The recording can be posted to Microsoft Stream or hosted in a secure location with a shortened URL. With Microsoft Teams, the webinar team doesn’t have to rely on internal drops and can upload files directly for collaboration and access. By using a live broadcast format and complementing it with high-quality video broadcast, Caposella’s team can share these conversations across the company for more meaningful impact. We'd love to hear from you. Microsoft Teams also enables closed-group discussions to occur within the live event space and allows attendees to see related content that has been shared by the event team. The ability to stream external encoder events to external users. Today, we hosted The Employee Engagement Summit, a free, one-hour, online event that brought together leaders from flagship companies to explore employee engagement and open communication in the modern workplace. Microsoft Teams & Microsoft 365 Developer platform. Your one-stop session for administering your Yammer network and managing compliance, including a double-click into the latest Yammer data governance features like eDiscovery, data retention, and native mode. From a communications standpoint, we spend a lot of time focusing on our people—the proof points of heroic efforts and driving our business and celebrating our success and people agenda. Organizations are moving to a hybrid workplace to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. Launched in 2019 by the Marketing and Consumer Business organization at Microsoft, MCB Radio is open to the entire company. We will show you how t... New to SharePoint? challenges in your own business? Businesses can easily provide basic remote been the subject of debates for years. That could include working evenings and weekends and responding to messages on a mobile device, even during social activities. A live MCB Radio video broadcast captures and shares Chief Marketing Officer Chris Caposella’s real-time conversation with employee Tiara Jewell (right) about her personal journey and insights. The attendee experience: seamless participation. When the event is live, the audience can access the webcast on Yammer, ask questions of presenters, and chat with other Champions within the Yammer feed. And to keep up with the pace of change,…. They They do more than what’s expected and drive performance and innovation. Today, a multi-generational workforce is both natural and desirable. Live event capabilities are a critical service that allows collaboration and leader engagement to reach all employees globally in a seamless way. Read on for a look at easy ways to get KoAnn Skrzyniarz: ‘I Choose to Believe …’, SB’19 Detroit: L’Oréal, TerraCycle Illustrate How Products Should Be Made, Packaged, SB’19 Detroit: Reaching Deep Into Communities to Cultivate Tomorrow’s Changemakers, How Saas Startups Are Reshaping Social Equality in Tech, Ahead of Black Friday, Brands Join Fight Against Paper Packaging Problem, Combatting Food Insecurity Takes More Than a Village, SoulBuffalo Gets Execs Out from Behind Desks to See Their Impacts on the World, EVERFI Commits $100M to End Systemic Social, Economic Inequity in K-12 Schools, $50M Venture Fund Aims to Bolster Sustainability Innovations by Women, Minorities, Classroom-in-a-Backpack Bringing Education to the Masses in Off-Grid Bangladesh. Even community members who couldn’t attend the broadcast can access notes, recordings, and content from the event. Learn how to immerse and educate users in your physical spaces — all without leaving your Intranet. Read reviews, buyer's guides, and product information to find the best fit. Western Europe only scored 10% despite its socio-economic The U.S. and Canada had the highest engagement rates, Have Sustainable Brands delivered right to your inbox. Each broadcast, although often discussing sensitive topics, can be made more consumable and approachable for a wider audience. business owners have their hands full just dealing with business issues and Organizations are moving to a hybrid workplace to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. The Microsoft Teamwork Champions pilot program started in 2018 with 20 user champions. Passionate might Satisfying these needs ranks at the top Figure 3 outlines how the MCB team initiates event coordination. Expanding the possibilities of modern employee engagement, new live event capabilities in Microsoft 365, Chasing the sun with a live event in Microsoft Teams, Transform your communications, company meetings and training, Scale video delivery with SDN/eCDN to optimize your network for Microsoft 365 live events, Scale video delivery with third-party eCDN providers for Microsoft. enjoy and expect flexible work locations and schedules because they crave Foster free-flowing community discussions of product knowledge and best practices in real-time. However, the popularity of the Champions community rapidly outpaced Microsoft Teams’ 250-person attendee chat limit during Teams meetings. Published 6 years ago. The event production flows seamlessly from pre-event planning to post-broadcast sharing. UN Business and Human Rights Forum, Day 2: What’s New in Mandatory Human Rights ’Due Diligence’ Law. Connect organizations to empower leaders, align employees, and drive cultural transformation. Small businesses rely on their employees. The integrated solution includes three core, interconnected solutions: CSEO also uses a third-party client peering technology as a backend solution for live event monitoring and reporting. Gallup thinks there’s plenty of room for improvement and higher productivity. Post-event recaps and reporting on event attendees, the region they joined from, performance analytics, and other engagement points for event producers.