Calling the local police department should be your next step after looking for a sign, to determine whether the tow company followed the correct legal procedure. I am thinking of a major lawsuit and relocation. Officer that started the tow didn’t see the paper slip i had….so i had to go to the UPD office and then car and get the slip from my car and show it to the UPD and the sergeant was like ooh shit this is our fault but unfortunately we can’t stop the towing company from charging you, but we won’t charge you for the release fee of the car…. My car was illegaly towed from my property my HOA, claiming that I parked on my lawn which was not true. It’s disgusting that people like them exist in this world! Can they do that? But still this they took my car and removed my sticker from my car. Call your city or county law enforcement to check on laws that regulate towing companies. They took my car lasnight from the front of my apartment, I had a permit sticker on the back passenger bottom side of back window. Why did they even bother to have my car towed – if they were going to park elsewhere? I pushed it down a small hill by accident trying to push it to the side of the road. They guy would not budge. This includes maximum fees ranging from $125 to $250 and requiring towing operators to release vehicles about to be towed if the owner arrives. i didn’t see any signs i wasn’t parked illegally so i went down to where my car was parked got in it and drove off. This way you can see the condition of your car as they described it when they picked it up. The request for a vehicle to be removed MUST come from property management after providing a security code to authorize. This is not an apartment complex.. more like townhouses that are owned… she rents from the owner. My insurance company even knows about it now. I just don’t think it’s fair that my car was the only one towed and their was several other cars parked in visitor parking. There is NO documented resident parking policy, which I requested from the management. i had recently purchased a car from a little dealer in my area and the registration had not gone through yet.. so it was still in the process and the dealer was supposed to take care of that, I had a little slip in my windshield that is good for 90 days from the day of purchase that pretty much stated that its a car that was just purchased and in the process of being registered…. They also have a very bad rep and I want people to know about them. Hi, yesterday my car was taken by towing in my complex. Initially I thought my car had been stolen, but then noticed a small and obscure towing sign with a company contact number. They are charging me $279.85 if I pick it up before 5:30p tomorrow. Is this illegal towing? Since it was getting late, I said a quick hello (less than 5 min) and we together started walking back to my car. I’m thinking that maybe I got caught in a 1st of the month predatory tow a palooza. My tags are expired. I call BS providing that my car alarm was sounding when my nighbors and every9ne tried to stop him but yhe tow yard refused to provide me prove of not stelling my car battery. I’m also wondering if the system has a way of shortening what is written to make a person seem so uneducated. Although, i have a pretty hot temper. There is a conflict of interest, since the person who had my car towed is the Office Mgr’s nephew. I didn’t break any rule or 72 hours parking law or something. My car just got towed in LA, CA at 4pm. Disabled Parking in same spot since I’ve lived here. These people come in the middle of the night, and stole my cars, I had to go and pay them $320 + $35 storage fee. i got my car towed 1:45 after i parked. My car alarm is a little messed up and sounds multiple times a day and since I have another car I leave for work or for watever I have to do, during The time I’m. Apt complex towed my car after paying for my parking space come to find out they auctioned my car off without any notification. If they are trying to get a vehicle for expired tags, then they should check with DMV prior to stealing someone’s vehicle. Hi, can I ask you more about how you got your refund of the tow expense? I find myself in this same situation. I still drive it . When I finally got to my car I noticed they opened my vehicle and my resident sticker was gone. What do I do if I think my car was towed illegally?