Kimchi will sometimes go bad – it will have this whitish kind of film when it has been really too long and will also smell very pungently sour. That is kind of what kimchi is like and so it is no surprise it smells bad to the uninitiated. The kimchee might be safe to eat, but it might be very, very and excessively sour after a period of time. Take the smelliest, most pungent sauerkraut and generously add fish sauce and garlic and ferment it even more. That said there are kinds of kimchi that are much … While the "sour" taste of kimchee comes from vinegar produced, which means there probably would not be a danger due to bacterial contamination, that pickling and souring process will continue. As long as it smells normal and doesn’t have mold, kimchi is good to eat. Kimchi will start to taste just too sour when it starts to go bad – at which point, the best way to eat them is by cooking them by making Kimchi Jjigae, Budae Jjigae, Kimchi soft tofu stew, Kimchi fried rice and of course Kimchi Mari!