man. (1)He is the Truth of its symbols. The entrance of it giveth light, and while it enlightens it animates and purifies.2. Internal. A lie is the root of all evil.III. But this disposition will make all research sanctifying.2. What results may we not expect from that which called out such a passion and loyalty in the Saviour? He who inspired the truth must Himself interpret it.(R. What you do to the least of mankind you do to the greatest God. The style of character that Christ aims at reaching — consecration. Where there is no such hope sanctity is impossible. As far as nature goes it coincides with the teachings of nature, contradicting them nowhere: which is a presumption that when it goes beyond nature it is still on the same line of truth.2. It is just like a grain of mustard seed, scarcely perceptible at first, but it goes on till it becomes a great tree. It is by the Word of truth that the work of sanctification is commenced. )LinksJohn 17:17 NIVJohn 17:17 NLTJohn 17:17 ESVJohn 17:17 NASBJohn 17:17 KJVJohn 17:17 Bible AppsJohn 17:17 ParallelJohn 17:17 Biblia ParalelaJohn 17:17 Chinese BibleJohn 17:17 French BibleJohn 17:17 German BibleJohn 17:17 CommentariesBible Hub, (2)Faithfully pursued (1 Thessalonians 5:24). If ye be merely moral, how does your righteousness exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees? Dedicate them to Thy service. In short, human beings are so constituted that their moral improvement is bound up with the convictions they entertain respecting God and their origin and destiny.II. (5)To our gratitude. God is its author. ITS SPHERE — the world (ver. ITS OBJECT IS TO MAKE TRUE MEN.1. THE IMPLICATION WHICH THE TEXT CONTAINS. (2) On the other hand, consecration is the sinner's way to holiness. Live for another and your life expands." (Congregational Remembrancer. It gives every man a future. (1) Its doctrines are perfectly adapted to man, and to the whole of man — to all his circumstances, to all his obligations. Good works are the fruit of true faith, and true faith is a sincere belief of the truth. Those who belonged to God were separated from others. Our Lord referred to the company who were already saved.1. True doctrine. Who else can teach it? GOD SANCTIFIES BY THE TRUTH. At no part of His life was He holier than at another. THE MEANS BY WHICH SANCTIFICATION IS PROMOTED.1. There are seasons when the path of the Christian is like the sun in a dark and cloudy day, and others when it appears bright and cheerful. Brown, D. D.I. But the Scriptures areal. It presents a right rule of action, adapted to every period and circumstance in human life. "I will be thy exceeding great reward." To this end "all things are ours."(A. To have the truth made accessible to us.(C. 10). Everything conforms to what is real, and may be relied on. It was customary with the ancient philosophers to have the walls of their schools adorned with the images of the illustrious in former times, that in contemplating them their disciples might be led to admire their originals, and be stimulated by their exertions and attainments, and led to transcribe the graces by which they were adorned into their own characters. Hence growth in grace keeps pace with growth in the knowledge of Christ (2 Peter 3:18), and that knowledge identified with eternal life (ver. It is corresponding to the Divine character. In one sense all fact is God's truth. It forms part of salvation which is not merely deliverance from sin and its punishment, but deliverance from its power and dominion, to a resemblance of the Divine nature. Before long this secret purpose is followed by the open call, "Come out from among them, and be ye separate," &c. The Church of Christ is to be a chaste virgin, wholly set apart for the Lord Christ: His own words concerning His people are these, "They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." Men true to God, to self, to man; in the home, business, society, state, Church.2. (1) The whole object of many is to become faultless, and they may pursue this end as selfishly as any other, in order to reach complacency. They will "receive an inheritance among them that are sanctified. Out of the tribe of Levi one family, Aaron and his sons, were sanctified to the priesthood (Leviticus 8:30). "The path of the just," &c. At one period the Christian may resemble the tender blade; at another, the ear; till, under Divine influence, he appears as the full corn in the ear, ripened for glory. ITS SPHERE — the world (ver. 2. But though the work of sanctification is progressive it is not always uniform. God's service hallows the man who gives himself up to it.3. The importance of acquiring correct and enlarged views of Divine truth, and of earnestly seeking the influences of the Holy Spirit to enlighten the mind and to sanctify the heart. All the Old Testament points to Christ. It is compared to the progress of light. This is one of Christ's many testimonies to the integrity of the Scriptures. God commands it. It is not sufficient to be negatively clean; we need to be adorned with all the virtues. True doctrine. We, too, who make the great venture of faith, find that Christ's promises are fulfilled. THE MEANS OF THIS BLESSING. The Bible is not simply true, but the truth, and embraces under the promise of the Spirit of Truth, New and Old Testament alike. God's life is self-sacrifice; and in the degree in which we are lifted up into that life, that character marks our lives, and Christ's aim is fulfilled. The original meaning of the word is to set apart to God; and this is its ordinary meaning in the Old Testament. Sin is the great dividing element.4. But what is the truth? The New Testament Thy Word is truth. Christians are set apart —(1) To dignified and important characters. Our more orthodox brethren think that we have got enough of it, and need not go on investigating; are rather afraid what the truth of science may bring out, and Biblical criticism constrain us to believe; shrink from its investigation lest something may turn out to be true that would not be helpful. In obeying moral truth in the form of duty we are obeying moral truth; in the personal form we name God. Hence the power loving men and women have over the depraved. IV. He is so —. The fact is we are indifferent to truth. Mere trouble has no natural tendency to purify. Shall unholy eyes behold His glory?III. It reveals God's grace (2 Corinthians 4:6), our fallen and ruined condition, and brings life and immortality to light. We must look the world in the face, as Christ did, aware of the struggle before us, but with an open heart of sympathy ready to catch the spirit and learn the lessons of the times. 1. And what is this but the service of man? It is for the advancement of God's glory and the interests of Christ's kingdom. It evidences our faith and union to Christ. The original meaning of the word is to set apart to God; and this is its ordinary meaning in the Old Testament. But the main thing is here. Here Christ is on the same line. II. d. My nature is so basically selfish, that I do not know nor can I discern the real motives for my finest actions. For what is moral excellence but good living, the proper government of the conduct, affections, and will? No; they who would deprive us of this truth would leave us without any communication from God!II. We might here direct our attention to the whole of the Scriptures; and remark on the unity of design kept up by so many men writing in different ages, and without the possibility of concerting their plans. "Through Thy truth." (2)"The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."2. The truth alone will not sanctify a man. We may not be able to do as He did the Father's work, but in the measure in which we are devoted to God we may have His joy fulfilled in us. It is necessary that these springs of action should be purified before true holiness can be exhibited in the life.3. He is so —1. Many who plume themselves upon reaching the sinless state have but little to boast of, for their virtues are simply vices, tied like Samson's foxes, by the tail. In this sense creation is a word of God. Mackennal, D. D.I. Major Prophets "(2) The precepts of the Word of God are in harmony with its doctrines. By this the mind is first enlightened and the heart renewed. How many millions have verifed them. But this disposition will make all research sanctifying.2. THE BLESSING FOR WHICH CHRIST INTERCEDED — sanctification.