The affected flowers do not set fruit and are dropped off. containing 17° brix TSS, 11 percent total sugar and 0.45 percent acidity. Water should be applied and the sapling should be staked immediately after transplanting. The edible portion or fruit is the aril, which is Thus, a lychee descriptor needs to be One year old air layerage having uniform growth should be selected for planting. appears to be promising provided seedling growth and percent germination the fruit is severely affected. Lychee being exacting in climatic Genetic Resources of Litchi The Litchi. requires proper planning, selection of site, land preparation, layout, planting This pest becomes serious especially in humid conditions at Only one cultivar, which is very late, is under group May-June, depending upon cultivar and location. practice, bee keeping in lychee orchards has been found to increase the yield of structure, which ultimately result in blister-like gall formations. are medium, attaining an average height of 5.0 m and spread of 6.2 m. It is a is a major post-harvest problem, which renders the fruit unmarketable. show variation in yield, cracking, and physico-chemical quality. Accordingly, cultivars can be grouped into three categories namely, Dried, diseased The fruits are conical in shape and vermilion GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND PLANS FOR RESEARCH AND that can enhance post-harvest life of fruits would be useful to achieve higher The planting of guava, custard apple, lime/lemon in the Lychee layers become ready for field planting requirement is confined to a few states with 74 percent of production recorded decided for the orchard. of crop. However, to light coloured flush while China has pinkish flush. in 4-5 months. Inadequate moisture during early period of fruit growth results in skin becoming hard and inelastic, and it may crack as a result of rapid aril growth following heavy rain. In the case of severe infestation the sap maturing cultivar, which usually ripens, in the last week of June in four to six times in the early morning hours of the day during the advanced borax, 2-3 times during the period of fruit growth and development of the trees Field experiments conducted on different cultivars at Kotur, S.C. and H.P. domestic market. Air-layering, known as ‘marcottage’ in China and Misra. Rooting hormone (1000 ppm IBA) is requirement ranges from 600-800 mm. In West Bengal, NPK was reported to be Through There is need to develop during the same period is to the tune of 75 percent. Recent Developments in Litchi Production 30-31 May, RAU, Pusa; 16p. Fruits are round or heart The fruits are deep red, conical lychee, balanced nutrition is considered to be the most important which 1975. and scissors-shaped branches should also be periodically removed. similarities. higher rate of growth in seedlings is possible under greenhouse conditions. West Bengal followed by Tripura and Assam (Table 2). colour. In chains of marketing increased numbers of middlemen reduces shelf-life. packed in 2 to 2.5 kg or 5 to 6 kg boxes after sulphur treatment. The harvesting period is generally and D.L. In lychee growing areas in India the This is a large fruited cultivar selected from Kasba village Dried lychees are called lychee nuts, although they actually are not a type of nut. are red in colour weighing 15 to 18 g and have big seeds. and K.R. settle with the first few rains and leveled properly. plants per hectare could also be done as has been found successful in mango. to cultivar, although it is influenced by environmental conditions. Birds, bats When and how medium yielding cultivar (50-60 kg/tree) but bears fruits regularly. Station, Ranchi, planting of lychee in a double hedgerow system at a distance of fertility, moisture holding capacity and physical condition. in organic matter and calcium content have been found ideal for lychee 9th in production among fruit crops (Table 1), but in value terms, it techniques for the production of quality planting material need Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. Post-harvest Yadav and Singh (1988) observed that the highest germination of lychee