Thank you! The detail for me that seems to stick out in these discussions as controversial is the 3-day time frame. Description of Jebel Musu:Jebel Musa has two main tops, that to the Southeast being crowned by a chapel. One important point in discovering the true location of Mount Sinai is to identify boundaries between ancient empires and lands. Exodus 23:15 You shall observe the feast of unleavened bread. 14:11-12). Below maps of the mountain's location are additional maps detailing the boundaries of Midian and Egypt. encompassed the Sinai Peninsula, and Midian was on the east side of the Gulf of Aqaba. (Ex 14:3) This, however, is just conjecture on my part. Exodus 26:33 You shall hang up the veil under the clasps, and shall bring the ark of the testimony in there within the veil: and the veil shall separate the holy place from the most holy for you. Moses fled to the land of Midian (or "empty land"), which lay East of the Sinaitic peninsula (Numbers 22:4, 7; Numbers 25; Numbers 25 31), and when he wandered with his flocks to Horeb (Exodus 3:1) he is said to have reached the west side of the desert. Your email address will not be published. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us via this form, Find out more about managing your data and your rights, Mount Sinai - Port Jefferson Station directions, Mount Sinai - Setauket-East Setauket directions, Port Jefferson Station Tourist attractions, Setauket-East Setauket Tourist attractions, Service stations of Port Jefferson Station, Service stations of Setauket-East Setauket, book your Mount Sinai hotel free of charge, API ViaMichelin - Itineraries, Geocoding, Traffic, Mapping, Michelin POI. I’m reading this site with the highest interest. Learn how to create your own. We can only guess as to how fast the Israelites could have traveled and how many hours per 24-hour day. But, for Arabs not encumbered with families and herds, this distance could still be covered by an average march of 39 miles daily, on riding camels, or even, if necessary, on foot.3. Is it possible to assume that the width of the Red Sea was more narrow 3500 years ago? Photo: Svetlana Grechkina, CC BY-SA 2.0. Exodus 28:43 They shall be on Aaron, and on his sons, when they go in to the Tent of Meeting, or when they come near to the altar to minister in the holy place; that they don't bear iniquity, and die: it shall be a statute forever to him and to his descendants after him. Identification with Jebel Musa:These distances will not, however, allow of our placing Sinai farther East than Jebel Musa. The Hebrews reached Sinai about the end of May (Exodus 19:1) and, on the 3rd day, "there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount" (Exodus 19:16). In “The Lost Sea of the Exodus,” Dr. Fritz points out that the Hebrew word usage indicates that the strong easterly wind is not the only weather phenomenon responsible for the waters parting, and other verses like Psalm 114:3-5 indicate seismic activity accompanied it. This plain is about 4 miles long and has a width of over a mile, so that it forms, as Dr. E. Robinson (Biblical Researches, 1838, I, 89) seems to have been the first to note, a natural camp at the foot of the mountain, large enough for the probable numbers (see EXODUS, 3) of Israel.4. I am Yahweh.'". Another map drawn by Joannes Joansonius around 1650 A.D. indicates that Moses and the Israelites traveled to the land of Midian in their journey from Egypt, and also that Kadesh-Barnea was not within the borders of the Promised Land, but rather was at what we now know to be Petra, Jordan. Mount Sinai map - Mount Sinai Michelin maps, with map scales from 1/1 000 000 to 1/200 000 altitude but because of the sharpness of its precipices: nay, indeed, it cannot be looked at without pain of the eyes, and besides this it was terrible and inaccessible, on account of the rumor that passed about, that God dwelt there" (Ant., II, xii, 1; III, v, 1). Key Biblical Locations That Point to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, Timeline: The Tradition of Mount Sinai’s Arabian Location, Proto-Hebrew Inscriptions In Mount Sinai Area, Jabal al-Lawz/Jabal Maqla in Saudi Arabia. With these pieces of information in mind, it becomes nearly impossible to then justify the traditional site for Mount Sinai. However, it would not be true if he was looking at a First Century AD Roman road map. On the web page you said: It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people on this Find the right flight ticket at the best price with Skyscanner. Numbers 28:6 It is a continual burnt offering, which was ordained in Mount Sinai for a pleasant aroma, an offering made by fire to Yahweh. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a823216e2174b21ea9d931900db77bdc" );document.getElementById("e971867a4f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gordon Franz, advocate for Jebel Sin Bishar in the Western Sinai Peninsula, has the following to say about the map identification of Arabia. This map is oriented "upside down," with the south being toward the top of the map, and the north at the bottom, so it may be difficult to orient all the points. Leviticus 26:13 I am Yahweh your God, who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that you should not be their slaves; and I have broken the bars of your yoke, and made you go upright. There’s a very lengthy and popular tradition placing it in the Peninsula, nearly 1,500 years of most everyone simply accepting this proposed location without more closely and critically analyzing the evidence for it. There are two maps that have specifically placed Mount Sinai, Horeb, and Midian in these locations. They shall not be sold as slaves. Mount Sinai is located in: United States, New York, Brookhaven, Mount Sinai. The line of reasoning is frequently similar among these proponents, as Joel Richardson explains in his book Mount Sinai in Arabia: The True Location Revealed. Exodus 26:34 You shall put the mercy seat on the ark of the testimony in the most holy place. Another question: If the traditional Siani site is assumed, then where could have the crossing occurred? As with previous maps, the Red Seas two gulfs are not properly shown here. Exodus 31:11 the anointing oil, and the incense of sweet spices for the holy place: according to all that I have commanded you they shall do.". The strong easterly wind, as the Exodus story claims, could have dried the path. That the God of Israel would have enabled His people to cover a distance of 400 km in five to six days is no big deal for those who believe He is for real. Because of this unusual orientation, the left side of the map represents the east direction, and the right side represents the west. I don’t have the marine charts with bathymetric lines of that region but would be pleased if somebody can check that in the straits of Tiran, which might be a more logical path. These various considerations may suffice to show that the tradition as to Horeb is at least as old as the time of Josephus, and that it agrees with all the indications given in the Old Testament.6.