Meanwhile, Playmaker prepares to confront Ai for the last time. In Season 2, he served as an secondary antagonist, stealing Jin's consciousness. [17], *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Specter activates the Continuous Spell "Sunvine Cross Breed" and activates its effect, Tributing a Link Monster to Special Summon a Plant monster from his GY, but its effects are negated. Duelists usually fall off their Duel Boards when they lose a Speed Duel. Yes, let's, Specter says politely, and they both call "Duel!". Kogami wondered if Varis lost his way when Playmaker bought up the incident from ten years ago and told Varis not to worry about it, but if they couldn't capture Ai, he would need to use his final plan. Avatar forms can also give the Duelists special abilities such as forming energy whips. Varis referred him to Duel Specter to see if he was good enough to join. Playmaker quickly won the Duel to stop Blue Angel taking mental damage, knocking her into a coma as a result. He pays 800 LP to activate the Continuous Spell Card "Sunvine Plunder", allowing him to take control of a Spell Card Lightning controls. The two begun their Duel. After defeating the Knight of Hanoi, Playmaker became famous and widely regarded LINK VRAINS' hero. Once again, Lightning chants "Come forth! At some point, Ghost Gal turned LINK VRAINS into a trap for Playmaker. Specter smiles, and Lightning then chants "Appear! As himself, Gore Dueled Playmaker but suffered defeat. They also have the power to ban accounts. This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 03:27. Mirror LINK VRAINS Bohman (ボーマン, Bōman) Voiced by: Kenji Matsuda (Japanese); Sam Black (English) He was a third generation AI created by Lightning as a vessel to unify all of the Ignis into one perfect body. FOLLOWING IS A PARTIAL LIST OF MIRRORLINK-ENABLED PHONES Auswahl an Smartphones mit MirrorLink VOICI UNE LISTE PARTIELLE DES TÉLÉPHONES COMPATIBLES MirrorLink* 这里是支持MirrorLink的智能手机 다음은 MirrorLink가 적용된 스마트폰 목록의 일부 입니다. They begun to attack users which resulted in accounts being deleted. Ai gasps that there's less Data Material (in the dub he just cries that this isn't good), and Playmaker leaps off his Duel Board and lands on a platform covered in water reflecting the red skies of Mirror LINK VRAINS, while Varis has landed in a field of flowers and Soulburner and Flame sit on an airport runway. [20], Faust and Playmaker Dueled with Faust saying that the Ignis couldn't be trusted. LINK VRAINS was filled with a wind which Duelists used to Duel and ride D-Board's in Speed Duels. [1], At some point following the disappearance of Cyberse, the data material which was taken and placed into the network had been reduced. Frog tells him that there's still hope while there's a scoop. Ai and Roboppy sneak onto a ship owned by SOL Technologies and attempt to contact Queen as part of their mysterious agenda. can do that, and Specter asks if he's sure. Bohman is too powerful however and things seem hopeless for Yusaku as the duel goes on. When The Knights of Hanoi attacked LINK VRAINS, their "Cracking Dragons" deleted the accounts of anyone engulfed in its flames. The Gore and Playmaker then teamed up officially to take down some more Knights. Ai asks if Playmaker just called him a part of himself, and Playmaker claims that he didn't. She landed on a building and challenged Playmaker to a Duel in front of the public. In season 3, Ai took over the company after defeating both Queen and Akira. In Season 2, he served as an secondary antagonist, stealing Jin's consciousness. It is described as "a cyberspace constructed with the latest technology". Lightning notes this would mean they are revealing their plan to them, but Windy laughs and suggests Lightning go with the flow; does he really think they'll lose if the humans know their plan. Inside the wind was said to contain another world called Cyberse. The future circuit that lights up our path!" Specter agrees, and Lightning suggests that they begin. Playmaker responded by saying he didn't, and that he only hated Hanoi. They, like humans, will eventually start having silly power struggles, the fate of all creatures with free will. Specter politely asks the weaklings to vanish (in the dub, he is not so polite), and vines swat aside another BitBoot, who is erased as his LP falls to zero. Playmaker told them to leave as it was too dangerous but the two refused as they wished to stop the Tower of Hanoi. Bohman, watching this unfold, decides that he cannot stand by. Then he activates the effect of "Speculata" from his hand, sending another "Armatos Legio" monster from his hand to the Graveyard ("Armatos Legio Scutum") to Special Summon "Speculata". brother, Haru. At the same time SOL and Hanoi became determined to capture Playmaker in order to recover Ai. She lands on a rooftop, shocked that the barrier appeared, and Aqua notes that they're trapped. Being forcefully expelled from LINK VRAINS after taking too much physical damage can also cause psychological damage. It is described as "a cyberspace constructed with the latest technology". Avatars can also give Duelists special abilities such as forming energy whips. Seeing Go's determination, Ai discusses what it feels like to lose one's friends.