How then are men to come to Christ? Such as were laden with the burden of ceremonial obedience. In creation, the rest of God is exhibited as a sense of power which nothing wearies. Through a series of moral, practical endeavours to live the life which He has prescribed for us.(H. )The way of coming to ChristH. )Coming to ChristW. As man He is absent; as God He is still present. Think what a stunning memorial it affords of the utter inability of rank and high birth to confer certain happiness. Beyond your power. Not to His bodily presence. G. The first step in coming to Christ is by baptism. 2. ACCESSIBLENESS. 3. W. Come, saith Christ — that is, believe in Me, and I will give you rest; I will give you peace with God, and peace with conscience: I will turn your storm into an everlasting calm; I will give you such rest, that the world can neither give to you nor take from you. “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Naturally, all are without Christ as to saving influence; as to a proper knowledge of Him, love to Him, confidence in Him, and union and communion with Him. )Christianity lightens physical burdensBishop Simpson., Robert Hall, M. A.Go to-day into heathen countries, into Mohammedan lands, and what do you find'? The village on the hill top, the old wails, the spring down near the roost of the hill, the water carried by hand, the pitcher, the goat skin — just as it was in ancient times. "(Matthew Hole. Then rest will come in proportion as we become meek and lowly like Christ. The disappointment of our desires.3. (Thomas Brooks. Those who are heavy laden by speculative pursuits in matters of.religion. Jay. (2) Rest, that is, fearlessness. The load of a guilty conscience is fatiguing.5. The burden is borne by men upon their backs. These words express the inward condition of man. Bertram. II. )A word in season to the wearyE. Not to His bodily presence. There is soul-trouble. When they came to the words, "weary, and worn, and sad," she moaned, "That's me 1 That's me i What did He do? The Great Commission Matthew 28 Jesus instructs the disciples to go to all nations or in Acts 1:8 to the ends of the earth. It is the prerogative of Him who made the soul to give it rest. When I was in Palestine, a year ago, there was only one wheeled vehicle in the whole territory, and that had been brought there by the Russian Embassy. G. Barrett.There are three sorts of trouble.1. Has He given you rest?" 1. Such as are endeavouring to erect an edifice of righteousness out of their own performances.4. Rest in the will from its former corrupt propensities.3. Now the reaping-machine, drawn by horses, moves into the field, throws out its bound-up sheaves without human toil: and the harvest is gathered without man being bowed down to the earth. We come to Him; we can find and approach Him. For this coming to Him is to deal with Him concerning the affairs of the soul of eternity.(W. W. Beecher.1. God directs to Christ, not to His members.2. He puts the matter very exclusively. He is an indispensable mediator — "Neither knoweth any man the Father save the Son."(C. Bradley.I. But remember – He has just shared broadly in Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum – but the lack of revelation is more about the lack of humility on the hearer’s part than keeping something hidden. THE BLESSING OF REST IS TO BE OBTAINED BY WEARING THE YOKE OF CHRIST. She never rested until she had heard the whole of the hymn which tells how Jesus gives rest to such. Moreover, you turn these taps in your room without thinking of it; and yet you have here a proof that God is taking care of the labour-burdened, and ought to remember how Christ has said, "Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."