Responsible for cantonment planning and architectural aspects of all the schemes and projects undertaken in E-in-C’s Branch. For much of the 20th century the Army's mess food selection was spartan, but after the end of the draft they changed to a food court model with more variety including fast food, while also making fast food franchises available on bases. Internal administration and coordination of E-in-C’s Branch. The MES functions under the overall control of the Engineer-in-Chief, who is the adviser to the Ministry of Defence and the three Services on operational and peace time construction engineering. It is one of largest construction and maintenance agencies in India. Mess halls in the USAF, where unmarried junior enlisted residing in the dormitories are expected to eat, are officially referred to as "dining facilities," but are colloquially called "chow halls," although dining facility workers traditionally take offense at the term. As in the British Forces, there are normally three messes: the Officers' Mess (called the Wardroom in Naval establishments), for commissioned officers and officer cadets; the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess (Navy: Chiefs' and Petty Officers' Mess), for senior non-commissioned officers and warrant officers; and the Junior Ranks Mess, for junior non-commissioned officers, privates, and seamen. to render both engineering advice and also to execute the works .The Military Engineering Services are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of all works, buildings, airfields, dock installations, etc. along with necessary services such as military roads, bulk water and electricity supply, drainage, refrigeration and furniture, required by the Army, Navy and Air Force in India. Some bases, such as CFB Kingston in the 1980s, had a Master Corporals' Mess separate from the Junior Ranks'; all of these, with the exception of the CFB Valcartier Master Corporals mess (known as the "Mess des chefs"), have since been amalgamated with the Junior Ranks' Messes. Certain large vessels (e.g., aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships) may also include a First Class Mess for E-6, typically a separate dining area adjacent to the mess decks. Social clubs on United States Air Force installations were at one time called Open Messes, even though most were known in vernacular as Officers Clubs or NCO clubs. Improve technological threshold of infrastructure support. In practice, commanding officers rarely enter anything other than the officers' mess unless invited, as a point of etiquette. Basic regulations regarding the establishment and administration of messes is contained in the Queen's Regulations and Orders[1] and the Canadian Forces Administrative Orders.[2]. This is considered a chance for future CPOs to learn how to be a part of a mess before they enter the CPO Mess, often called by the sobriquet of "goat locker." Chaplains are usually welcomed in all messes. One exception is on warships, where the president of the junior ranks mess is appointed by the commanding officer. All human resource issues such as recruitment, training, posting and promotions in respect of the officers and the subordinate staff are dealt through different HQs under the guidelines of Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch / Army HQ as stipulated in government directives. Secretary (Sec), who is responsible for records and minutes, etc. Such changes began to be imposed following the congressionally-mandated end of DoD budgetary subsidies for all such clubs in the 1990s and the subsequent need for these clubs to be financially self-sufficient. The constitution and any amendments are voted upon by the members of the mess. Although normally on federal property, messes have been ordered to comply with the legal drinking age laws of their province[citation needed]; for example, an 18-year-old soldier may legally consume alcohol in a Quebec mess, but not in one in Ontario, where the legal age is 19 years. Responsible for specialised design for the Defence Works and advice all the three Services, Coast Guard and other agencies on their work services. Examples: NFL, Responsible for surveying of the Defence Work, management of contractors/ venders and dispute resolution. In some civilian societies this military usage has been extended to the eating arrangements of other disciplined services such as fire fighting and police forces. "global warming" Management of information system, maintenance of dossiers and service records of the MES civilian officers of the Corps of Engineers. Word(s) in meaning: chat  Report of the Committee of Experts for DPP, Technology Perspective And Capability Roadmap, Measures For Reducing Litigation And Public Grievances, List of Rules and Regulation Being Followed by MES, ESP (Engineer Stores Procurement) Directorate, IAFW-2249 (General Conditions on Contract). Looking for the definition of MES? These are Enlisted Clubs for sailors in the grade of Petty Officer First Class (E-6) and below; Chief Petty Officer Clubs for CPOs (E-7), SCPOs (E-8) and MCPOs (E-9); and Officers' Clubs for commissioned officers, although many have been closed, merged into combination Enlisted/CPO Clubs, or converted into "all hands" enlisted and officer facilities. The JNCOs mess if established is normally used for socialising only, JNCOs usually being accommodated in barrack blocks eating in the cookhouse alongside private soldiers and able rates. The German Navy call their messes Messen, with the distinction Offiziermesse. Meaning of MESS. Vice President of the Mess Committee (Mr Vice), who is responsible for toasts during Mess Dinners. Gentlemanly conduct is mandatory: for instance upon entering the main hall, officers are expected to stand at attention and perform a small bow. NASA, Messing in the Canadian Forces generally follows the British model (see United Kingdom below), from which most traditions have descended. On Republic Day (Jan 26) the JCOs are formally invited for cocktails at the Officers mess. It is also known as mess kit.