The headlight leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to dark highways at night. The power makes it a little annoying in the first and second gears in start-stop traffic. The new Dominar 400 makes just 3PS less than the 390 Duke … Can’t wait to finish the break in period. Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, see our comparo review featuring the 1290 Super Adventure S here, Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program. Walking up to it, it looks like a small and slightly pissed off wasp, or possibly a 1290 Super Duke R that’s shrunk in the wash, but climb on board, and the high seat and wide bars make for a surprisingly uncramped space for even the taller chap or chapess. 2018 KTM 390 Duke Specs. Bore x Stroke: 89.0 x 60.0mm It will, however, deliver you to your favorite local burger-n-fries joint with a huge grin plastered to your face. There is no radiator guard so one will have to be installed to ensure stray pebbles on the highway don’t puncture it. The strip is still so popular today that we decided to reprint the best of the strips by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins, Andy Capp has been a favourite part of the Daily Mirror since 1957. #photography #photooftheday #a. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You have entered an incorrect email address! The brakes work very well but he clutch and brake feel with the stock levers is somewhat vague. . Rake/Trail: 25 degrees/3.7 in. What I mean by saying conditions apply is, the bike is not designed for touring so if that is what you want to do more, get a tourer or wait for the 390 Adventure. If there really was an alternative, I would say that it would be the Royal Enfield Himalayan since it was meant to be rugged from day 1. It doesn’t vibrate any more than is needed, which means you don’t get tired too fast. Right, Time to Race, as the KTM motto which appears on the screen when you switch on says. 800 a year. If you’re pottering through the Himalayas on an eponymous Royal Enfield, 22 is entirely adequate, and if you’re a MotoGP rider, nothing short of 200 will suffice. The throttle-by-wire is dialed-in and responsive, with a slipper clutch easing downshift transitions and switchable ABS providing some peace of mind (a new Supermoto setting disengages it at the rear wheel, or it can be turned off completely). I have only ever had one breakdown. Up there with Jupiter’s Travels, it deserves to become a classic. The power that makes it fun also saps the mileage. There is a lot of power that its 373cc engine provides, so it is comfortable on the road, even at high speeds. The bike can handle it, and you don’t need to look for a purpose-built option. The seat is very firm but supportive and it offers a lot of space on which to move around. But motorway speeds, of course, aren’t what this bike’s about. 28pg [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], KTM Duke 390 Review: 13 Things That Make It a Tourer, 13 Things That Don’t, Last night, as we sat having a nice cold , the, Going for a stroll in the rain isn't so bad if the, Another glorious sunset. Since it wasn’t designed to be a tourer, it doesn’t have luggage racks, which means that you don’t have too many places to hook up the bungee cords. So, at this price, you get more than most other bikes in the segment. The KTM 390 Duke has received a price hike for the first time after complying with BS6 norms. Contemplating our next ride on the 390 Duke. Full disclosure though, I have looked for problems with the new Himalayan, and it seems that the old issues are gone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This means the bend at the knee can be a bit uncomfortable after some time. This means that if you load it up properly, you won’t feel any reduction in the bike’s ‘flickability’. There’s only one disc up front, but with a mere 159kg of bike to bring to a halt, it’s more than adequate, especially with a nifty slipper clutch to stop the back wheel locking during aggressive downshifting. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. The very first thing is that the Duke 390 is a street racer, it’s not designed to tour. I replaced both with KTM Power Parts folding clutch and brake levers, which provide much-improved leverage and feel. In a welcome concession to our mere mortality, both the clutch and brake levers are adjustable. If you’re a horse, one is enough. Our. You can unsubscribe at any time. KTM seems to be taking its “Ready to Race” tagline seriously lately, as its bikes grow harder and edgier with each new generation (see our comparo review featuring the 1290 Super Adventure S here), and despite being the smallest in the U.S. lineup (along with its fully faired RC390 brother) the 390 Duke is no exception. So, should you buy the KTM 390 Duke if you plan on riding What to Buy & Where, All this is accompanied by a purr trying its hardest to be a snarl and almost succeeding, until you finally hit the giddy heights of 70mph, at which point the engine is buzzing away busily at 7,000rpm. By Rajpal SinghOct 5, 2013. This is because the bike is rather complicated in construction and electronics. Seat Height: 32.7 in. You’ll lose grip fast. argument. Good thing too, since coming to grief on a cliché would have been a funny but tragic way to bring my fabulous motorcycling career to a close. The 390 Duke fits the latter bill in a way that inspires bladed metaphors: shredding through traffic, carving up corners, it slices, it dices…but no, it won’t make julienne fries. Touring bikes should have spoked wheels. The rims are alloy and will make you nervous if you hit a pothole at higher speeds. Most of the tank bags will not fit the tank because of the elevation. Though, to be honest, this is an issue in the city as well. I have done 12,000 km on the same set that I got when I bought the bike, and the KTM guys say it still has life left. It has an upright seating position, so it’s not too stressful on the back. The pros: Aggressive looks, well cushioned seats, good ergonomics, an incredible. Not that most KTM riders would know normal riding if it walked up and introduced itself. Engine Type: Liquid-cooled single, DOHC w/ 4 valves Displacement: 373cc #travelblogger, Another beautiful sunset witnessed a few days ago, This view makes breakfast even more awesome! He’s finally written about it all in Going the Wrong Way, which is a great read, in turns funny, terrifying, gripping and inspirational. It’s about shifting your weight around, keeping your corner speed up and blasting around corners with a manic grin; particularly since the bike’s so small that if you lean far enough into corners, it disappears from your vision and you feel as if you hurtling around corners on an invisible magic carpet; an effect you normally need hallucinogenic mushrooms to achieve. I am a certified open water diver, a trekker, biker and a travel addict. Even more surprisingly for a smallish budget bike, the mirrors are useful, far from a given on a small bike and too many larger ones, and it’s got a very brightly optimistic and informative colour TFT screen which gives you speed, revs, gear, fuel, temperature and even the date, in case you forgot what day it was during lockdown, and never got the hang of it since. From the points I’ve mentioned, it would appear to be a 50-50 Base Price: $5,449 Website: Engine Type: Liquid-cooled single, DOHC w/ 4 valves Displacement: 373cc … Which by an astonishing coincidence is exactly the weight and power of the single-cylinder KTM 390 Duke, which can be ridden on an A2 licence but is a bargain blaster for a day of high-revving fun. Some bikes are made for road trips; others are made for what you like to do in between. She is concerned that a poor start is a cause of social problems such as family breakdown and addiction, Boris Johnson faces backlash after widespread anger and confusion over new Tiers, The Prime Minister announced the new tougher tier restrictions the country will face when national lockdown ends next week - but he is yet again facing criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. #travelb, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Travel Itinerary: 6-day Trip to Bhutan for Indians, Two Features That Make It My Favourite Site, Gunther Holtorf’s Epic World Tour – 204 Countries in 26 Years, What trekking gear should you get? What followed was 50,000 miles around the world and more adventures and near-death experiences than Indiana Jones and James Bond put together. The blade-like metaphors are accurate; the 2018 390 Duke is in its element on tight, technical twisties, the extra mass nearly disappearing as it slices and dices, while the 4-piston ByBre opposed radial caliper squeezing a big 320mm front disc makes reining in the little Duke a breeze.