I am also pleased to now offer the MAXX CNC rotary hop up chambers as an upgrade option. We are now offering the best tech services in NJ and all of our satisfied customers can testify to all the work that we guarantee 100%! The stock motor is adequate - but like the vast majority of AEG rifles out there, it too will benefit from the installation of a Neodymium type motor to improve the ROF and trigger response.While the RM4 also has some proprietary parts, I have been able to utilize many commercially available Version 2 designs and adapt them to the RM4. Owners of the RM4 need not to be intimidated by the perceived lack of upgrade potential - rather the contrary... the possibilities are endless! *Yes, I read & understand the Privacy Policy, Monday-Friday | 9:00am-5:00pm The outer barrel is one such proprietary part, but with selective modifications, I can modify and adapt ANY standard Version 2 outer barrel to your RM4! The KWA LM4 RIS Professional Training Rifle is an ATF approved gas blowback AR style rifle available in the United States. On another note, I recently took a heavy fall on my ronin and cracked the lower reciever in half. KWA RM4 and VM4 Upgrades. As a final improvement, consider adding in a Lambda One 6.01 or Lambda Five 6.05 stainless steel inner barrel and R-Hop installation for the final word in accuracy. I have also found this platform to be very accepting of real steel aftermarket components, and many will fit with little to no modification necessary. An aluminum alloy receiver houses the full steel reinforced bolt carrier for strong reliable feedback. The NanoASR can be upgraded to the WARFET at any time with it's simple and easy plug-and-play ability. Closed on holidays & weekends After consulting with the owner on what I was after (strictly semi-auto trigger response and better accuracy) he suggested a slightly different configuration than what is listed under the Tier 1 upgrades. "I am no stranger to tales of recalcitrant techs and "it can't be done" attitudes. Custom Airsoft Guns by Black Swan Dynamics. KWA’s Variable Performance System (VPS) gives you the freedom to adjust your FPS without opening up the gearbox or swapping springs. More advanced MOSFET's, such as the Gate WARFET have the benefit of programmable fire modes such as 3-round burst, semi-auto lock, Active Braking, Pre-Cocking, and more. On the rear wired versions, the infamous "telephone cord" wire is not much better. Since then, I've played in many games firing tens of thousands of bb's through it and put it through a beating. Along with major improvements to user ergonomics such as the redesigned PDW stock and MLOK handguard as well as external upgrades like KWA’s new SOCOM-Style Muzzle Brake and MS120 mid-cap magazine, the T10 makes a return in a compelling package sure to be 10 out of 10 in anyone’s 6mm airsoft arsenal. I've now expanded that focus into the VM4 and Ronin series rifles. Every gun he's touched has been an absolute god-tier tank. While the motor has been slightly upgraded on the newer generation rifles, it is still a basic traditional ferrous magnet type, and is weak in light of aftermarket Neomydium motors.My goal with the Tier 1 package is to address all of these faults and tap the full potential of the system while keeping the good - namely the immensely strong KWA gearset and bearings.Reducing FPS variance between shots and eliminating air loss ultimately helps to improve accuracy. However, they are most definitely not worth the headache unless you're a gunsmith and/or a god when it comes to GBBRs. Chances also are that you have found few Airsoft tech's willing to work on the KWA platform because it's often been derided as "100% proprietary" or that "KWA's can't be upgraded!