Bobro designed the mount after extensive testing. 7 Bobro Engineering Precision Optic Mount 30mm Rings (B03-200-300) – Best Auto Indexing QD Scope Mounts. Look for a QD scope mount that is acceptably light in weight yet is still robust and durable. The acceptably low price it is offered at means you are looking at a real bargain. There are no reviews yet for this product. In fact, it is up there with the most expensive models available. When you head out shooting again and reattach the mount, zero is still yours. The top button is the power button. They state it is ready to go under any hunting conditions and remains solidly in place during use. You can then add to this the fact it holds zero when detached and reattached, each and every time. The ring mounts also come with Picatinny rails atop. However, you will generally pay more for a QD mount than a fixed mount. This extremely robust design will take whatever you throw at it and come back for more. Material-wise it is widely accepted that the best QD mounts for riflescopes are made from aluminum as opposed to steel. Extensive field testing is a given with all Burris products. This means the weight of any QD scope mount should always be taken into account. Better suited to Nikon P-Series riflescopes…. The mounting surface is 4-inches, the centerline height (measured from the rail top to the center of your optic) is made for 30mm – 1.5 inches, and the cantilever feature offers 1.87-inches. This is due to the cantilever design, which throws your scope ‘out front.’. On top of this, the patented QD Auto Lock Lever System is now produced from titanium. Those QD mounts that are designed to sit ‘high’ will give you flexibility. It is built for a 30mm scope tube size/mount and has an inclination of 30 MOA. This is a stand-out feature. You have four positions to mount the thermal scope on the base. A dirt patch carved into the dense brush a couple hundred yards away. The Pulsar Core RXQ30V is a small thermal scope that doesn’t break the bank. 6 Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount – LT104 – Best Premium QD Scope Mounts We stay in the upper price bracket for our penultimate best high quality QD scope mounts review. Your email address will not be published. To enhance its use, it also incorporates the Bobro patented pending BLAC lever system. In our view, and as the name and design would suggest, this mount is better suited to those shooters who already own a Nikon P-Series riflescope. The RXQ30V has a 1.6x zoom. Quality, sturdy construction is yours with this precision CNC machined optic mount. Included with your quick detach mount comes a spare set of mounting screws and wrench: a QD adjustment wrench and very clear instructions. Mounting is extremely easy, the ring height is Med .375-inches, and you will find that zero is held consistently. It is designed to work with the MSR as well as many other weapon styles. On the other hand, avid or heavy-use shooters should look at aircraft-grade quality aluminum as a sensible way to go. There is a 3-second countdown inside the screen that tells you it is shutting off. This closely relates to the material used and the manufacturing process of QD mounts. Our last QD scope mount review is by no means the least. Are you also looking for a new scope to use with your new scope mounts? Having said this, any serious shooter who has a real need for quality, reliability, and ease of use will surely appreciate this Bobro Engineering mount. Any minor adjustments required can be achieved using a flat blade screwdriver or your finger. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." USPSA competitor, Any questions please email him at [email protected], Check Prices on Pulsar Core RXQ30V Thermal Scopes. All of this with a total weight of 6.9-ounces. The image is not as clean as others but I could detect heat signatures at workable distances. We'll even cover the cost of return shipping. The good news is that there is a wide choice of best QD mounts for scopes that offer this option. 9AM-5PM CST Sun (Chat & Email Only), Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Select 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope w/ QD Mount PL76080T, Pulsar Illuminated Phantom Thermal Reticle. I took the Pulsar RXQ30V on a couple of hunts and sadly never saw any prey. A feature of this Cantilever 2-inch offset scope mount design is that it will work with whatever rail you have. Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast The lack of image and video recording is a big negative for me. Long pressing the right button will activate the digital zoom. The external power adapter has two ports. Aluminum is seen as being preferable in terms of weight, sturdiness, robustness of build, as well as its ability to withstand recoil. What Are the Best Steiner Binoculars You Can Use in 2020? Customer Review: Know what you're buying, best option at its price point. I bolted that to a KDG Kinekt QD Picatinny rail so I can quickly attach the battery to an MLOK slot. To power the RXQ30V you can use 2x CR123 batteries or you can use the external power adapter. Remove your optic with confidence, replace it, and zero is guaranteed to be maintained. As this mount is of two-piece design, it is also lighter than other available one-piece mounts. Legal Disclaimer. To this end, Burris will not disappoint. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! It could even see the difference in heat from the paint on the side of this Matson shipping container. This should tell you whether the models being considered are up to the use you intend to put them through. Check out this video of the RXQ30V I shot. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below.You can also explore other items in the Night Vision, Riflescopes & Accessories, Rifle Scopes, Night Vision Riflescopes yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! There are four buttons on top. As for attachment, the quick release levers offer adjustable strength to suit the individual shooter. On top of this, it allows shooters to obtain their preferred eye relief. As long as it allows your scope to clear the rifle, this is an ideal fit for scope only targeting purposes. On top of this, you can add over 2-inches in terms of forward scope positioning. In terms of weapon fitting, this mount is for the AR-rifle platform only. This relates to the price paid for such things as your weapon(s), optic(s), and other firearms accessories. Starting off this new year and new decade let us take a look at an entry-level thermal scope. With the Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Select Night Vision Riflescope w/ QD Mount, you can choose from a red or green illuminated Mil-Dot reticle that allows you to estimate your target's distance and calculate your shot for the most precise shooting experience possible. When compared to even the most expensive QD mounts, this price can then be put into perspective. This is particularly important when it comes to eye relief. Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Select 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope has been discontinued by Pulsar and is no longer available. It is designed to work with the MSR as well as many other weapon styles. They are built for 30mm use, are designed for Picatinny/Weaver rail types, and have a high profile level. Ease of engagement under any conditions is yours, and the classic auto-indexing feature ensures maximum zero repeatability. Corey Seal . These Night Vision Riflescopes brought to you by Pulsar are constructed from fiber-glass reinforced nylon composite and duraluminum material to bring you a rugged and weatherproof optic that's ready to tackle any task at hand. Pushing the left button will decrease brightness and contrast while pushing the right button will increase them. Warne’s indexable lever system means that your scope mount will keep its zero continuously. On the hunt following pig tracks. Its design means it will take riflescopes that come with an objective lens diameter of up to 56mm. Along with the consistent zero feature, another benefit comes in the fact of weapon cleaning. Once you have this QD scope mount locked correctly to ensure proper scope attachment, it will provide a solid, very stable platform for optimum optic use time and again. If you are a single weapon owner, then this is obviously not as great a concern. However, for those shooters who own and regularly carry a selection of guns with them, it is. While not an absolute necessity, the ability and convenience to hold zero once the mount has been removed and then reattached should appeal to many.