Stock: Mic channel 1 also has a ducking feature, whereby when a signal is detected all the other channels are attenuated — potentially useful for the show's host. AA battery or USB powered In this video RØDE Product Specialist, Ryan Burke, gives an ov... Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. When you are recording, the button goes a solid bright red as before. Once activated, an additional RØDECaster Pro USB output device will appear on your computer, in addition to the regular stereo USB output. Join millions of readers - enter your email here: Sign up for the Iris remote recording platform waitlist here! This includes personalizing content and advertising. There are a ton of features – both visible and “hidden” in the touchscreen display. Ease of use is assured, with intuitive controls and large full-colour touchscreen. You choose a mic preset — there are generic Dynamic and Condenser mic presets as well as some for specific Rode models and the Electro–Voice RE-20 — and then a 'voice strength' preset. Be the first to review “Rode RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio”. While some podcasters might feel at sea if they venture in this deep, anyone with experience of using such processors in the studio will value this feature — I certainly did. The RODE Caster Pro four high-quality Class A mic preamps handle studio condenser microphones as well as dynamic mics. The microphone tab lets you choose from built-in options for popular Rode microphones (check out the PodMic here) as well as generic condenser and dynamic mic settings: Each one you select actually controls phantom power and input level automatically – really smart move: Note that the Procaster is a dynamic mic and doesn’t need Phantom Power but I use a Cloudlifter Z so I turned that on and lowered the input level. Without mix-minus, they would hear a delayed echo of themselves and that’s extremely distracting and unprofessional. Latch, Pause, Replay and Play modes have been joined in the v2.1 firmware by Overdub — a response to user requests that allows you to stack multiple recordings on the same pad/bank location; it's simple but great fun. Their recent entry into interfaces and mixers with the Rode AI-1 USB audio interface was the first hint that they were going be investing in a new segment… The Zoom L8 digital mixer/recorder/audio interface is perhaps its closest competitor at present, but it doesn't have anything like the same feature set or the same ease of use for inexperienced recordists. For a company mostly known for making high-quality microphones, they have really thought things through with the new Rodecaster Pro. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned broadcast professional, the RØDECaster Pro is all you will ever need to create incredible podcasts. He has helped thousands of people start and grow a podcast and loves to test out new gear and software. Telephone interviews never sounded so great! Managing the Sound Pads via the Companion App. I could easily see Rode updating the software to include this functionality as well. A couple of handy laminated cardboard overlays are supplied for use as scribble strips. Power comes from an external 1A, 12-15V DC supply that screws securely in place. Ease of use is assured, with intuitive controls and large full-colour touchscreen. Providing one-touch sync with your RØDELink system and supplying P48 phantom power, the unit can be... RØDELink LAV is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications. For stand-alone recording there are two broad options: a stereo recording of the master bus signal, or multitrack recording. Copyright © 2020 — Paid Insights, LLC • All rights reservedA Quandary Media property. Before you can use the Rodecaster Pro, you first need to download and install the Rodecaster Pro app, as well as the firmware. Under each channel’s fader are solo and mute buttons. The process for accessing and allocating tracks in a DAW will vary between platforms and software, but in general you need to select the multitrack USB device in your preferences and select the individual source on a per-track basis. The RØDECaster Pro is designed to simplify podcast production whilst delivering superb audio quality.