(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This recipe for Vanilla Wafer Ice Box Fruit Cake, by Angie Brady-Daniels/Linda Brady, is from The Brady-Daniels Family Cookbook Project, one of the cookbooks created at FamilyCookbookProject.com. Follow @retrieverandhound | Hungry? Layer Nilla Wafers (here's a similar make-at-home recipe) with vanilla extract-infused sweetened whipped cream (1 cup of heavy cream whipped with 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and 2 teaspoons of confectioners' sugar). 45 Min; Required fields are marked *. First you line a medium bowl—I used a one quart glass pyrex bowl—with plastic wrap, pushing it down into the bottom and letting it hang over the sides. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5165746306112379"; They make the most delicious layers in this creamy, dreamy cake with only 5 ingredients that takes just minutes to prepare, sans-oven, which makes it perfect for those days when dessert is required but it’s just too hot to even think about baking. Have a cake plate ready. Graham crackers are also an excellent choice. The cookies need to soften enough to be sliceable, so you should let the cake chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of 8 hours. Now you cover it with more whipped cream (it’s not exactly low-cal) and decorate with strawberries. When ready to serve, release the springform and top with fresh strawberries. Strawberry Ice Box Cake, No Bake Ice Box Cake. To sweeten and add a nutty note, fold warmed-up almond or pistachio paste into your fully-whipped cream. Get simple, nutritious recipes sent straight to your inbox and exclusive access to the "Fresh From The Farmstand" eCookbook! Get one of our Vanilla wafer lemon icebox cake recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Use brown butter chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for a little twist. Thanks Jeff I hope you get a chance to give it a try:). For more fun extra-ingredient ideas, think about the sort of ingredients you'd find at an ice cream sundae bar: You can either add these as a separate layer or fold them into your whipped cream layers. Make it malted. Fold malted milk powder into the whipped cream for a soda shop twist. A traditional icebox cake is made up of layers of cookies and whipped cream. Ingredients. If your cookies don't fit together perfectly (as round cookies don't), you can break some apart to fill in any big gaps. google_ad_width = 160; I created layers of vanilla wafers topped with whipped cream, mascarpone cheese and strawberries. 3. There is a Filipino version of icebox cake that's very tropical, called "Mango Float". She loves homemade bread warm from the oven, raw milk cream, and apple crisp with extra streusel topping. Bonus! It serves a crowd. Next, you place a layer of the wafers upside down in the bowl—. When making your cookie layers, try to have as few spaces as possible. They really are the perfect snack. In reply to I would like to add my email address for the New letter and rec… by Linda Chandler (not verified), In reply to I'm thinking I'd like a chocolate raspberry torte sort of thing… by Lily (not verified), In reply to Hello! Posie grew up on a farm in Maryland and spent her summers in Vermont. To make the Chocolate Lover's Icebox Cake, you can use this recipe to make the. First time for everything. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Then cover the wafers with a layer of strawberries and a layer of whipped cream. Bonus! The hardest part is definitely the waiting! Now, plain whipped cream is a perfectly wonderful option. See more ideas about nilla wafers, delicious desserts, nilla wafer recipes. To up the chocolate flavor, add a layer of chocolate chips and some chocolate shavings on top to garnish. Line the bottom with a layer of upside down wafers. Next, add in the mascarpone cheese, vanilla and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and beat until the mascarpone cheese is blended into the cream. Whip away, and you should have what you're after. And the taste—oh my gosh, guys, the whipped cream softens the cookies into a spongy cake layer that marries perfectly with the strawberries and cream. However, if you'd like to experiment with using unflavored gelatin you're welcome to do so. I'm thinking I'd like a chocolate raspberry torte sort of thing. Yum. You can make any combination you dream up, just remember that the alternating layers should play off each other in flavor. over 1,500,000 in our family cookbooks! Thanks for posting! My mother made her icebox cake with graham crackers and applesauce layers topped with cream cheese frosting. Try adding a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, almond butter, or tahini during the final 30 seconds of whipping. We’re partnering with FoodCorps to support more communities. I would like to add my email address for the New letter and rec…, I'm thinking I'd like a chocolate raspberry torte sort of thing…, Hello! 5. I love this recipe, my son will probably go crazy over it! Get full acces to our GOLD MEMBER functions. Just choose a pan or dish that's high enough to accommodate a few layers: standard-size loaf pans are good, as are round cake pans. Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically. Bonus! Right before you’re ready to serve it, you simply invert it onto a plate so that you’ve got a sort of rounded bombe thingee with luscious, luscious layers! Cool the mixture, then put in your bowl with another 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream and a splash of vanilla extract. Try to stick to cookies that are thin and crisp, without too many add-ins (like nuts or chocolate chips), as those make the "cake" layers too thick and hard to slice. Layer that with gingersnaps or other crisp ginger cookies. No-Bake ‘Nilla Wafer Strawberry Icebox Cake. Thank you…this Strawberry Ice Box Cake is a summer winner:), We used to have these as kids all of the time! My kids loved this strawberry icebox cake as well. Peel away the plastic wrap. Brush ladyfingers with chai syrup (you can follow the syrup part of this cake recipe), and stack with whipped cream. Learn more about the process to create a cookbook -- or Thk you. 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