David Goldenberg, The Curse of Ham: Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Princeton University Press, 2009), 58, 21 13 18 On the other hand, the demonymic form of the word, 'Kushi', is an actual part of the Hebrew language today. 7 16  Â, Would you like to see the word "Nigger" being used over 5,000 years ago (3500+ B.C. This verse is often used by Hebrew Israelites as evidence that the Israelites were black.       , Have the fear/stress/pressure been so pervasive and so overwhelming that we have become psychologically submissive to ANY lie that is fed us?  We're told our youths are criminals--and we go along with that (click Solutions and scroll to "Bamboozled").  We're told they don't care about anything--yet we don't listen to their pain expressed in their music. 2 4 One can go crazy. (Soho Press, 2002), Part I and II citizens of Europe, Great Britain and the U.S. comfort, social services, disease-free waterways, amenities, vilification, unimaginable suffering, poverty and death. about 81 pyramids.6 Though smaller in sizes than the gigantic Giza pyramids, the pyramids of Kush are significantly distinctive in their architectures.7 The kingdom of Kush became wealthy from trade and excelled in iron making and gold production to the extent that the Egyptians called their land 'Nub', meaning 'gold', as in 'the land of gold'. The people of Kush built more than 230 pyramids, all in Sudan, close to double the number of Egypt's pyramids, i.e. It's Cultural Genocide--promoted by our own people. 4 How to say "Niger" in Hebrew (Listed in the Countries category) Previous word: Niece | Next word: Nigeria. Since Kush is an inseparable element of the Bible world—and since Moses' wife Zipporah herself is identified as Kushite—restoring the definition of the word 'Kushi' should perhaps be considered as integral to conserving the sanctity of the Hebrew language. 21 2 Kings 19:9 "Stranger, this land is called Libya [Africa]. In one instance, in the Midrash Tanhuma, 'Kushi' is used as a slang for 'beautiful'; in the popular quote about Zipporah, the Midrash states: "Because of her beauty she was called a Kushite".20 This latter explanation probably originates from the ancient tradition that perceives the people of Kush as beautiful, as expressed by Greek historians Herodotus: "Now these Ethiopians [Kushites]...are said to be the tallest and the most beautiful...".21 3 Ibrahim Omer, "Alternative Names for Nubia," AncientSudan.org, http://www.ancientsudan.org/burials_09_pyramids-sudan.htm (Sep. 8, 2013) Following the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians in the eighth century BC, Following a mass slaughter of the Assyrian besiegers. Any people who lets their Oppressor change the meaning of their name to something "ugly" is a psychologically controlled people; because it's cultural genocide!              Even Kunta Kinte knew that! Accordingly, the word 'Kushi' is now most commonly interpreted in context of the racial stereotypes that equate blacks with slavery in North America. 18 1 For example of media sources see: Radu Mihaileanu, Director, Live and Become, 2008 (in English subtitles); for example of academic sources see Andreh Levi and Alex Weingrod, Homelands and Diasporas: Holy Lands and Other Places (Stanford University Press, 2005), 237 Major Biblical personalities are described as being of Kushite ancestry; these include Kush (or Cush), the grandson of Noah and ancestor of the Kushites;8 Nimrod, the son of Kush and the great Mesopotamian legend9; and Queen Sheba.10 One notable Biblical personality identified as Kushite is Moses' wife, Zipporah.11 In Ezekiel Zipporah tells Moses about her homeland: Definition the right of first- born NASB Translation birthright (9), firstborn (1). Numbers 12:1 This man is my father {Jethro} and theirs." Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Are we lied to? It is inhabited by tribes of various peoples, Ethiopians [Kushites], black men. Nigger is the oldest word of record in the world! What does nigger mean? 9 Genesis 10: 8-9 Long Live Nigger, Niggah!! The Latin word niger did not only describe a striking physical feature (the word "negro", albeit somewhat politically incorrect in some cultures, is on an exact par with descriptive words like "red-head" or "big guy") but also described a glum mood, a sullen character or bad luck. Genesis 10: 6 This man is my father {Jethro} and theirs." 12 Sudan—testifies to the historical and cultural authenticity of the Hebrew language today.       The use and value of one's personal and racial name include, it:                How logical is it to LET YOUR ENEMY               Change the meaning of your ANCESTRAL Name? Â,                    NGR =FROM OR BELONGING TO THE SOURCE;                                   THE ORIGINAL (FIRST) PEOPLE, It's an insult to your ancestors to change the meaning of their/ YOUR  name.  IMPORTANT: When you cannot call your ancestors' name,   you cannot call upon your Ancestors for help, for guidance, for solace!, You lose your ancestral connections, your history, your spirit.Â,                                                     You lose all of that! During the siege of Jerusalem, the Bible tells how Sennacherib "received a report that Tirhakah [Taharqa], the Cushite [Kushite] king, was marching out to fight against him".17 Following a mass slaughter of the Assyrian besiegers "Sennacherib king of Assyria broke camp and withdrew".18 As Aubin indicates, if it was not for the intervention of the Kushite armies, which resulted in the withdrawal of Sennacherib, the people of Judea people would have met the same tragic fate as that of the ten tribes of Israel.19