Hi Kerry, i’ve been looking for a review for Missha Time Revolution, thanks God for your site. It is also considered a “dupe” of the SK II. Now, I would really consider busying the product since I saw in store that there’s 40% off. Thanks a lot! i have somewhat combination, well cared for fair 63 year old skin. Debunking Skincare Myths: An Interview With Cosmetic Chemist, Perry Romanowski Like, the other day, my friend from New York found mine and sent an email with a photo of Kim Jong Un attached. Wait 10 mins, then use Paula’s Choice BHA which has a ph of 3.2-3.6. Also as a antiaging products, peels , masks etc as a daily/weekly routine? They don’t bother me that much, because they aren’t visible most of the time, but I’ve been searching for something that can minimize them, as they suggest to me that I have some degree of uncontrolled inflammation. Oddly I’ve had the opposite experience, my skin really really liked SK-II while it was pretty indifferent to the Missha Time Revolution Essence. For years, beauty junkies have compared two products that they think is identical: SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence with Missha’s First Treatment Essence. Have you tried Missha’s First Treatment Essence MIST? Hi Kerry! There are plenty of factors that make them seem identical including: the product names themselves (Facial Treatment Essence vs. First Treatment Essence! I’m waiting for my SK II essence from sassa now… and still don’t know if it was good choice… – after reading Ure review I feel even less confident about it, but I just had to give it a try:) I’m just too much curious and I have to check up on this magic by myself;), I would love to know how the SKII works out for you! I have a friend, however, who’s been using SK-II for a while. Thank you, Dianna! Thanks to the Internet, people from around the world have found complete strangers who resemble or even look exactly like them. Performance: 4/5 – It didn’t “erase” any wrinkles, but it did brighten, reduce redness, and add a bit of hydration to my skin. I’ve read Reddit forums and posts about how Missha had become a cult brand from its Super Aqua creams to its night repair ampoules. As you can see, the consistency of the product is very water-like. The active yeast ferment ingredient in the Missha version isn’t Pitera (SK-II has the patent and exclusive rights to that one). Plus, there’s that whole mystery of whether or not the Missha Essence was responsible for clearing up my weird breakout. It’s actually a no brainer when it comes to this comparison. In the short product description on SK-II’s website, it says this product’s benefits include texture refinement, firmness, wrinkle resilience, and spots control. At the end of the 28 days, my face looked brighter, more even-toned. wow. That’s a huge difference, especially for price conscious consumers like me. The Missha First Treatment Essence is one of the few products I’ve repurchased multiple times – I always have a backup bottle on hand for when I feel like going back to it. Too bad, because I really was hoping to integrate this into my skincare routine. It’s no wonder why they’re constantly compared. Thanks for this in depth review! essence and Ampoule, will it have any adverse effects if I were to use them together? I put it on at night after washing my face and then applying the Biologique Recherche serum and moisturizer. Email me at In other words, it’s not going to turn back the clock, but it might make it tick a little slower. I got it from Wishtrend (so should be fine) but it doesn’t smell as nice as SK-II and once stung when a bit got in my eyes. I saw no improvement in fine lines. I haven’t tried the Dior ONE Essential Serum yet, but I’ve just added it to my ever-growing shopping list. Thanks again for this awesome review. I got it from Wishtrend (so should be fine) but it doesn’t smell as nice as SK-II and once stung when a bit got in my eyes. I pinpointed my allergy to propylene glycol, which I’m now avoiding. What I haven’t been able to get rid of is several blotchy red marks that appear immediately after I shower/wash my face (no matter how gentle I am, the temperature of the water, etc.) Grate blog, it’s really fun to read it! Thanks ! It’s good bacteria that is full of lactic acids, vitamins, minerals and more that repairs damaged cells. When I went to NY fashion week this past February I was given a bunch of SK-II products to try out. Like the SK-II Essence, Missha First Treatment Essence is in the Asian toner category and has a very watery consistency. Stimulation of Epidermal Hyaluronan by Yeast Ferment. The SK-II didn’t make it any worse, but it also didn’t make it any better. Perhaps other than these humectants, what I really love about Missha as well is that it uses bigida ferment lysate, another yeast that supposedly is painstakingly difficult to produce. Maybe, I should try just the FTE by itself….