This time, we'll go back to passing to our left. I also know it is rigged, because if i play a similar deck over and over, i will face off against the same same players in almost a very sublet rotation, like when i play blue black, or red black, it would keep rotating Ltfirestarter agaisnt me, and other people who use Nicola bolas as their avatar, and everyone who used that avatar, had one of those super annoying decks, that had 1 million phases per their turn, and 500 thousand phases during your turn, till you forget whose freaking turn it is, because they have 10 million things going on at one time. Then you play against other people who have done the same thing. 2 April 2013 gregsauce Leave a comment. The matchmaking and shuffler are rigged AF. East West Draft Cast #72 – Gatecrashing the Pro Tour I saw all my powerful uncommons every game, and even topdecked cards that were perfect answers every time. And yes, this is an important topic in Draft. Outro music –> The Menzingers – Gates I invest a decent amount of money to thia game thinking that it is completely fair and competitive but now I think almost all of my successes and failure in this game depends on the amount of money ıve been paying. Most games you play of Magic are in the medium category, not the ‘dumpster fire’ or ‘god tier’ where most MTGA games seem to exist. How can playing limited improve your constructed game? You want to maximize your deck's potential, and that means playing only your very best cards. That's it. I know it seems like I'm just complaining about losing, but it's to a degree that's turning me off of the game and has me posting about it. My log files have shown that ever since friends list feature (which uses PUBNUB connection software) people who I cannot see on my friends list are randomly connecting to me, usually after a win streak. Choosing which ones to put in your deck and which to leave in your sideboard (any cards that you don't play in your main deck automatically make up your sideboard in Limited) is one of the big skills in Limited. Click the following link to download the 75th episode of East West Draft Cast:, East West Draft Cast #75 – The Wormhole Between Limited & Constructed I played a draft today that gave me perfect mana and curve every single round. To prevent people from going infinite within the internal economy so that it is almost impossible to win enough to earn a free ride. The game is being designed to fuk you over if you don't succeed if you do. at roughly 10 matches per play period. For me, it was where I started. For the purposes of this article, we won't be paying much attention to the strategy behind drafting Shadows over Innistrad. I think everyone feels that way sometimes, but if you think about it, it doesn't really make sense. I am almost certain that mtga is rigged. The final solution to this problem is simple don't play the game, there are other MTG alternatives that aren't rigged such as paper or MTGO. I have never drawn land 5 turns in a row, i have never had 8/10 matches flood me, or mana screw me, i have RARELY HAD the other opponent draw perfect counters to everything in my hand. You're playing against another person. Send any feedback to The only difference is that for pack two, we pass them to our right. ——————————————————. To force people to change the deck they are using as they won't be able to win with the same deck continuously and therefore need to buy new cards. Mana Curve is a measurement of how many cards in your deck cost X. I've been playing mtg for almost 20 years and consider myself a pretty seasoned player. It's where you land after you've built all the Constructed decks you want to or when your life has changed to be less accommodating to playing a ton of Magic, like when you get a full-time job, have children, etc. I know those are big words, but I stand behind them 100%. You are now going to pick one of these cards and put it in a separate pile. I've thought long and hard about why this is happening, is it an artefact of poor software development, or is it by design? Now you just have to open some sweet rares. Our card pool may look something like this after the first pack is done: After all of the cards are taken from the first packs, you'll get a little time to look over your picks, and then we'll move on to pack two! Once you get out and try it, I'm confident that you'll love it and want to do it again as soon as possible. Forcing the Issue: Hard-casting Progenitus in the Legacy Cube? Street Wraith was counted as having a converted mana cost of 0. YES!!! In fact this deck was the hardest for me to play against. What could it be? The best whales might usually not be great players. Join your hosts in this episode of East West Draft Cast to find out. I hate the shuffler rigging so much that I contemplate quitting the game everytime I see it because its just disgusting. As is often the case in English, there are multiple definitions of the word "draft"—one of which I used to create this article—but this is the one we'll be using today: select (a person or group of people) for a certain purpose. I've started mtg again with arena and it gave me a real joy to find such a broad platform to compete. Posted in How to Play Limited Follow Jordan on Twitter @ludo3. nope... you will find when you start losing you will be unable to find a game where you go first, and the games where you do go first you will be facing a counter deck. Here, we'll take the Thalia's Lieutenant, a cool-looking rare, and again pass the twelve remaining cards to the player on our left side. Here, you're going to learn what Booster Draft is and why it's great. This separate pile is your pool of cards, and it will grow over the course of the draft, eventually becoming the pool of cards from which you will build your 40-card deck. So if you are playing blue and white, for example, you'll often have something like nine Islands and eight Plains, for a total of seventeen lands. Even high level ranked players say its rigged. I’ve noticed when MTGA wants me to win vs lose, to the point where even my opening hand makes it laughably obvious. I recommend playing fifteen to eighteen creatures in your deck. There's no denying it. The rigging rotates between players to keep them in a mix between addicted, and frustrated. Other times it will be a common card that removes creatures from your opponent's side of the board, or a good creature for you to attack and block with. I mean this is really fruatrating. That's where you open up some booster packs (usually six of them) and build a Magic deck from the cards in those booster packs (plus basic lands). Generally, you can take any card you think is sweet or powerful, or that does something you want to do. Riptide Lab - MTG Cube Draft Forum. I draft at least once most days, and I've never lost interest in it, even after having done so for years. The chart also shows what colours of mana you need in order to cast cards. I don't have an answer for my opponent winning, I just know from my experience it feels unfair. I have found one thing though, the only way to throw the system off is make a complete trash deck, or so the system thinks its trash, so it put you up againt new players. Twitter. My guess is game developers trying to 'balance things out' & prevent people from racing up to mythic in one or two nights or collecting too many prizes too quickly. ————————————————— Check out the EWDC website:, Send any feedback to, Like us on Facebook:, Episode #75 – The Wormhole Between Limited & Constructed,, How can playing constructed improve your limited game? Another solution is to concede every game for 20 games in a row, this will mess up the algorithm and return you to playing against a wider number of cards and deck types. I've never played MTGO but can you tell me why you think that the algorithm there wouldn't be rigged just like in MTGA? After you get more experience, you can try "splashing" for a color, which is where you play just one or two cards of a third color in your deck. After that, Jeff and Greg go back to basics with a What Whill Wheel segment and the the time-honored classic, Pick-A-Card. this is so fucked up. Outro music –> $wingin’ Utter$ – Picture’s Perfect I loved that I could just sit down and play Booster Draft without needing a full Constructed deck already built. Many players (pros included) have lost major tournaments because they flooded out, for example. Everyone will be taking one card from their pack and passing the rest of the cards to the person on their left side.