Mystery Grid Art Challenge || Pink Stripey Socks – Such a fun idea for your STEAM lesson time. Got some carboard to use up? Ask your kids to dip in the pipettes and fill them up with the liquid colors one by one. The kids are going to love it! Help your kid draw fun smiley faces on the plaques using different colored paints. Once your kids are done spraying, set the flowers aside to dry completely. Such a cool process. Spring Painting Projects. Five Minute Crafts: Play Dough Petroglyphs || Left Brain Craft Brain – Another great preschool art idea for your youngest STEAM kids. Next, ask him to put his fingers in the blue paint and make the legs under the green body. […], […] Check out the entire pictures and descriptions for all the projects in this list of 40 of the Best Art Activities for Kids! Once all of this is done, set the watercolor paper aside and let it dry completely for as long as it takes. All ready to get your kids excited to learn. As soon as the tape is in place, ask your kid to start painting on it with any technique he wants to. Your kid will love seeing the colors mix and match on the tube and make unique patterns. It’s a must for your next spring art activity! Painting With Nature || Left Brain Craft Brain – Next time you are planning an arts and crafts activity, plan to use a little pieces of nature! Tube Painting Gross Motor Art Project  || Left Brain Craft Brain – Sometimes kids painting can be pretty messy. Consider allowing youngsters to work with mini sketches and the choice of their favorite colors first. -, Art Projects + STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids | Pghboemike's Blog, COVID-19 Resources for Chicago Families - Elevate Chicago, Parenting in the Time of COVID-19: Improving your Pandemic Quality of Life - Dr James Wellborn, Dice Game A fun and simple game for kids and adults - Canadian Blog, Great Art Ideas for Kids – FINALLY LOVING LIFE, 101 Fun + Easy Activities kids can do AT HOME, 50 best indoor activities for kids: easy crafts + games, How to make mini donuts! – Learn about how math intertwines with nature with these beautiful coloring pages. Use the orange construction paper to make the body of a butterfly and use the same hand printing technique to make the wings and antennae. Here are the very best art projects for kids. Check out  STEAM Explorers!! Let your kids drop the liquid water colors from the pipettes on the paper towels in such a way that they cover up all the white areas. And it’s something I KNOW your kids are going to love. What in the world is process art? He sure has a questionable look on his face! Your email address will not be published. I’m going to admit that I always have a couple five minute crafts ready to go anytime at home. Now help your kid color the coffee filter leaves using the water color shades of his choice. Ask your kids to rip out the blue painters tape and place it on the water color paper in such a way that it forms a flower design of their choice. Once all the flowers are in place, ask your kid to spread them out on a flat surface. Terms and Conditions checkbox is required. 1. Empty cans or small bowls in which you can mix the yogurt. Read More…, Sign up for the Left Brain Craft Brain Newsletter, Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2020 Left Brain Craft Brain. Create unique patterns by using spin art. Easy Canvas ArtSmall Canvas ArtMini Canvas ArtEasy Canvas PaintingDiy Painting. Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Lisa Fontaine. Some painting colors and a paint … Next, ask your kid to color all the remaining white areas on the paper in whatever color combination or theme he wants to. Tell him that the colorful background is the canvas, and he should sketch on it. Think digital magazine meets online project portal in a safe, kid-friendly environment. STEM / STEAM projects are my fave. Let them do what they want to, and see how they go about it. If the water color mix is too thick, and not as runny as you need it to be, mix a little more water to make the mixture runnier. Green paint for the body of the caterpillar, blue for the legs and red for the head. Did you know rubbing alcohol can turn scribbles into marbled art? Warn your kid that the tile is hot. Even if you don’t do a craft, just spend a morning drawing together. Fizzy Drip Painting || Capri +3 – I love how easy it is to set this up! Ask your kid to get the watercolors drip out directly from the bottle and onto the paper. Or, how about decorating a photo frame or […], […] For a few ideas on projects you can complete with the kids check this link out: […], […] It can be hard to find time for certain kinds of crafting when you’re in your normal routine, but spring break brings a lot of extra time with it. Place the paper towel on the paper towel tube and help your kid cover it up. The coolest new creative experience for kids is here! Why should art be integrated into the curriculum? Geometric Math Art with Circles || Teach Beside Me – I can’t believe what an easy math art activity this is! Metal Art STEAM Project || STEAM Powered Family – Beautiful! The perfect thing about art is that anything can be used as a canvas to work on. Watercolor paints in your kid’s favorite colors. Log in. Get some inexpensive white tiles and let the kids go to town with this easy art … Now ask him to blot the extra colors using a paper napkin. This is an awesome way to contain the mess. Whether you’re in the mood for process art, arts integration projects, or recycled art, there’s definitely something here for everyone. You will have to help your kid peel off the tape so that no paper comes along with it. Earth Melted Crayon Rocks Craft || Left Brain Craft Brain – Another amazing spring art idea to add to your art projects for kids. The shape that you get by folding the edges inside will resemble a heart. (No more worrying about what might be hidden in that YouTube vid!) By checking this box you would like to receive more information about our products/services, events, news, and offers. Instructions and video included. Prism Play and Chalk Art || Left Brain Craft Brain – We use this as one of your go to art lessons for kids! kids can create gorgeous watercolor backgrounds, Indoor Games And Activities! Once they have completed painting the shells, set them aside to dry and use later as you want. A cardboard sheet or paper on which you want to make the art, An A4 sheet of construction paper in orange, A bucket of soapy water and an old towel to clean up. This will be their first base of art, where they will draw with the help of the blue tape. This is an awesome budget friendly way to add STEAM to your learning every week. […], […] Let’s get creative! Looking for some more STEAM inspiration that you can use right now? – Blue Orange Games Blog,, Indoor Games And Activities! Ask your kid to cut out long strips from the watercolor tape with washi or freezer tape, depending on what your kid will be using. Once done, put up the printed paper towel tubes to a side to dry. Here is our selection of some fun ideas and activities on painting for kids that are most suitable for them. Ask your kid to cover the entire stretch of paper with water and make sure no part is left. Tell us in the section below. Let your kid make the lines on the leaves using the glue gun. One way that even young children can begin canvas painting at an early age is marble painting. Slime Drawings || Left Brain Craft Brain – This is one of the coolest drawing ideas … Help your kid place the watercolor paper on the center of the board and tape it on all sides using the painters tape. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Art Projects for Kids. This is one of those cool art projects the kids won’t soon forget.