However, due to Mango's victories at EVO 2013, MLG Anaheim 2014, and EVO 2014 with almost only Fox, as well as his amazing raw potential, Fox's spot on the tier list is currently considered secure. If done correctly Fox should slide along the ground a bit. Fox's most notable move, his Shine (Reflector), has been made to function as in Melee, complete with the ability to cancel it into a jump. Use X or Y to jump rather than tapping up on the control stick. Know when to use the c-stick and when to use the control stick and A for smash attacks. Such professionals usually cite Marth's surprisingly high win rate in his favor against Fox in top-level tournament play, and the incredible prowess that top professional Marth players such as Mew2King and Zain have against Fox, with not many Fox players showing that level of dominance against Marth players. While his higher falling speed and gravity more than make up for his vertical endurance, they make him even more susceptible to combos and the inclusion of up and down throws have made him very susceptible to chain grabs (although his own up throw is arguably the best in the game). As one of the only two characters in the game to not have any disadvantageous matchups (the other being Falco), Fox has, undisputably, the best matchup spread in Melee. It shares this property with Fox's back aerial as well. Back aerial (backwards and A in the air or backwards on c-stick in the air): Fox kicks behind him. He has access to effective, long-distance recovery options in Fire Fox and Fox Illusion. Can combo into some moves, but is vulnerable to being shielded. If A is pressed only once, Fox will only do the first punch. Fox also received a new special move, known as Fox Illusion, which can be used as an alternate recovery option, allowing for recovery mix-ups and making up for his reduced air speed and increased falling speed. power some of his moves received, some moves also have reduced K.O. He is fast, strong, and yet requires a lot of technical ability to properly control at a high level of play. It has decent range and moves Fox forward a bit, but if missed can be punished easily by your opponent. Using Blaster on Ness on Pokémon Stadium. Although Blaster's projectile travels faster and can fire rapidly, it deals less damage overall and can no longer deal knockback, making it slightly less effective for camping. NMW's guide to getting good at Melee. This page was last edited on November 24, 2020, at 01:33. Fox’s Shine on Fox, Falco, Kirby, Pikachu, Pichu, Mew2, Jiggypuff, Roy, Young Link, and Watch “FFKPPMJRY group of tech chasing” (aka those lighter than marth except roy and falco): L-canceled aerial to shine is the only real combo you can land that includes the shine besides the ones listed below which are capable on everyone. It is best used to get back onto the stage, due to the fact that it is very quick. A very high knockback move, good vertical finisher, can combo out of an up throw on virtually everyone. Offensively, Fox has several playstyle options. Strong down (lightly down and A): Fox quickly sweeps of his tail. Later that year, PC Chris and KoreanDJ placed 1st and 2nd, respectively, at the MLG Las Vegas national championships, using Fox primarily in grand finals. While he took a huge hit from the Brawl environment as well as the removal of several of his abilities, he has returned to his former glory. Useful for getting the opponent off stage. When successfully performing a waveshine, Fox can easily follow-up into a range of many different attacks which makes up for the fact that Reflector no longer auto-cancels on landing. It has very high knockback and can easily send enemies off the stage far enough so they can't get back. Reflector also no longer knocks down opponents whose weight is above 85 units which allows for followups and even potential infinites. If you want a fast and versatile character, Fox is the character for you. 2 years ago. "; Fox is the only character to have completely lost his. This combo can be repeated, meaning that the opponent can be trapped in this combo indefinitely. This is Fox's best throw to set up a combo, because it can easily be followed by any aerial, and up smash, or an up tilt. Like other characters, Fox has received some changes in the PAL version of Melee, which nerfed him overall, but it does not severely affect his tournament viability, as he is also ranked 1st on the PAL tier list (although in recent years, this has become far more debatable). He even has very oppressive tools in certain matchups, such as a potential waveshine infinite that, even if performed to a limited degree, can shut down a large portion of the cast. Additionally, Fox's KO ability is also among the best in the game, with numerous powerful vertical finishers in his arsenal, most notably his up smash and up aerial, both of which are among the most powerful in the game with huge hitboxes. Fox, as his name would indicate, is the quickest character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Side special (sideways and B): Fox shoots forward very quickly while leaving illusions of himself behind. Fox has seen an increase in K.O. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Slightly looks towards his right side and twitches his ears. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. It is extremely powerful, killing enemies easily under 100%. This is pretty sick. Fox's matchup against Marth, in particular, is much harder, as he is no longer guaranteed a grab out of a waveshine due to Marth's weight changes. Fox's matchups against other top-tiered characters become slightly less advantageous in PAL. To L-cancel, press L, R, or Z right before landing if you are in the middle of an aerial attack. Although Fox has one of the most developed metagames and the largest notable player base in Melee by far, his players are unable to win as many tournaments as professionals of characters below him, because he is one of the hardest characters to play consistently at the top level; even the best Fox professionals frequently lose in important tournament matches due to technical errors or missed reads. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Up special (up and B): Fox turns into a ball of fire, and after a few seconds flies in the direction the control stick is held down in. This is called a jab reset. However, it is actually the second most powerful up smash in the game, behind, Does a split kick, hitting on both of his sides. Above all this is his advantage. This cemented Fox's position on the tier list, and since then, he has never fallen from the top spot. Moderately fast. He hardly has the most powerful attacks in the game, but like some of the other quicker characters his speed is where his power lies. To create this article, 24 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. His movement options are some of the best in the game, being able to combine Dash Dancing with Wavedashing very effectively with his approach options. If your opponent is on the ground, and you use the punch part of the neutral attack, it will force the opponent to get up, allowing you to follow up with an attack. Recent trends in the metagame have seen a major increase in the usage of Fox; he is by far the most common character in doubles matches, and the most common character in singles matches as well. His high falling speed makes him very easy to combo and chaingrab off of a single conversion from the opponent, and his light weight can result in extremely early horizontal KOs if the player's DI is poor. In Classic Mode, Fox can appear as an ordinary opponent, an ally or opponent in team battles, alongside Falco, Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong or Samus, or as a metal opponent. Back Throw (backwards while opponent is being grabbed): Fox throws the opponent behind him and shoots three lasers at them. Despite being a top-tiered character and considered among the most powerful in Melee, Fox is not completely infallible. However, Marth retains his fantastic punish game against fastfallers and has a much easier time edgeguarding Fox due to his aforementioned recovery nerfs. Despite its generally poor combo ability, it can chain-grab on some heavy characters. This move is situational because it is very difficult to land all the kicks, and each kick individually doesn't do much damage. Punches the opponent forward. In Fox's appearances, he appears on Corneria or Venom as a regular opponent, and on Battlefield as a metal opponent. So while Fox has incredible fighting process and potential, many consider Fox to be arguably the hardest character to play as and master, requiring a lot of practice.