They’re fun things that draw students into the culture of campus, but when you really think about […] Now, they are a testament to our shared history and a symbol of our collective strength. Seniors will also miss out on school traditions without a graduation. Roam like a Tiger and choose from over 250 study abroad programs. Mizzou has a variety of classes, majors, organizations, and volunteering that allow your path to change and grow as you learn what you love to do and invest time in. After a fire destroyed Academic Hall in 1892, the Columns were all that remained. I supported the Mizzou Traditions Fund, which helps the Mizzou Alumni Association host traditions like Homecoming, Tiger Walk, and Senior Sendoff. Explore your passion with more than 300 degree programs. Here in America we have certain traditions where we wear special gowns and move are tassels to the other side to signify a step forward. As I gear up to enter the real world, I thought it might be interesting to find out how other countries celebrate graduation. Discover all Columbia has to offer. Get a … We’ve all heard of the “7 Things To Do Before Graduating Mizzou.” When you’re a freshman, these are basically engrained into your brain, whether through your R.A. or through some kid in your dorm whose sister went here. Experience many traditions with other Tigers. They are a place to read a book in warm weather or a backdrop for graduation photos. Ashleigh Jackson. Through taking a look at the speakers, the titles of their speeches, and some photographs exhibiting different traditions associated with the exercises, one can see how commencement celebrations at the University of Missouri have come to be what they are today. Students experience many traditions throughout their time at Mizzou starting with Tiger Walk and ending with the final tradition to mark the transition from Student to Alumnus, their graduation ceremony. May 14, 2014 ... Get the latest Mizzou, local preps and other sports headlines every day. These milestones might also include a large celebration and even some alcohol. Find success after graduation and become #MizzouMade. Mizzou is rich with pride and tradition. Mizzou is so rare in that it has such a great combination of meaningful traditions and a tight knit community, but also endless opportunity for involvement and learning. At MU, the college experience starts with Tiger Walk. They support traditions such as Tiger Walk and showcase our core values banners. 5 fun facts about graduation traditions By Ashleigh Jackson. Join me in making sure Mizzou traditions last forever! The nature of commencement celebrations has taken many forms throughout the university's history.