CC: @MicrosoftTeams. Are you working on this issue? I love #Teams. Users are reporting major outages in Microsoft Teams as the world starts a new era of working from home.. In addition to the discontinuation of ... Today, we are proud to announce the general availability of the Lists Your Guide to Microsoft Teams @ Ignite 2020, Changes ahead for Cloud Connector Edition and “Hybrid Voice” Connectivity, Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams is now generally available, What’s New in Microsoft Teams | August 2020, Microsoft Teams Devices for Shared Spaces July and August Update, Four new ways to simplify your work with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate, Join us for the new webcast series, “Enabling remote work with Microsoft Teams”, New capabilities for Teams Management | July 2020, What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2020. We are w... As IT leaders, we have the ability to make the work experience more But tbh this one account thing with MS apps has been a bug bear with me for a while. business, and we would like to talk about how Microsof... Today we are excited to share that we will be releasing meetings for you to manage your Teams related activities. Could you both work together to fix it? @MicrosoftTeams Hi, are you guys working on a #M1 #AppleSilicon #AppleM1 version of #Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams, please? Please can someone give me details of how to get in touch with a person to sort this out twitterverse. @MicrosoftTeams And what about custom backgrounds on the Linux desktop app? Its been 3days I am trying to recover my #Outlook account, everytime I tried to get OTP it says "usability limit exceeded". @KaiBoo77 @CraigBNicol @MicrosoftTeams Zoom generally works well. @_alps @whoisvaibhav @MicrosoftTeams You can set status like "appear Offline" since the latest update in Teams. inclusive of the 1 billion people in the world with ... New capabilities are all part of the Teams Admin Center, is the portal Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. What does this mean for businesses? . @currythecreator @MicrosoftTeams Hi, are you guys working on a #M1 #AppleSilicon #AppleM1 version of #Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams, please? No IT touch at all. RT @d3moilija: #ShoutOut to all #valodevelopers working with #SharePoint, #MicrosoftTeams, #Microsoft365, #PowerPlatform, etc. RT @DChomca: #MicrosoftTeams Reverse Lookup of phone numbers is not my favorite feature long time. @MicrosoftTeams. Bug alert - @MicrosoftTeams app not working properly in iPad Air cant tag ppl & screen share not working, having hard time , is some one working ..?@Microsoft. @aprildunnam You can create workflows with #PowerAutomate right inside power virtual agents right inside #MicrosoftTeams and down the rabbit hole we go :) I’m loving building #bots. have "Removed device" from TAC. @n_silva @MicrosoftTeams I should have phrased it better. Still dumb doe. @LorenaFaerie I just get a load error message. How can activate NDI in a Teams Live Event? I have colleagues with the same issue. In this year of remote working it's nice to finally have tech & an internet connection that can comfortably run RAM hungry @MicrosoftTeams & @Office365 desktop apps! @Lorfarius © Never had this issue on Catalina. Daily problems with basic functionality that were never issues with Zoom. @hlslanham @MicrosoftTeams The fix for now while they work on the issue, if possible is to have users join teams from 0365 that fixed our while an internal fix to the app was rolled out. The error messages and onboarding docs strongly suggest this, imo. @MicrosoftTeams I can't find anything related to this anywhere. Works fine with teams web app (using chrome). Catch up with the latest updates, insights and analysis with presenter Rob Scott and Microsoft MVP Tom Arbuthnot +othersThanks for watching, if you’d like more like this, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.You can also join in the conversation on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. So I just updated my @Apple iOS to #BigSur and now my @MicrosoftTeams, @googlechrome and many other crucial apps are no longer working. @shahxaib_kaxmi We seem to have had to sort everything out as and when we found it since starting live lessons and teams since May ? x How do you rate Microsoft Teams over the past 3 months? The error messages and onboarding docs strongly suggest this, imo. Bath @MicrosoftTeams Are you having any issue with the service today? Anyone having issues sharing screen with @MicrosoftTeams During lessons it works fine but if I need to unshare the screen and reshare something else it doesn’t work. I…. Having issues with pairing the controller. Known issue??? UC Today covers the latest Microsoft Teams news from around the globe. The new feature supports up to 300 participants and has been rolled out in preview mode in the Teams mobile application and will be made available for all the users in the coming weeks. Will be resolved automatically I think. It's a shame @Microsoft. @pepepena1 I've checked on @MSFT365Status and can't se…, Is anyone else having issues signing into #MicrosoftTeams on Android phones? I am about to leave my employer because of #MicrosoftTeams, worse pos software is not possible to create. @MicrosoftTeams why can't I log in to Teams?? What does this mean for businesses? @mossandlichens @Vonster @MicrosoftTeams What’s not working exactly? and as every morning when I log in, I have to tell @MicrosoftTeams that I want dark mode...WHY CAN'T YOU STORE THAT PROPERLY?! Attempt to login with the new account on the student's device, preferably in an Incognito/Private browser. I had a student share that he is unable for months to access @MicrosoftTeams. @NormDeMelo Kirk Koenigsbauer, CVP of Microsoft Office, shared the general availability of Microsoft Teams, which is now available across 181 markets and 19 languages. Ideas? As you might already know, Microsoft... We have new meetings, calling, devices, chat and collaboration, IT I would prefer you got the features that we already have working properly first. @PBaker30 Today's #automation fun; creating new users with @MicrosoftTeams for their enterprise voice using @Alemba Service Manager. Observe. All rights reserved. @BizTalkBill @DavidRGardiner @MicrosoftTeams I've seen that sort of problem regularly with new releases of either Windows or Teams.