It is a paid publicity sponsored by the advertiser. Advertising can be defined as a non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services paid by an identified sponsor. The adviser must pay money for advertising activities. In order to inform, attract, and convince the valued customers, a marketer undertakes a number of promotional means. A business enterprise can introduce itself and its products to the public through advertising. They are as follows: Advertising has become indispensable for the manufacturers because of the following advantages: Advertising helps in introducing new products. Advertising enables the firm to respond the competitors strongly. Marketer uses advertising to remind the buyers regarding existence of company, products, maintenance of quality, superior services, and chasing customer-orientation. Retailers are encouraged to purchase and sell the advertised products. Image Guidelines 5. Advertiser can use any of the several advertising media to convey the message. Advertising helps in disseminating information about the advertising firm, its products, qualities and place of availability of its products and so on. Institutional advertising is also important types of the advertising process.The main objectives of this type of advertising are to build a corporate image. The sixth ‘M’ stands for Measurement – Measuring and Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness (MEAE). To enable company salesman to see top executive of the various organization when making sales calls. Below is the nature of advertising – 1) It is a mass communication tool directed towards a large audience 2) It is a non-personal communication. Advertising is important for the seller and companies producing the products. Nature of Advertising Management. With the help of advertisements, we can be aware of the products which are available in the market. It is the costliest option of market promotion. 6. In the same way, bad image related to brand can be changed by systematic presentation of facts and scientific evidences, and removing misunderstanding. Advertising helps to receive the quality product in the market.It induces the manufacturers to improve the quality of their products through research and development. Advertising helps to increase the morale of the employees of the firm. vii. The marketing environment refers to all internal and external factors, which directly or indirectly influence the organization’s decisions related to marketing … 3. 1. Objectives 5. Meaning of Marketing Environment: . Advertising is an important component of the promotion mix. You can find us in almost every social media platforms. ), audio-visual media (radio, television, film, Internet, etc. If a product is not advertised continuously, the competitors may snatch its market through increased advertisements. A large number of people are addressed at time. It is a non-personal form of presenting products and promoting ideas. The forth ‘M’ stand for Monitoring – Managing (organising) of Advertising Efforts. The advertisement should disclose or identify the sources of opinion and ideas it presents.It should identify the sponsor from where the advertisement can be occurred. Most advertisements are erotic, materialistic, misleading, and producer-centered. Price, product, promotion and physical distribution are the four main elements in a marketing … It enables the manufacturer to achieve lower cost per unit of product. Large companies such as Godrej, Jagadamba cement, telecom, etc. Thus, it guides customers to choose the most appropriate product. It can attract attention of a large section of population. It is called as non-personal salesmanship. Comparative advertising is used to prove the additional benefits of product at a given price. Following are the key features of advertising: One of the features of advertising is to pay the money for advertising. Here, the purpose is to inform that the company is still in existence and serving customers in a better way. Advertising helps in the promotion of products and services.It is directed towards increasing the sale of the products and services of a business unit.Advertising is essential for the promotion of goods and services. Thapa, Gopal, Dipendra K. Neupane and Dilli Raj Mishra. Basic Features of Advertising 3. It is not delivered in person and is … This ensures supply of the products of better quality to the consumers. Privacy Policy 8. Advertising helps in meeting the forces of competition in the market place. Consumer satisfaction can be achieved by receiving information from market and sending information to the market. Message creation and presentation require a good deal of knowledge, creativity, skills, and experience. Stanton, “Advertising consists of all the activities involved in presenting to an audience a non-personal, sponsor- identified, paid for a message about a product or organization.”, According to American Marketing Association, “Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services of an identified sponsor.”. A business organization can introduce itself and its products to the public through advertising.It is essential for the organization to introduce its product through advertising. It includes every relationship which established among the people. The objectives of consumer- oriented advertising are as follows: Informative advertising is another type of advertising process. Advertising offers the following importances to customers: Advertising helps the customers to know about the existence of various products and their prices. 2. Above stated definitions reveal following features: 1. Advertising helps to increase the utility of existing products for many people. Advertising helps in introducing new products. Its objective is to encourage sales of the advertiser’s products and to create in the mind of people, individually or collectively, an impression in favour of the advertiser’s interest.”, “Advertising consists of all activities involved in presenting to a group a non-personal, oral or visual, openly sponsored identified message regarding a product, service, or idea. Element of Marketing Mix. They are placed under specific or particular headings and columns in newspapers and magazines e.g. Ltd, 2014. Advertising usually informs the potential consumer about products and services, their benefits and utilities. In short, advertising is the art of influencing human action and awakening of a desire to possess products and services. Sign up and receive the latest tips via email. Plagiarism Prevention 4. 5. It has a general and wide appeal. Advertising helps to facilitate mass production of goods in the market. Identifying the specific sponsor is very important in the advertising process. Advertising is a powerful, expensive, and popular element of promotion mix.