Oral presenters - instructions to upload your PPT presentation electronically were sent to you via e-mail in [date TBA]. QR codes will be available for each poster presentation, so you can view the abstract and listen to the author’s pre-recorded audio and watch their video as they discuss their study. You will also have to inform them whether they can or should use the lectern. I’m Mutia Resfi Kinasih, the Moderator of today’s seminar. This is mandatory for all presenters giving an oral presentation. Benefits of uploading your ePoster with audio and video: Instructions to upload your poster electronically were sent to you via e-mail in [date TBA]. I'm Montri Tangpijaikul. FreeConference.com is a free conference call service that empowers video and audio conferencing. Some events will cater to top executives in their organizations (especially on the first day after the opening), while others will be for mid-level employees. Save everything. I might also raise some controversial points or asktough questions. The International Symposium on Biogeochemistry of Wetlands provides a framework for scientists to share technical information on various topics related to coupled biogeochemical cycling of macro-elements and associated organic and inorganic contaminants. ���z���ʼn�, � �/�|f\Z���?6�!Y�_�o�]A� �� PK ! Mute Mute and unmute callers in large groups to better manage your conference. Syncing with Google calendar makes scheduling conferences a snap. Often this happens at the last minute in a speakers lounge or even in front of the stage (which can be a practical place to meet at a large event). Conference wherever, whenever from the palm of your hand. In order to provide our service we need to collect your name, email, and IP address. Power point presentations, unless they are of only two or three slides with some statistics, maps or similar graphics, can kill interactive discussion and lead to presentations that are too long and boring. %%EOF Pricing is available on the ePoster Submission site. However, writing the conference program, organizing the panel discussions and successfully moderating the event requires subject matter expertise and years of experience. Any presenter who fails to submit his/her presentation in a timely manner will be prohibited from speaking. Share. Posters must be uploaded electronically by [date TBA]. They are based mostly on being called in to moderate panels for which the subject matter and the panelists have already been chosen. The Office of Conferences & Institutes is a full service conference planning agency at the University of Florida. And finally, ask the panelists to remain near the stage so that audience members can approach them for further discussion. Since panel discussions usually last from 45 - 90 minutes the rule should be less is more. You’re officially a global conference call moderator. The American Heart Association has developed an exclusive online venue where attendees of the International Stroke Conference are able to login (using last name and badge number) and view all scientific posters presented at the meeting. At FreeConference, we’re always happy to help. If you think the panel is badly placed (at the end of a multi-day conference when most people have left) and deserves more visibility or proximity to similar panels, let the organizers know. Please carefully review the following instructions regarding your presentation: The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is a federal-state-county partnership dedicated to developing knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, and the life sciences, and enhancing and sustaining the quality of human life. Welcome to the program. h�b``�d``Z�����b� �� @1V ��0O���$�(�vl������0p10�R�"@ e`�a��X���i�J��L���������q���)Z���7����LS �q30������.�y���B����N�g`:�"�h` ��. While this is intellectually challenging and involves taking notes on stage, I have often been told that it helps the audience digest complicated subjects. Easily find the contents of your meeting history, from documents to discussions. You’ve just signed up for an international conference calling plan, now what? Join our Mailing List to stay informed on the latest news regarding the symposium. MC and moderator work in a multi-hub conference is an all new environment and Samme did great, despite being given limited preparation time. Please be sure to add Orchestrate@freemanco.com and presentationmanagement@freemanco.com to your e-mail safe senders’ list. I first find out what the organizers have already told them, get their biographies and do some internet research on their backgrounds. Additional information and a link to the Printing Service can be found there including information about poster printing, shipping, onsite pick-up, and set-up service. Every sync is productive when you use the different Moderator Controls and Conference Mode settings that let the host take charge. Raise Hand Select ‘raise hand’ under the menu tab at the top to alert the moderator of your request to speak up. More ways to view your online meeting room live with YouTube Streaming. is a meeting facilitator, moderator, trainer and keynote speaker, and the author of Powerful Panels: A Step-By-Step Guide to Moderating Lively & Informative Panel Discussions at Meetings, Conferences & Conventions. Get RSVPs in advance and spend less time trying to align schedules. Save time. In order to access the Printing Service, you must first log into the ePoster site. Enter your calls instantly, no PINs required! Unless you have an outstanding memory it is a good idea to write all this out in a large enough font and with logical page breaks to read from a lectern. Share. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. Hours I am _______, the session moderator and this is session (number), (Session Title as listed in Program Book). Save. The secured ePoster submissions and Poster Printing site opened in [date TBA] at https://submit.scientificposters.com/asa. As the moderator of an international conference call, you have several roles and responsibilities. Schedule repetitive meetings in one shot. z!0:� - [Content_Types].xml �(� ���n�0E�����Ub袪*�>�-R��xV��=���QUA�l"93���dFk��%����Y?�lᤲ��}M��G�DV Video Conferences become less disruptive and more smooth when Moderator Controls are enforced. Last-minute submissions disrupt the flow of sessions and will not be allowed. Please note that some journals may consider this captured audiovisual presentation equivalent to pre-published data. Send out meeting invitations through Microsoft Outlook with a single click. Moderator: R. Michael Tuttle MD, Endocrinologist. Discussions with potential moderators usually start relatively early in the conference planning process. 7:55 am. 191 0 obj <>stream As your business accumulates more employees and clients, online conferences will naturally have more participants attending. Save. If you are moderating in a foreign language then do your internet searches in that language so you can learn necessary technical terms. Please note that use of this service is not mandatory. A personal dial-in number means you can conference on-demand. One of the touchiest points can be the use of power points. Hold regular conference calls? Just download the AHA Conferences app and use the "Code Scanner" feature to scan the tag with your smart phone. Keep your conference calls clear, uninterrupted and organized. If so, e-mail Stroke.Participant@heart.org. Accomplish more with less interruptions when everyone knows who’s talking. There are many variants and, unless the organizers are very experienced and have rules written in stone, you may want to guide them. Has your contact information changed? Beginning of the session: Welcome to the < Presentation Title > session. I may also suggest a logical speaking order. We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. 8:00 am. Ask questions. Remove Remove participants from your conference call. ePosters with audio gives you the opportunity to pre-record a brief discussion of your study to enhance and reinforce the information on your poster. You also can exchange information individually with others at the conference.