If so, they're just elevated odds, not a diagnosis. She then went and done the amnio it confirmed it to . Tuesday, June 4th: I was told to expect 7-10 days for the full karyotype results. We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the. I'm trying to make up my mind to face whatever it might be . Are those your odds from MaterniT21 or a similar test? I secretly think that if I hear good news, I will text it to him anyway. I message my midwife to casually ask if the results will be sent to me once they are available. He's very kind. I opted to do the NIPT even though it wasn't particularly recommended to me, thinking we’d get to find out the sex of the baby early, get the all clear, and enjoy the peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your experience. She went ahead with the pregnancy her baby was just fine now issues at all . It seems like then t21is almost confirmed.. sorry if i had understood wrong. I never imagined the journey we would take or the long term effects it would have on me and my husband. Please read top 2 pinned posts & automod message for information about the screen and your result. Please flair your post with your NIPT result as well as make flair so users know your situation when you comment. I ask my midwife to message me the sex of the baby so my husband and I can find out together. Tuesday, May 21st: I call the office as soon as it opens. The lettercase materials are also very informative. They're very supportive of "whatever we want to do" but managing their emotions as well as our own makes everything worse. Good luck with everything hun. I'm in the middle of a similar situation currently (waiting on amnio), and share many of the feelings you experienced through the first half of this. I lose all hope of a false positive. It was perfect, they were able to visualize every structure, and everything was normal. In September last year my NIPT test came back high risk for T21 (98percent). I can live with that, it's no worse than the possibility that the baby could have a condition that can't be screened for. Recieved the news on Monday that my NIPT had returned a 98% positive result for Trisomy 21 with a fetal fraction of 4%. Can't imagine it at all. We confirm that we want to proceed with the CVS. They figure out how to release the report to me, and I see that the hospital sat on the results for a week. I'm not sure if I would have the NIPT again. Community for those with abnormal or discordant Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT/NIPS) screening results: FALSE POSITIVE, FALSE NEGATIVE, TRUE POSITIVE & those stuck in limbo. No response, but I get an email from Natera saying that my results are available! I think there's no hope. Thanks for sharing, I shared a lot of your feelings through this and teared up. I haven't been in your situation, but I would say that an amnio will give you a more definitive answer, but no one can force you terminate (not even dh- though whether a marriage can survive that I really don't know). It's posterior, so they think they can do the CVS transvaginally, and avoid the discomfort of a transabdominal one. I tell the genetic counselor she gave us the best phone call of our lives. Please feel free to message me if you want to talk. Community for those with abnormal or discordant Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT/NIPS) screening results: FALSE POSITIVE, FALSE NEGATIVE, TRUE POSITIVE & those stuck in limbo. And thats just the ones we have access to. I see other people in my bumpers group getting results turned around in the quoted 5-7 days. I'm 39 yo and know the chances of downs is 1:90 at 40, so I shouldn't be so shocked. I say "that's really high" and all she says is "yes, it is." My wife found out in early 2015 that our baby also tested positive for T21, but she was nearly 17 weeks along at that point. The NT ultrasound is the next step. I know I'll be finding out a whole lot more but wondering if anyone had advice. We don't have a reason for the false positive. Mine is already scheduled for Friday afternoon (couldn't reschedule any earlier). I hope everything works out. I put the genetic counselor on speaker and she tells us the results are NORMAL!!!!!! I too had hopes reading people's stories but mine seem to have higher risk and it breaks my heart thinking how things will end up. As discussed in the previous newsletter, all positive NIPTs should be confirmed by an invasive prenatal genetic test. I don't want to get my hopes too high for a false positive, because the odds are still against us, but I'm hoping. chromosome conditions: trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 and trisomy 13. So we decided to terminate and I had all those in last September and now I am pregnant again again NT came back as high risk 1:224 earlier it was 1:99, my NIPT came back as low risk this time. Friday, May 24th: I have my NT scan. I'm sorry. I was sure I'd be leaving in tears. I got 1:74 of trisomy 21 they tried to get me to do nipt i said no im doing amnio in 9 days . My husband can't bear to look at the screen, and I can't look away. The genetic counselor said there's no indication that I would be predisposed to have another false positive. I had both screening tests done (wish I didn't).