Consult your LG TV dealer or find an ISF-certified TV calibrator near you from the ISF website if you wish to use this. The input lag varies slightly depending on the input resolution and frame rate. ... (DVI) Power Cord Socket rgB/dVi audio input This TV operates on an AC power. Input lag is the amount of time that elapses between performing an action with a source device and seeing the result onscreen. When connecting LG TV audio output to speakers, remember that some models have 2 RCA jacks for the output of the right and left channels. The input lag also varies in time. Now when you turn the SHIELD on (or wake it from sleep), the TV will turn on automatically. Same thing happened to our 42inch LG TV (model 42LE5400) yesterday (May 9, 2015). my input keeps changing as well, the difference being I do not have Nintendo. indicated on the Specifications page. All HDMI inputs just stopped working and they now say "No Signal". If you have an LG TV with the "Magic Remote," the easiest way is to activate the pointer and click the top of the screen. The HDR Effect also provides a similar effect manually for SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content. This can't be a coincidence. Conclusion. The voltage is Connect the audio from a PC. As an aside, when you’ve enabled CEC on your TV, some units will be able to control SHIELD with the TV remote. 4 days of use and HDMI shits itself quotemsg=15834359,0,1981092]WOW! This will display either the input the TV is set to, or the channel it's tuned to. [add another LG TV to the list with HDMI no signal failure. This happened with my wiiu as well, its like when they "auto update" or the console is doing something, even while sleeping it will make the tv think that hdmi port just went "on" and it switches input to that console. So ill go from watching tv to a different input … Also See for LG LCD TV / LED LCD TV. it used to be just fine. Along the same lines, if you have it on a different input, SHIELD will automatically force a switch when you turn the unit on. HDR Effect: If your LG 4K UHD TV is HDR-compatible, those signals are detected automatically, and the TV adjusts accordingly. very annoying! On some TVs, it even varies +/- 5ms. the a few months ago when you turn in tv and then goto switch to hulu or another app, it auto switches to input 1 from 2. now it's switching after every time I try to select anything. It plays audio signals from the LG TV to the receiver of a home theatre system. How to enter Installation Menu and enable/disable hotel mode and various settings. It’s neat. The optical digital audio out is a fiber-optic cable.